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Description 3 – 6 October 1826. These four programmes belonged originally to Miss Bacon, one of the soloists, and are from the Sedley Taylor collection:

03/10/1826. St. Philip's Church. Full Cathedral service.
03/10/1826. Theatre Royal, Birmingham. A "Miscellaneous" concert. Henry Phillips, Miss Bacon, John Braham, Catherine Stephens, J. B. Cramer, Alberico Curioni, Maria Caradori, Giuseppe de Begnis, Deborah Travis, Charles-Auguste de Beriot.
04/10/1826. St. Phillp's Church. Grand selection of Sacred Music. Deborah Travis, Mr. Vaughan, William Knyvett, Mr. Goulden, Henry Phillips, Thomas Bellamy, Catherine Stephens, Maria Caradori.
06/10/1826. St. Philip's Church. Grand selection of Sacred Music. Catherine Stephens, Mr. Vaughan, Deborah Travis, Henry Phillips, John Braham, Thomas Bellamy, Mr. Paton.

19 – 22 September 1837. Programmes for this Festival belonged to Alexander John Ellis. They are bound into a single volume together with newspaper reviews. Ellis has annotated the programmes with his observations on the performances which included the first performance of Mendelssohn’s second piano concerto, given by the composer. UL Classmark for the volume is MR450.c.80.3. Programmes are as follows:

19/09/1837. Town Hall, Birmingham. Chevalier Neukomm, The Ascension plus selection of sacred works. Deborah Knyvett, William Knyvett, Mr. Vaughan, Mr. Machin, Giulia Grisi, Henry Phillps, Clara Novello, Emma Albertazzi,
19/09/1837. Town Hall, Birmingham. First Miscellaneous concert. Mr. Hobbs, Giulia Grisi, Emma Albertazzi, Felix Mendelssohn, Deborah Kynvett, Mr. Hawkins, Mr. Bennett, Henry Phillips, Antonio Tamburini, Clara Novello, Giulio Regondi,
20/09/1837. Town Hall, Birmingham. Mendelssohn, St. Paul (conducted by the composer). Clara Novello, Mr. Machin, Alfred Novello, Deborah Knyvett, Mr. Bennett, Mr. Vaughan, Mr. Hobbs, Henry Phillips
20/09/1837. Theatre Royal, Birmingham. Rossini, Semiramide (short version) and miscellany. Giulia Grisi, Emma Albertazzi, Alberico Curioni, Signor Giubilei, Antonio Tamburini, Giulo Regondi, Clara Novello.
21/09/1837. Town Hall, Birmingham. Handel, Messiah. Mr. Bennett, Mr. Machin, Mr. Hawkins, Henry Phillips, Emma Albertazzi, Giulia Grisi, Clara Novello.
21/09/1837. Town Hall, Birmingham. "Miscellaneous" concert, including first performance of Mendelssohn's second piano concerto. Emma Albertazzi, Antonio Tamburini, Mr Bennett, Felix Medelssohn, Giulia Grisi, Nicholas Mori, Deborah Knyvett, Clara Novello, Giulio Regondi,
22/09/1837. Town Hall, Birmingham. UK premier of Haeser's Triumph of Faith and miscellany of sacred music. Mr. Bennett, Mr. Machin, Henry Phillips, Emma Albertazzi, Giulia Grisi, Clara Novello, Deborah Knyvett, Mr Hobbs.
29/08/1855. Town Hall, Birmingham. Michael Costa, Eli: an oratorio. Word book only.

03/09/1858. Town Hall, Birmingham. Henry Leslie, Judith: a Biblical cantata. Word book only

31/08/1882. Town Hall, Birmingham. Gade, Psyche and a miscellaneous selection. Marie Roze, Anna Williams, Janet Patey, Zélia Trebelli, Edward Lloyd, Joseph Maas, Charles Santley, Frederick King. Word book and programme sheet

25 - 28 August 1885. Prospectus for 1885 Birmingham Musical Festival at the Town Hall. Performers: Emma Albani, Anna Williams, Janet Patey, Zélia Trebelli, Edward Lloyd, Joseph Maas, Charles Santley, Frederick King and Allan James Foli, Pablo Sarasate, Watkin Mills, Hans Richter. Individual programme as follows:

28/08/1885. Stanford, The Three Holy Children; Beethoven, Symphony no. 9. Programme note for Beethoven 9 by George Grove.

6 - 9 October 1891. Prospectus for 1891 Birmingham Musical Festival at the Town Hall. Performers: Emma Albani, Anna Williams, Edward Lloyd, Charles Santley, Mr Brereton, Mrs Brereton, Miss Macintyre, Hilda Wilson, Madame Hope Glenn, Iver McKay, Watkin Mills, George Henschel, Joseph Joachim, Hans Richter. Individual programmes as follows:

06/10/1891. A "Miscellaneous" concert . Programme belonged to Francis Jenkinson. Programme notes by Joseph Bennett, George Grove and Charles Ainslie Barry
07/10/1891. Stanford, Eden.

2 - 5 October, 1894. Prospectus for 1894 Birmingham Musical Festival at the Town Hall, plus booking form. Performers: Emma Albani, Anna Williams, Marie Brema, Edward Lloyd, Andrew Black, Lillian Henschel, Hilda Wilson, Marian McKenzie, Iver McKay, Eugene Oudin, Mr Brereton and George Henschel, Hans Richter. Individual programmes as follows:

02/10/1894. Berlioz, Te Deum; Brahms, Symphony no. 2 and other items. Programme notes by Charles Ainslie Barry and George Grove
03/10/1894. Parry, King Saul (commissioned for the Festival). Programme note by Joseph Bennett
03/10/1894. First performance of Goring Thomas's The Swan and the Skylark; Mendelssohn, Hymn of Praise. Programme note for the Goring by Robin Legge
04/10/1894. A "Miscellaneous" concert. First performance of Henschel's Stabat Mater. Programme notes by Charles Ainslie Barry and George Grove.
05/10/1894. Cherubini, Mass in D minor; Palestrina, Stabat Mater; Mozart, Symphony no. 39 in E flat. Programme notes by Charles Ainslie Barry and George Grove
05/10/1894. Schumann, Faust Part III; Beethoven, symphony no .9. Beethoven programme note by George Grove.

1 - 4 October 1912. Prospectus for 1912 Birmingham Triennial Musical Festival at the Town Hall. Included premiere of Elgar's The Music Makers and the first British performance of Sibelius 4th symphony, both works conducted by their composers. Performers: Pauline Donalda, Ada Forrest, Carrie Tubb, Aïno Ackté, Clara Butt, Doris Woodall, Muriel Foster, John McCormack, Gwynee Davies, Gervase Elwes, Clarence Whitehill, Wilfrid Douthitt, Herbert Heyner, Thorp Bates, Moritz Rosenthal, Pablo Casals, Henry Wood, Edward Elgar, Jean Sibelius. It was also the first time that Henry Wood conducted at the Festival. Individual programme as follows:

03/10/1912. Handel, Messiah. Gervase Elwes, Clarence Whitehill, Clara Butt, Clarence Whitehill, Ada Forrest, Henry Wood. Annotated throughout with comments on the tempi of the performance. Initials S. T. on cover - probably Sedley Taylor.

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Associated People and Organisations Ackté, Aïno - Albani, Emma - Emma Albertazzi - Bacon, Miss - Bates, Thorpe - Bellamy, Thomas 1770 - 1843 Bennett, Mr - Black, Andrew - Braham, John - Brema, Marie - Brereton, W. H. - Brereton, W. H. (Mrs) - Butt, Clara - Caradori-Allan, Maria 1829 - 1865 Casals, Pablo - Cramer, Johann Baptist - Curioni, Alberico - Davies, Gwynne - de Begnis, Giuseppe 1793 - 1849 de Beriot, Charles-Auguste - Donalda, Pauline - Douthitt, Wilfred - Elgar, Edward - Elwes, Gervase - Foli, Allan James - Forrest, Ada - Foster, Muriel - Giubilei, Signor - Glenn, Hope - Goulden, Mr. - Grisi, Giulia 1811 - 1869 Hawkins, Mr. - Henschel, George (Isidor Georg) - Henschel, Lillian - Heyner, Herbert - Hobbs, Mr. - Hutchinson, Mrs - Joachim, Joseph - King, Frederick - Knyvett, William - Knyvett, Deborah - Lloyd, Edward - Maas, Joseph - Machin, Mr - Macintyre, Miss - McCormack, John - McKay, Iver - McKenzie, Marian - Mendelssohn, Felix - Mills, Watkin - Mori, Nicholas - Novello, Alfred - Novello, Clara - Oudin, Eugene - Patey, Janet 1842 - 1894 Paton, Mr. - Phillips, Henry - Regondi, Giulio - Richter, Hans - Rosenthal, Moriz - Roze, Marie - Santley, Charles - Sarasate, Pablo de - Sibelius, Jean - Stephens, Catherine 1794 - 1882 Tamburini, Signor - Travis, Deborah - Trebelli-Bettini, Zélia - Tubb, Carrie - Vaughan, Mr. - Whitehill, Clarence - Williams, Anna - Wilson, Hilda - Wood, Henry J. - Woodall, Doris -
Associated Places Town Hall, Birmingham St. Philip's Church, Birmingham Theatre Royal, Birmingham
Associated Times 19th century - early 1800-1836 19th century - early Victorian 1837-1850 19th century - mid Victorian 1851-1875 19th century - late Victorian 1876-1899 20th century - early 1900-1930
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