Map Search Help

You may use the map to locate both holding institutions and venues (see the key in the bottom left-hand corner), and to gain a sense of their geographical position relative to other institutions, places or venues.

You can navigate
•  by left-clicking and dragging using a mouse
•  by using the navigation tool in the top right-hand corner

You can zoom in and out
•  by using the mouse scroll wheel or similar device
•  by using the zoom bar to the left of the map

You can also toggle between map view and satellite view using the buttons in the top right-hand corner.

To view the name of a holding institution or venue located on the map, click on the icon; for further information click on name in the banner to initiate a keyword search.

For a holding institution, basic contact details will be provided, together with a list of all of its programme collections that are recorded in the database.

For a venue the results page will list all the collections that include programmes relating to it.

Please note that the process of entering the underlying geospatial data for locations is at a relatively early stage, so for a complete overview of institutions and venues you may wish to use the browse facility.

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