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Collection name College programmes: Box 8. Trinity College, Trinity Hall and Wolfson College
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Description Trinity College
Programmes for 63 concerts given between 1900 and 2004. Many took place in the College Chapel and others in the Old Combination Room or Hall. They include programmes for May Week concerts, Smoking Concerts and lunchtime recitals together with a number of Advent Carol Service sheets. Performers include members of Trinity College Music Society, the Chapel Choir, Richard Marlow, Peter le Huray, William Rushton, John Mark Ainsley and anthony Burton.

Trinity Hall
Nine programmes for concerts between 1960 and 2004 two of which took place at St. Edmund's Church. The majority are for May Week Concerts performed by members of the Trinity Hall Music Society.

Wolfson College
Half a dozen programmes for concerts at Wolfson College given by the College Music Society. They include a concert given as a tribute to Charles Cudworth on 12th May 1978 and a lecture-recital on music instruments in Chaucer's time given by Mary Remnant.
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Associated People and Organisations Ainsley, John Mark - Alamire - Allen, Juliet - Richard Andrewes - Bach, Erika - Beethoven Ensemble - Benson, Clifford - Bramson, Neil - Burnaby, Geoffrey - Burnaby, John - Burton, Anthony - Cambridge Players - Chapman, Jane - Chung, David - Dartington Hall Music Group - Dmitri Ensemble - Don, Gretta - Elwes, Joan - Evenett, Henry Outram - Fallows, Roger - Garrett, Geoffrey - Gifford, Gerald - Goodfield, David - Green, John - Hammer, Christoph - Hawker, Stephen - Higgins, Philip - Hill, Daniel - Horsley, Jessica - Hudson, Pen - Hughes, Graham - Kanairis, Spyros - Keynes, Anne - Kibblewhite, Michael - King, Thea - Le Huray, Peter - Loeder, Alan - Marlow, Richard - Maule, Jeremy - Mayson, C. F. - Mellor, Hugh - Middleton, Hubert - Nicholas, Emily - Pecknold, Sara - Price, John - Remnant, Mary - Richards, Olive - Robinson, Lucy - Rushforth, Philip - Rushton, Julian - Rushton, William - Schneider-Waterberg, Reiner - Shackleton, Nicholas - Skinner, David - Standage, Silas - Sutton, Samantha - The Private Music - Trevelyan, Marjorie - Trinity College Musical Society - Trinity Hall Music Society - Waterman, David - Wilson, John - Guy Wolfenden - Wolfson College Cambridge, Music Society -
Associated Places Trinity College, University of Cambridge Trinity College, University of Cambridge: Chapel Trinity College, University of Cambridge: Old Combination room Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge Wolfson College, Cambridge
Associated Times 20th century - early 1900-1930 20th century - mid 1931-1970 20th century - late 1971-1999 21st century
Associated Content Programme notes Orchestra Lists Handbills Handwritten programmes Posters
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