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Collection name Sir Arthur Bliss Archive concert programme collection: 1955 - 1974
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Description Concert programmes featuring performances of single works by Arthur Bliss. The collection is arranged in chronological order of composition and information is presented to reflect the physical storage of the material.

Section 4: 1955 - 1974

Violin concerto, 1955
11/05/1955, Royal Festival Hall, BBC Symphony Orchestra, Alfredo Campoli, Malcolm Sargent. First performance
16/06/1955, Winter Gardens, Bournemouth, Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, Alfredo Campoli, Charles Groves
03/08/1955, Royal Albert Hall, BBC Symphony Orchestra, Alfredo Campoli, Arthur Bliss
08/02/1959, Toronto, CBC Symphony Orchestra, Albert Pratz
20/06/1986, Borough Hall, Greenwich, National Centre for Orchestral Studies Symphony Orchestra, Belinda Bunt, Vernon Handley
02/08/1974, St Mary's Parish Church, Swanage, Kató Havas Festival Orchestra, Joanne Cohen, Vernon Handley

Meditations on a Theme by John Blow, 1955
15/03/1956, Royal Festival Hall, London Philharmonic Orchestra, Arthur Bliss
10/05/1958, Royal Festival Hall, London Symphony Orchestra, Arthur Bliss
09/09/1971, Usher Hall, Edinburgh, BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, James Loughran
16/11/1974, Canterbury Cathedral, Guildford Philharmonic Orchestra, Vernon Handley
04/07/1975, Town Hall, Cheltenham, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, Charles Groves. Concert in Cheltenham Festival Brochure
04/09/1975, Royal Albert Hall, BBCSymphony Orchestra, Vernon Handley
23/04/1979, De Lissa Hall, London Repertoire Orchestra, Ruth Gipps
12/06/1979, Llandaff Cathedral, City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, Vernon Handley
13/12/1979, Town Hall, Birmingham, City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, Vernon Handley
13 - 17/04/1983, Various venues, Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, Rudolph Schwarz. BSO leaflet

Seek the Lord, 1956
03/11/1972, Westminster Abbey. Service of thanksgiving for the life of Sir Francis Chichester
04/10/1979, Westminster Abbey. Unveiling and dedication of the Navigators' Memorial
11/09/1994, St Paul's Cathedral
15/12/1996, St. Mary Abbots, Kensington

Edinburgh: overture, 1956
06/06/1979, Town Hall, Cheltenham, City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, Vernon Handley

Music for a Service of the Order of the Bath, 1956
15/11/1956, Westminster Abbey, King Henry VIII's Chapel, [Trumpeters of the Royal Horse Guards]

Discourse for Orchestra, 1957
23, 24 Oct 1957, Louisville, Kentucky, Louisville Orchestra, Robert Whitney. First performance
28/09/1965, Royal Festival Hall, London Symphony Orchestra, Arthur Bliss. Concert part of the Commonwwealth Arts Festival [supplementary box]

Discourse for orchestra (revised), 1965
12/07/1979, Town Hall, Birmingham, City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, Vernon Handley

The Lady of Shalott, 1958
2, 4 May 1958, University of California, Berkeley, San Francisco Ballet, University Symphony Orchestra, Earl Murray
6, 7 Feb 1965, Opera House, San Francisco, San Francisco Ballet, Gerhard Samuel
13-17 May 1975, Haymarket Theatre, Ballet Group of the New Parks Girls' School, Leicestershire Schools' Senior Orchestra

Birthday Song for a Royal Child, 1959
18/06/1981, Ellesmere, Hope Street Waites

Stand up and Bless the Lord your God, 1960
06/08/1960, Llandaff Cathedral, Lllandaff Cathedral Choir. Service for the restoration of the Cathedral

Fanfare preceding the National Anthem in G, 1960
06/05/1960, Westminster Abbey, Trumpeters of the Royal Military School of Music, Lt-Col. David McBain. Marriage service of Princess Margaret and Antony Armstrong-Jones

Royal Fanfares and Interludes: for the wedding of HRH Princess Margaret, 1960
06/05/1960, Westminster Abbey, Trumpeters of the Royal Military School of Music, Lt-Col. David McBain. Marriage service of Princess Margaret and Antony Armstrong-Jones

Royal Fanfares and Interludes. No.1: The Sovereign's fanfare
12/07/1991, St Michael's Church, Cornhill, Jonathan Rennert. City of London Festival diary 1991

Royal Fanfares and Interludes. [Probably no.6]
08/07/2000, Haileybury Chapel, King's Trumpeters, Michael Kibblewhite

Salute to the Royal Society, 1960
04/11/1979, Marlborough College Chapel, Marlborough College Brass Ensemble, Christopher Rathbone
12/09/1982, St. Mary's Cathedral, San Francisco. E. Power Biggs Memorial concert, handbill

Tobias and the angel, 1960
[19/05/1960], [BBC TV], Elaine Malbin, Ronald Lewis, John Ford, London Symphony Orchestra, Norman del Mar. Page of programme only

Greetings to a City, 1961
4 - 23 July 1961, River Thames, American Wind Symphony Orchestra, Robert Austin Boudreau. First UK performances. Tour brochure
23/11/1982, Barbican Hall, Musicians of the Royal Military School of Music, Lt. Col. George Evans. Part of the 1982 Royal Concert
23/11/1988, Barbican Hall, Musicians of the Royal Military School of Music, Lt. Col. Frank Renton

The Beatitudes, 1961
25/05/1962, Coventry Theatre, Jennifer Vyvyan, Richard Lewis, Coventry Cathedral Festival Choir, BBC Symphony Orchestra, Malcolm Sargent. Photocopy of page of programme
23/11/1962, Temple Speech Room, Rugby School, Elizabeth Harwood, David Galliver, City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, Rugby Philharmonic Society, Arthur Bliss
30/11/1962, St. George's Hall, Bradford, Bradford Festival Choral Society, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, Elizabeth Harwood, David Galliver, Arthur Bliss
09/05/1964, Church of all Hallows, Twickenham, Twickenham Musical Society, The Anglian Orchestra, Sheila McShee, David Galliver, Braden Hunwick
31/08/1964, Royal Albert Hall, BBC Symphony Orchestra, BBC Chorus, Royal Choral Society, Wembley Philharmonic Society, Goldsmith's Choral Union, Elizabeth Harwood, Gerald English, Arthur Bliss
10/10/1964, City Hall, Brisbane, Queensland State and Municipal Choir, Queensland Symphony Orchestra, Pearl Berridge, Ronald Dowd, Arthur Bliss
19/11/1968, Lincoln Center, Philharmonic Hall, New York Philharmonic Orchestra, Westminster Choir, Virginia Babikian, David Lloyd, Arthur Bliss
04/02/1972, Royal Festival Hall, The Bach Choir, New Philharmonia Orchestra, Heather Harper, Gerald English, David Willcocks
03/09/[1977], St. Anne's Church, Wandsworth, Putney Choral Society, City Philharmonic Choral Society, St. Giles Choral Society, Kathryn Harries, Michael Goldthorpe, Stephen Rhys
09/05/1981, Civic Hall, Guildford, Guildford Philharmonic Orchestra, Teresa Cahill, Ian Partridge, Vernon Handley
18/05/1991, Fairfield Halls, Croydon Philharmonic Choir, London Orpheus Orchestra, Susan McCulloch, Martyn Hill, James Gaddarn
09/11/1991, Royal Festival Hall, Amanda Roocroft, Philip Langridge, London Philharmonic Orchestra, Bach Choir, David Willcocks

Call to adventure, 1962
04/02/1962, St Clement Danes, Central Band of the Royal Air Force, Wing Commander J. L. Wallace

Mary of Magdala, 1962
02/09/1963, Worcester Cathedral, City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, Norma Procter, John Carol Case, Arthur Bliss. First performance
31/10/1963, Town Hall, Birmingham, City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, City of Birmingham Choir, Norma Procter, John Carol Case, Arthur Bliss
07/11/1981, Clifton Cathedral, Bristol, Bristol Bach Choir, Anne Collins, John King, Alistair Jones. Bristol Bach Choir season brochure
03/03/1983, Queen Elizabeth Hall, London Bach Orchestra, Brompton Choral Society, Donald Cashmore, Catherine Denley, Michael George
21/03/1987, Queen Elizabeth Hall, London Orpheus Orchestra, London Orpheus Choir, Maureen Sydney, Ian Caddy, James Gaddarn. Programme and handbills
07/05/1987, Queen Elizabeth Hall, Hatfield Philharmonic Chorus, Catherine Wyn-Rogers, Matthew Best, Nemano Orchestra of London, Michael Kibblewhite. Programme note by George Dannatt. Programme and Handbill donated by Dannatt
19/11/1988, Fairfield Halls, Croydon Philharmonic Choir, London Orpheus Orchestra, Catherine Wyn-Rogers, Christopher Keyte, James Gaddarn, Programme and handbill
16/03/1991, St. Michael's Church, Highgate, Highgate Choral Society, St. Michael's Sinfonia, Sidonie Winter, Graham Titus, Ronald Corp
23/11/1991, St. Peter's Church, Acton Green, Chiswick Choir and Orchestra, Louise Tucker, Stephen Foulkes, Alistair Jones
28/03/1992, Town Hall, Acton, Ealing Choral Society, Elizabeth Harley, Ian Caddy, London Orpheus Orchestra, James Gaddarn

Knot of Riddles, 1963
17/06/1964, Victoria and Albert Museum, Bath Festival Orchestra, John Shirley-Quirk, Arthur Bliss
08/07/1969, Town Hall, Cheltenham, Melos Ensemble, John Shirley-Quirk. Concert in 1969 Cheltenham Festival
25/07/1985, Pitville Pump Room, Cheltenham, Aquarius, Brian Kay, Nicholas Cleobury

Golden Cantata, 1963
18, 19 Feb 1964, Guildhall, Cambridge, CUMS, Arthur Bliss, Wilfred Brown, David Willcocks. First performance, part of concert to commemorate the quincentenary of the first recorded degree in music in Cambridge, 1464
05/04/1987, Harlow Sportscentre, Harlow Chorus, Nemano Orchestra of London, Adrian Thompson. Programme and Harlow Chorus season brochure

Cradle Song for a Newborn Child, 1963
22/12/1990, St. George's, Brandon Hill, Bristol Bach Choir, Glyn Jenkins

O Give Thanks Unto the Lord, 1965
08/08/1965, Sark Parish Church. Service sheet for Commemoration of Thanksgiving for Qautercentenary of the Fief of Sark

Fanfare for the Commonwealth Arts Festival, 1965
16/09/1965, Banqueting House, Palace of Whitehall, Kneller Hall Trumpeters, Basil H. Brown. 1965 Commonwealth Arts Festival opening ceremony

Ceremonial Prelude, 1965
28/12/1965, Westminster Abbey, New Philharmonia Orchestra, Douglas Guest. Order of Service for Inauguration of 900th Anniversary Year of Westminster Abbey
06/04/1980, St Mary's Cathedral, San Francisco. Service sheet for concelebrated Mass
13/04/1996, St Nicholas Church, Harwich, Essex Youth Orchestra, Christopher Adey

The Right of the Line, 1965
08/07/1966, St Paul's Cathedral, Herald Trumpeters of the Royal Artillery. Photocopy of order of Service of Thanksgiving for the Royal Artillery 1716 – 1966

Fanfare Prelude for Orchestra 'Macclesfield', 1966
14/09/1985, Orchestra Hall, Minneapolis, Minnesota Orchestra, Neville Marriner. Concert in British Festival of Minnesota programme book
10 - 12 Oct 1986, Cape Cod, Cape Cod Symphony, Royston Nash

River Music, 1967
20/10/[1979], London College of Music, Exultate Singers, Garrett O'Brien

Penn Selwood (Sweet Day, So Cool), 1967
10/05/1978, Chelsea College, Chelsea College Choir, Andrew Guyatt
22/11/1991, Temple Speech Room, Rugby School, Rugby School Chamber Choir

A Prayer to the infant Jesus, 1968
23/10/1971, All Saints' Church, Orpington, Orpington Junior Singers, Sybil Bell. Service of Remembrance for Sheila Mossman, Arthur Bliss gave the address
10/12/1976, Pate's Grammar School for Girls, Senior school choir
[16/06/1977], Baptist Church, Orpington, Orpington Junior Singers, Susan Farrow
21/02/1987, Wigmore Hall, Trinity College of Music, Junior Department

Music for the Investiture of the Prince of Wales, 1969
01/07/1969, Caernarvon Castle. Invitation to Sir Arthur and Lady Bliss to the Investiture ceremony

The World is Charged with the Grandeur of God, 1969
21/08/[n.d.], Gloucester Cathedral, Festival Chorus, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Brass Ensemble, John Sanders. Three Choirs Festival opening service sheet. No year given
27/06/1969, The Maltings, Snape, Aldeburgh Festival Instrumental and Choral Ensemble, Philip Ledger. Photocopy of part-programme
14/01/1973, St. Francis's Church, Wormwood Scrubs, Bach Choir, John Miller Ensemble, David Willcocks
19/10/1980, Plymouth Congregational Church, Minneapolis, Plymouth Music Series, Philip Brunelle
02/08/1982, Holy Trinity, Brompton, BBC Singers, Philip Jones Brass Ensemble, John Poole. First performance at the Proms, Programme and full Proms prospectus
16/06/1984, Clifton Cathedral, Bristol, Bristol Bach Choir and Orchestra, Glyn Jenkins
11/05/1985, St. Mary Magdalene-in-Paddington, London Cantata Choir, Locke Brass Ensemble, Peter Moorse
16 - 26 June, 1986, , Stockton Chorale, Arthur J. Holton. Tour of Great Britain programme
22/10/1988, St. John's, Stratford, E15, NELP Chorus, Locke Brass Consort, Michael Kibblewhite

God save the Queen, arr. A. Bliss, 1969
30/11/1975, Royal Albert Hall, Royal Choral Society, New Philharmonia Orchestra, Meredith Davies
04/06/1977, Civic Hall, Guildford, Guildford Philharmonic Orchestra, Vernon Handley

Cello Concerto, 1970
06/05/1975, Royal Festival Hall, London Symphony Orchestra, Douglas Cummings, Andre Previn
13/06/1976, Winter Gardens, Bournemouth, Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, Arto Noras, Paavo Berglund
27/02/1980, Queen Elizabeth Hall, London Chanticleer Orchestra, Alexander Baillie, Ruth Gipps. Handbill
11, 13 March 1984, The Arlington, Santa Barbara Symphony Orchestra, Ofra Harnoy, Frank Collura. First US performance, Lady Bliss present
11/05/1986, Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London Repertoire Orchestra, Timothy Hugh, Ruth Gipps. Handbill
27/11/1992, Royal Festival Hall, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Robert Cohen, Barry Wordsworth

Music for a Prince: Processional Interlude (from the Prince of Wales Investiture Music), 1970
29/04/1985, Villa Wolkonsky, Rome, David Short, Antonio Lysy, Christopher Axworthy

Triptych, 1970
21/03/1971, Queen Elizabeth Hall, Louis Kentner. First performance
18/05/1985, Rugby School, Philip Martin.Concert celebrating the opening by Lady Bliss of Rugby Old Big School as a recital hall [Supplementary box]

Birthday Greetings to the Croydon Symphony Orchestra, 1971
15/05/1971, Fairfield Halls, Croydon Symphony Orchestra, Arthur Davison

Praeludium, 1971
16/07/1972, Notre-Dame de Paris, Fred Tulan. Photocopy of organ recital schedules (with Westminster Abbey programme of 27/07)
27/07/1972, Westminster Abbery, Fred Tulan, Photocopy of programme (with Notre-Dame July schedule)
02/01/1976, St Mary's Cathedral, San Francisco, [Fred Tulan]
14/10/1977, Cathedral of the Annunciation, Stockton, Ca, Fred Tulan
26/02/1978, Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church, San Diego, Jared Jacobsen
04/07/1982, St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York, Fred Tulan
07/09/[1986?], St Mary's Cathedral, San Francisco, Fred Tulan
18/03/1998, St. John's, Smith Square, Roger Judd. Gala concert for 650th anniversay of foundation of Pembroke College, Cambridge. Photocopies of programme

Prayer of St Francis of Assisi, 1972
13/08/1975, St. George's Church, Langton Matravers, [Purbeck] Festival Choir, Reginald John Saville,
18/03/1997, Basilica Superiore di S. Francesco, Assisi, Edinburgh University Renaissance Singers, Noel O'Regan

Metamorphic Variations, 1972
21/04/1973, Fairfield Halls, London Symphony Orchestra, Vernon Handley, First Performance (part of the 1973 Croydon Arts Festival)
08/02/1974, City Hall, Sheffield, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, Charles Groves
09/02/1974, Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, Charles Groves

Put Thou Thy Trust in the Lord, 1972
20/11/1972, Westminster Abbey, Westminster Abbey Choir. Service to celebrate the 25th wedding anniversay of the Queen and Prince Philip. Programme of service, and, ceremonial arrangements
26/10/1976, Westminster Abbey, Westminster Abbey Choir. Service sheet
25/11/1976, Westminster Abbey, Westminster Abbey Choir.Service of Thanksgiving for the Bicentennial of the USA
21/11/1991, Trinity College Chapel, Trinity College Chapel Choir [Supplementary box]

Fanfare for the National Fund for Research into Crippling Diseases , 1973
18/10/1973, St. Paul's Cathedral. Performed at start of Service of Thanksgiving and Re-Dedication to mark the 21st anniversayr of the National Fund for Research into Crippling Diseases. Performers not identified. Photocopy of order of service

A Wedding Suite, 1974
15/09/1995, Barbican Hall, Janet Edwards

Sing mortals!, 1974
26/11/1974, Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Holborn Viaduct, Children of the chapel Royal, Choiristers and Gentlemen of St. Paul's Cathedral and Westminster Abbey, Douglas Guest. First performance. Service booklet for the Festival of St. Cecilia service 1974
04/07/1976, Christ Church, Cheltenham, Choir of Worcester Cathedral, Donald Hunt. Order of service for Cheltenham Festival Service
22/11/1977, Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Holborn Viaduct, Children of the chapel Royal, Choiristers and Gentlemen of St. Paul's Cathedral and Westminster Abbey, Douglas Guest
24/11/1984, St. Michael and All Angels, Bedford Park, Chiswick Choir and Orchestra, Alistair Jones

Shield of Faith, 1974
26/04/1975, St. George's Chapel, Windsor, Jennifer Smith, John Carol Case, Richard Popplewell, The Bach Choir, David Willcocks. First performance
13/03/1982, St. Pancras Church, NW1, Camden Choir, Julian Williamson. Concert in Camden Festival 1982
13/06/1987, Clifton Cathedral, Bristol, Sarah Leonard, Henry Herford, Thomas Trotter, Bristol Bach Choir, Glyn Jenkins
17/02/1991, Plymouth Congregational Church, Minneapolis. Shield of Faith: Love sung as the Offertory during Lenten communion service
17/07/1991, Holy Trinity Church, Sloane Street, Ann Manley, Anthony Scales, Ian Curror, English Chamber Choir, Guy Protheroe
12/11/1994, Trinity Church, N12, Finchley Chamber Choir, David Lardi
20/04/1996, Hampstead Parish Church, Lesley-Jane Rogers, Graham Titus, Nicholas Houghton, Camden Choir, Julian Williamson,

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Associated People and Organisations Adey, Christopher - Aldeburgh Festival Instrumental and Choral Ensemble - American Wind Symphony Orchestra - Aquarius - Axworthy, Christopher - Babikian, Virginia - Bach Choir - Baillie, Alexander - Bath Festival Orchestra - BBC Chorus - BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra - BBC Singers - BBC Symphony Orchestra - Bell, Sybil - Berglund, Paavo - Berridge, Pearl - Best, Matthew - Bliss, Arthur - Boudreau, Robert Austin - Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra - Bradford Festival Choral Society - Bristol Bach Choir - Brompton Choral Society - Brown, Wilfred - Brunelle, Philip - Belinda Bunt - Caddy, Ian - Cahill, Teresa - Camden Choir - Campoli, Alfredo - Case, John Carol - Cashmore, Donald - CBC Symphony Orchestra - Central Band of the Royal Air Force - Chelsea College Choir - Children of the Chapel Royal - Chiswick Choir - Worcester Cathedral Choir - St. Paul's Cathedral Choir - Westminster Abbey Choir - City of Birmingham Choir - City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra - Cleobury, Nicholas - Cohen, Robert - Cohen, Joanne - Collins, Anne - Collura, Frank - Corp, Ronald - Coventry Cathedral Festival - Croydon Philharmonic Choir - Croydon Symphony Orchestra - Cummings, Douglas - Cambridge University Musical Society - Curror, Ian - Davies, Meredith - Arthur Davison - del Mar, Norman - Denley, Catherine - Dowd, Ronald - Ealing Choral Society - Edinburgh University Renaissance Singers - English Chamber Choir - English, Gerald - Essex Youth Orchestra - Exultate Singers - Farrow, Susan - Finchley Chamber Choir - Ford, John - Foulkes, Stephen - Gaddarn, James - Galliver, David - George, Michael - Gipps, Ruth - Goldsmiths' Choral Union - Goldthorpe, Michael - Groves, Charles - Guest, Douglas - Guildford Philharmonic Orchestra - Guyatt, Andrew - Handley, Vernon - Harley, Elizabeth - Harlow Chorus - Harnoy, Ofra - Harper, Heather - Harries, Kathryn - Harwood, Elizabeth - Hatfield Philharmonic Chorus - Herald Trumpeters of the Royal Artillery - Herford, Henry - Highgate Choral Society - Hill, Martyn - Holton, Arthur J. - Hope Street Waites - Houghton, Nicholas - Hugh, Timothy - Hunt, Donald - Hunwick, Braden - Edwards, Janet - Jacobsen, Jared - Jenkins, Glyn - John Miller Ensemble - Jones, Alistair - Judd, Roger - Kato Havas Festival Orchestra - Kay, Brian - Kentner, Louis 1905 - 1987 Keyte, Christopher - Kibblewhite, Michael - King, John - King's Trumpeters - Trumpeters of the Royal Military School of Music, Kneller Hall - Langridge, Philip - David Lardi - Ledger, Philip - Leicestershire Schools Symphony Orchestra - Leonard, Sarah - Lewis, Richard - Lewis, Ronald - Llandaff Cathedral Choir - Lloyd, David - Locke Brass Ensemble - London Bach Orchestra - London Cantata Choir - London Chanticleer Orchestra - London Orpheus Orchestra - London Philharmonic Orchestra - London Repertoire Orchestra - London Symphony Orchestra - Loughran, James - Louisville Orchestra - Lysy, Antonio - Malbin, Elaine - Manley, Anne - Marlborough College Brass Ensemble - Martin, Philip - McCulloch, Susan - McShee, Sheila - Melos Ensemble - Moorse, Peter - Murray, Earl - Musicians of the Royal Military School of Music - National Centre for Orchestral Studies - NELP Chorus - Nemano Orchestra - New Philharmonia Orchestra - New york philharmonic orchestra 1842 - 2005 Noras, Arto - O'Brien, Garrett - O'Regan, Noel - Orpington Junior Singers - Partridge, Ian - Philip Jones Brass Ensemble - Poole, John - Popplewell, Richard - Pratz, Albert - Previn, Andre - Procter, Norma - Protheroe, Guy - Putney Choral Society - Queensland State and Municipal Choir - Queensland symphony orchestra - Rathbone, Christopher - Rennert, Jonathan - Rhys, Stephen - Rogers, Lesley-Jane - Roocroft, Amanda - Royal Choral Society - Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra - Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Brass Ensemble - Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - Rugby Philharmonic Society - Rugby School Chamber Choir - Samuel, Gerhard - San Francisco Ballet - Sanders, John - Santa Barbara Symphony Orchestra - Sargent, Malcolm - Scales, Anthony - Schwarz, Rudolf - Shirley-Quirk, John - Short, David - Smith, Jennifer - St. Giles' Choral Society - St. Michael's Sinfonia - Stockton Chorale - Sydney, Maureen - Thompson, Adrian - Titus, Graham - Trinity College Chapel Choir - Trotter, Thomas - Tulan, Frederick - Tucker, Louise - Vyvyan, Jennifer - Wembley Philharmonic Society - Whitney, Robert - Willcocks, David - Williamson, Julian - Winter, Sidonie - Wordsworth, Barry - Wyn-Rogers, Catherine -
Associated Places All Saints' Church, Orpington Banqueting House, Whitehall Baptist Church, Orpington Barbican Hall Basilica Superiore di S. Francesco, Assisi Borough Hall, Greenwich Caernarvon Castle Canterbury Cathedral Cathedral of the Annunciation, Stockton, Ca Chelsea College Christ Church, Cheltenham Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church, San Diego Church of All Hallows, Twickenham Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Holborn Viaduct City hall, Brisbane City Hall, Sheffield Civic Hall, Guildford Clifton Cathedral Coventry Theatre De Lissa Hall, Kingston-upon-Thames Ellesmere Fairfield Halls, Croydon Gloucester Cathedral Guildhall School of Music and Drama, Victoria Embankment Guildhall, Cambridge Haileybury Chapel Hampstead Parish Church Harlow Sportcentre Haymarket Theatre Holy Trinity Church, Sloane Street Holy Trinity Church, Brompton Lincoln Center: Philharmonic Hall Llandaff Cathedral, Cardiff London College of Music, Great Marlborough Street (later attached to Thames Valley University) Louisville, Kentucky Marlborough College Notre-Dame de Paris Opera House, San Francisco Pate's Grammar School for Girls Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool Pitville Pump Room, Cheltenham Plymouth Congregational Church, Minneapolis Queen Elizabeth Hall River Thames Royal Albert Hall Royal Festival Hall Rugby School Parish Church, Sark St. Clement Dane’s Church, Strand St. Mary's Cathedral, San Francisco St. Mary's Parish Church, Swanage St. Michael's Church, Cornhill St. Nicholas' Church, Harwich St. Paul's Cathedral St. Anne's Church, Wandsworth St. Francis' Church, Wormwood Scrubs St. George's Chapel, Windsor St. George's Church, Langton Matravers St. George's Hall, Bradford St. George's Church, Brandon Hill, Bristol St. John's Smith Square St. John's, Stratford St. Mary Abbots, Kensington St. Mary-Magdalene-in-Paddington St. Michael and All Angels, Bedford Park St. Michael's Church, Highgate St. Pancras Church, Euston Road St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York St. Peter's Church, Acton Green Rugby School: Speech Room Snape Maltings Town Hall, Acton Town Hall, Birmingham Town Hall, Cheltenham Trinity College, University of Cambridge: Chapel University of California, Berkeley Usher Hall, Edinburgh Victoria and Albert Museum Villa Wolkonsky, Rome Westminster Abbey Wigmore Hall Winter Gardens, Bournemouth Worcester Cathedral
Associated Times 20th century - mid 1931-1970 20th century - late 1971-1999
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