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Collection name College programmes: Box 2, Corpus Christi College, Downing College, Emmanuel College, Fitzwilliam College, Girton College
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Description Corpus Christi College
Programmes for 27 events given at Corpus Christi College between 1923 and 2005. The majority are performed and organised by the Ben'et Musical Club and took place either in College Hall, Chapel or Old Court. Performers include John Dykes-Bower, Edward Higginbottom, Noel Mander, Boris Ord, Roger Parkes and David Willcocks.

Downing College
Five programmes for events between 1940 and 2004 organised by Downing College Musical Society, including a programme and leaflet for the celebration of Wilfrid Mellers' 90th birthday dated 20th October 2004.

Emmanuel College
26 programmes for concerts given between 1921 and 2006. The majority organised by the Emmanual College Musical Societyas Smoking Concerts or for May Week. Performances took place in the Old Library or the Queen's Building.

Fitzwilliam College
Programmes for 13 events given between 1950 and 2005. Until 1960 the concerts were organised by the Fitzwilliam House Musical Society and held at the University Music School in Downing Place. After its move to the new College building in 1966, the Society became Fitzwilliam College Musical Society and events took place in the Chapel or Auditorium. During the 1950s there were performances of several works by Peter Tranchell and in 2005, the Fitzwilliam String Quartet gave two concerts to celebrate the opening of the new Auditorium.

Girton College
Programmes for 16 concerts given between 1936 and 1999. The majority are performed and organised by the Girton College Musical Society and took place in either Old Hall or the Chapel. Several of the events are large-scale choral works including Handel's Saul, the Bach Mass in B minor and Purcell's Dido and Aeneas. performers include James Bowman, Thurston Dart, Peter le Huray, Raymond Leppard, Jill Vlasto, Neil Jenkins and the Boyd Neel Orchestra.
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Associated People and Organisations Aron Quartett - Arundell, Denis - Barton, John - Bene't Musical Club - Bigley, Venetia - Bower, John Dykes - Bower, William Dykes - Bowman, James - Boyd Neal Orchestra - Neel, Boyd - Bradshaw, Sally - Caius College Musical Society - Cambridge Baroque Group - Chamber Musicians of Cambridge - Chiesa Consort and Players - Dart, Thurston - Downing College Musical Society - Eames, Ken - Higginbottom, Edward - Elder, Mark - Emmanuel College Musical Society - Emmanuel Players - English Consort of Viols - English Singers - Erasmus Quartet - Farrand, Stephen - Germani, Fernando - Fitzwilliam College Chapel Choir - Fitzwilliam College Music Society - Fitzwilliam House Music Society - Fitzwilliam String Quartet - Fletcher Opera Company - Girton College Musical Society - Glofcheskie, John - Godlee, Julian - Guest, George - Guicciardi Ensemble - Harrison, Keith - Hartley, John - Harvard Glee Club - Hawkey, James - Holbrook, David - Hot Ayre - Hudson, Sam - Ibbetson, David - Iles, Paul - Jenkins, Neil - Kubrick, Anya - Lanchbery, John - Lawson, Mhairi - Lawson, Peter - Le Huray, Peter - Leppard, Raymond 1927 - Mabley, Christopher - Mander, Noel - McNeil, Brian - Mellers, Wilfrid - Moffat, Malcolm - Noble, John - Ogden, Craig - Oliver, Andrea - Oliver, Robert - Ord, Boris - Parkes, Roger - Parry, John - Percival, Allen - Petersen, Neil - Pryce-Jones, John - Riley, David - Rogers, Lesley-Jane - Rolfe-Johnson, Anthony 1940 - Rolfe-Johnson, Elinor - Russell, Lucy - Stanley, Susan - Stuttard, Jamie - Glee Party - Tranchell, Peter - Tregear, Peter - Turner, John - Vignoles, Roger - Vlasto, Jill - Vohla, Stefan - Wallisch, Gottlieb - Walls, Tom - Ward, Jennifer - Weir, Gillian - Willcocks, David - Wood, Raymond - Yandell, Nigel - Zerk, Kathryn -
Associated Places Corpus Christi College, University of Cambridge Downing College, University of Cambridge Emmanuel College, University of Cambridge Fitzwilliam College, University of Cambridge Girton College, University of Cambridge Music School, University of Cambridge
Associated Times 20th century - early 1900-1930 20th century - mid 1931-1970 20th century - late 1971-1999 21st century
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