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Collection name Sir Arthur Bliss Archive concert programme collection: 1937 - 1954
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Description Concert programmes featuring performances of single works by Arthur Bliss. The collection is arranged in chronological order of composition and information is presented to reflect the physical storage of the material.

Section 3: 1937 - 1954

Checkmate, 1937
11/02/1961, [Royal Festival Hall], London Symphony Orchestra, Arthur Bliss. Three dances performed as item in Robert Mayer children's concert
06/10/1975, Sadler's Wells Theatre, Royal Ballet, Barry Wordswoth. Performance dedicated to Bliss's memory. Cast list handbill
09/06/1976, [Sadler's Wells Theatre], [Royal Ballet]. Cast list handbill
16/09/1981, Sadler's Wells Theatre, Sadler's Wells Royal Ballet. 8 - 19 Sept performance diary leaflet
05/06/1983, Sadler's Wells Theatre, Sadler's Wells Royal Ballet, Barry Wordsworth, Gala Orchestra. Performance given as part of a Royal Gala to celebrate the 85th birthday of Dame Ninette de Valois [Supplementary box]
21-22 Sept 1983, Royal Opera House, Sadler's Wells Royal Ballet. Programme book for 13 - 24 Sept 1983
02/11/1985, Llandaff Cathedral, Cardiff Philharmonic Orchestra, Michael Bell
15 - 16 Oct 1986, Sadler's Wells Theatre, Sadler's Wells Royal Ballet. Two programmes, one for each evening's performance [Supplementary box]
22/04/1987, Royal Opera House, Sadler's Wells Royal Ballet, Orchestra of the Royal Opera House, Bramwell Tovey. Celebrating 50th anniversary of the ballet {Supplementary box]
23/04/1987, Royal Opera House, Sadler's Wells Royal Ballet, Orchestra of the Royal Opera House, Bramwell Tovey. Celebrating 50th anniversary of the ballet [Supplementary box]
24/04/1987, Royal Opera House, Sadler's Wells Royal Ballet, Orchestra of the Royal Opera House, Bramwell Tovey. Celebrating 50th anniversary of the ballet [Supplementary box]
06/05/1986, Sydney Opera House, Australian Ballet, Elizabethan Sydney Orchestra, Noel Smith, Australian première of Checkmate, following gift of the work to the company by De Valois. Programme and press cutting [Supplementary box]
14 - 16 July 1992, London Coliseum, Australian Ballet, London Gala Orchestra, Noel Smith. Part of Australian Ballet 30th anniversary visit to London. Programme, press cutting and tour leaflet.
04/06/1993, Royal Opera House, Royal Ballet, Orchestra of the Royal Opera House, Barry Wordsworth
25 - 26 Oct 2005, Sadler's Wells Theatre, Birmingham Royal Ballet [Supplementary box]

Checkmate: concert suite (six dances) (1938)
04/12/1940, Symphony Hall, Boston, Boston Symphony Orchestra, Serge Koussevitzky. Photocopy of part-programme,
17/11/1964, City Hall, Hong Kong, London Symphony Orchestra, Colin Davis
05/05/1967, De Montfort Hall, Leicester, Leicestershire Schools Symphony Orchestra, Norman del Mar. Part of Leicestershire Schools Festival of Music 1967 [Supplementary box]
21/02/1976, Royal Festival Hall, London Symphony Orchestra, Terence Lovett. ERMA 1975 - 1976 concert listing
01/04/1984, Royal Festival Hall, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Norman del Mar, Concert suite plus Two Dances. Performance part of the Great British Music Festival 1925 - 1975, Oct 1983 - April 1984, [Supplementary box]
20/06/1993, Royal College of Music, Royal Orchestral Society for Amateur Musicians, Darrell Davison

Checkmate: five dances (1938)
08/03/1981, Rosslyn Hill Chapel, Hampstead, London Repertoire Orchestra, Ruth Gipps
14/09/1985, Royal Albert Hall, BBC Symphony Orchestra, Vernon Handley [Supplementary box]
28/04/1991, Playhouse, Epsom, Stoneleigh Youth Orchestra, Adrian Brown
08/08/1991, Vyborg, Russia, Stoneleigh Youth Orchestra, Adrian Brown. Poster for Russian concert
[03/04/1992], [London], [London College of Music Symphony Orchestra]. Photocopy of part-programme
15/10/1996, St John's Smith Square, Kensington Symphony Orchestra, Russell Keable
26/07/1956, [Lisbon], Orquestra Sinfónica Nacional, Pedro de Freitas Branco

Checkmate : Prologue and five dances (1955)
21/11/1998, City Hall, Salisbury, Salisbury Orchestral Society, David Halls

Fanfare for a Dignified Occasion, 1938
06/02/1977, Royal Albert Hall, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Capt. S. W. Patch

Piano concerto in B flat major, 1938
10/06/1939, Carnegie Hall, New York Philharmonic-Symphony Orchestra, Solomon, Adrian Boult. World premiere, commissioned by the British Council for the occasion
17/08/1939, Queen's Hall, BBC Symphony Orchestra, Henry Wood, Solomon. UK premiere
21/10/1944, Islington Central Hall, Modern Symphony Orchestra, Margerie Few, Arthur Dennington
02/05/1945, Corn Exchange, Bedford, BBC Symphony Orchestra, Shulamith Shafir, Adrian Boult
04/09/1945, Royal Albert Hall, BBC Symphony Orchestra, Shulamith Shafir, Basil Cameron.
16/08/1951, Royal Albert Hall, London Phiharmonic Orchestra, Clive Lythgoe, Basil Cameron
01/02/1958, Northern Polytechnic Theatre, Modern Symphony Orchestra, Trevor Barnard, Arthur Dennington
7 - 10 Jan 1960, Carnegie Hall, New York Philharmonic, Gina Bachauer, Dimitri Mitropoulos. Page from programme
1938, 02/08/1966, Royal Albert Hall, BBC Symphony Orchestra, John Ogden. Arthur Bliss, Bliss 75th birthday concert
26/09/1978, Town Hall, Cheltenham, City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, Philip Fowke, Meredith Davies
[1979], [Melbourne?], Trevor Barnard [no other performer details]. Page cut from programme
18/10/1979, City Hall, Cape Town, Cape Town Symphony Orchestra, Helena van Heerden, Brian Priestman
1938, 08/02/1980, El Camino College, Torrance, Ca, Beach Cities Symphony, Richard Fisk, Leo Arnaud
16/09/1980, Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, Philip Fowke, David Atherton. RLPO season programme book
03/12/1982, Usher Hall, Edinburgh, Scottish National Orchestra, Philip Fowke, Vernon Handley
04/12/1982, City Hall, Glasgow, Scottish National Orchestra, Philip Fowke, Vernon Handley
07/12/1990, Birmingham Conservatoire, Paradise Sinfonietta, Paul Williamson, David Brock. Autumn 1990 Birmingham Conservatoire calendar
20/07/1991, BBC Concert Orchestra, Piers Lane, Barry Wordsworth
28/11/1991, Royal College of Music, RCM Symphony Orchestra, Frank Wibaut, Nicholas Cleobury
08/02/1992, Dorking Halls, Surrey Philharmonic Orchestra, Amanda Hurton, Joanthan Butcher
[1992?], National Concert Hall, Taipei, Chinese Culture University Symphony Orchestra, Philip Fowke, Mark Graveson
28/04/1996, St. John the Baptist Church, Chester, St John's Festival Orchestra, Ian Buckle, Alan Lees
07/04/2006, Lincoln Center, Avery Fisher Hall, American Symphony Orchestra, Piers Lane, Leon Botstein [Supplementary box]

Seven American Poems, 1940
08/11/1941, Wigmore Hall, William Parsons, Arthur Bliss
15/04/1986, Purcell Room, Dorothy Maddison, Graham Johnson. Three of the American Poems, together with Two American Poems as a single group
19/10/1986, Performing Arts Centre, Winona State University, Min, Dorothy Maddison, Ellen Porter
10/02/1992, Turner Sims Concert Hall, Southampton, Henry Herford, Robin Bowman
11/06/1994, St James's Church, Ashmansworth, Henry Herford, Julius Drake
09/09/1999, BMIC, Stratford Place, Phillida Bannister, Raphael Terroni

Seven American Poems, 1940: Being young and green
19/06/1980, Chelsea College, Keith MacDonald, Margaret Norman

Two American Poems, 1940
04/09/1982, Wigmore Hall, The Ladies' Almanac

String quartet no. 1 in B flat major, 1941
09/04/1941, University of California, Wheeler Hall Auditorium, Pro Arte String Quartet. Photocopy of part-programme
05/12/1982, Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, Coull String Quartet
09/03/1983, Wigmore Hall, Coull String Quartet
18/09/1983, Purcell Room, Coull String Quartet
20/07/1984, Christchurch Cathedral, Coull String Quartet. Concert in the Gerald Finzi Trust Summer Weekend of English Music in Oxford [Supplementary box]
13/01/2002, Eastbourne Arts Centre, Guillami String Quartet

Miracle in the Gorbals : ballet, 1944
26/10/1944, Prince's Theatre, Sadler's Wells Ballet, Constant Lambert. Photocopy of part-programme of first performance
18/03/1946, [London], [Sadler's Wells Ballet]. Photocopy of part-programme

Miracle in the Gorbals : concert suite (7 mvts), 1944
14/04/1976, Pavilion, Weymouth, Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, Paavo Berglund
15/04/1976, Winter Gardens, Bournemouth, Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, Paavo Berglund
1,2 Oct 1976, Concert Hall, Perth, West Australian Symphony Orchestra, Paavo Berglund
3,4 Nov 1976, Concert Hall, Sydney Opera House, Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Paavo Berglund
08/03/1997, Festival Hall, Corby, Rutland Sinfonia, Barry Collett

The Phoenix: march, homage to France, August 1944, 1945
23/)5/1945, Royal Albert Hall, London Philharmonic Orchestra, Charles Munch.
08/03/1981, Lewisham Concert Hall, Lewisham Conceet Band, Jospeh Procter

Adam Zero, ballet, 1946
10/04/1946, Royal Opera House, Sadler's Wells Ballet, Constant Lambert

Adam Zero. Suite, 1946
28/10/1946, Town Hall, Birmingham, Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, George Weldon. First performance of the suite,
16, 18 Oct 1978, [n.p.], Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra

The Olympians, 1948
29/09/1949, Royal Opera House, Royal Opera, Karl Rankl, First performance (Note: Edith Coates as Madame Bardeau)
05/08/1953, Royal Albert Hall, Edith Osler, Raymond Nilsson, BBC Symphony Orchestra, Malcolm Sargent. Nocturne and Love Music from Act II
28/11/1957, Royal Albert Hall, Royal Choral Society, London Symphony Orchestra, Malcolm Sargent
21/02/1972, Royal Festival Hall, Shirley Minty, Bernard Dickerson, Forbes Robinson, Anne Pashley, William McAlpine, Thomas Hemsley, Rae Woodland, Edmund Bohan, Raimund Herincx, Ambrosian Singers, Polyphonia, Bryan Fairfax
31/10/1985, George Square Theatre, Edinburgh, Occasional Opera Group, Michael Lester-Cribb. Handbill and programme,
19/10/1991, Queen Elizabeth Hall, Chelsea Opera Group, Martyn Brabbins. Programme and Handbills

String quartet no. 2, 1950
01/12/1982, University of Warwick, Coull String Quartet
15/10/[1990], Cheltenham, Delmé Quartet
23/11/1991, Alfreton Hall, Delmé Quartet

The Enchantress, 1950
06/04/1952, Royal Festival Hall, London Symphony Orchestra, Kathleen Ferrier, Hugo Rignold. First concert performance
19/08/1963, Royal Albert Hall, BBC Scottish Orchestra, Norma Procter, Norman Del Mar
22/02/1976, Royal College of Music, London Repertoire Orchestra, Carol Leatherby, Ruth Gipps
22/02/1978, Queen Elizabeth Hall, London Chanticleer Orchestra, Carol Leatherby, Ruth Gipps
07/06/1981, Rosslyn Hill Chapel, Hampstead, London Repertoire Orchestra, Teresa Perrett, Ruth Gipps
24/10/1999, St. James's Church, Sussex Gardens, W2, Westminster Philharmonic Orchestra, Phillida Bannister, Mark Fitz-Gerald
08/08/1990, Royal Albert Hall, City of London Sinfonia, Della Jones, Richard Hickox

Piano sonata, 1952
27/03/1956, Penrhyn Rooms, East Sheen, Robin Wood. Barnes Music Club concert. Sir Arthur present
30/04/1979, Purcell Room, Philip Fowke
14/09/1991, Canford School, Philip Fowke

Aubade for Coronation morning, 1953
01/06/1953, Royal Festival Hall, Golden Age Singers, Cambridge University Madrigal Society, Phiharmonia Orchestra, Boris Ord. Part of A Garland for the Queen, commissioned by the Arts Council for the concert
20/10/1990, St. George's Brandon Hill, Bristol Bach Choir, Nicola Jones, Lorraine Worley, Glyn Jenkins

Processional, 1953
08/06/1959, Guildhall, Portsmouth, Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, George Thalben-Ball, Arthur Bliss
15/11/1981, Marlborough College Chapel, Marlborough College First Orchestra, Tim Ridley, Robert Peel
01/04/1985, Royal Festival Hall, BBC Symphony Orchestra, Alan Harverson, Charles Groves

A Salute to Painting, 1953
17/11/1993, National Portrait Gallery

Elegiac Sonnet, 1954
10/12/1985, Wigmore Hall, Alberni Quartet, Keith Swallow, David Johnston

Welcome the Queen, 1954
21/11/1955, Royal Festival Hall, London Philharmonic Orchestra, Trumpeters of the Royal Military School of Music, Adrian Boult. Royal Concert for St Cecilia’s Day
22/11/1972, Royal Festival Hall, Felicity Mott, Stephen Roberts, RCM Choral Class, Trumpeters of the Royal Military School of Music, RAM Orchestra, Bryan Balkwill. Concert on 25th wedding anniversary of the Queen and Prince Philip
18/05/1977, Royal Festival Hall, London Senior Orchestra, London Junior Orchestra, Terence Lovett
23/09/1980, [Guild Hall], Preston, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, David Atherton
04/12/1988, St Paul's Cathedral, Fred Tulan. Welcome the Queen substituted for Praludium (note on programme in TB's hand)
23,24/03/2001, Duncan, British Columbia, Palm Court Orchestra, Charles Job

A Song of Welcome, 1954
29/07/1954, Royal Albert Hall, BBC Symphony Orchestra, Elsie Morison, Ian Wallace, BBC Chorus, BBC Choral Society. Programme and full 1954 Proms brochure
28/09/2002, St Mary's Parish Church, Slough, Broadheath Singers, Windsor Sinfonia, Cheryl Enever, Colin Campbell, Garry Humphreys

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Associated People and Organisations Alberni String Quartet - Ambrosian Singers - American Symphony Orchestra - Arnaud, Leo - Atherton, David - Australian Ballet - Balkwill, Bryan - Bannister, Phyllida - Barnard, Trevor - BBC Choral Society - BBC Chorus - BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra - BBC Symphony Orchestra - Beach Cities Symphony - Bell, Michael - Berglund, Paavo - Birmingham Royal Ballet - Birmingham Symphony Orchestra - Bliss, Arthur - Bohan, Edmund - Boston Symphony Orchestra - Botstein, Leon - Boult, Adrian - Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra - Bowman, Robin - Brabbins, Martyn 1959 - Brand, Geoffrey - Brighouse and Rastrick Band - Bristol Bach Choir - Bristol Concert Orchestra - Broadheath singers 1971 - Brock, David - Brown, Adrian - Buckle, Ian - Butcher, Jonathan - Cambridge University Musical Society - Cameron, Basil - Campbell, Colin - Cape Town Symphony Orchestra - Cardiff Philharmonic Orchestra - Chelsea Opera Group - Chinese Culture University Symphony Orchestra - City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra - City of London Sinfonia - Cleobury, Nicholas - Collett, Barry - Coull String Quartet - Davies, Meredith - Davison, Darrell - Branco, Pedro de Freitas - del Mar, Norman - Delmé String Quartet - Dennington, Arthur - Dickerson, Bernard - Dods, Marcus - Drake, Julius - Elizabethan Symphony Orchestra - Enever, Cheryl - Fairfax, Bryan - Ferrier, Kathleen - Few, Margaret - Fisk, Richard - Fitz-Gerald, Mark - Fowke, Philip - Gipps, Ruth - Golden Age Singers - Cambridge University Madrigal Society - Mark Graveson - Grimethorpe Colliery Band - Groves, Charles - Guillami String Quartet - GUS Band - Halls, David - Handley, Vernon - Harverson, Alan - Hemsley, Thomas 1927 - Herford, Henry - Herincx, Raimund - Hickox, Richard 1948 - Humphreys, Garry - Hurton, Amanda - Jenkins, Glyn - Job, Charles - Johnson, Graham - Johnston, David - Jones, Alistair - Jones, Della - Jones, Nicola - Keable, Russell - Kensington Symphony Orchestra - Koussevitzky, Serge - Lambert, Constant - Lane, Piers - Leatherby, Carol - Lees, Alan - Leicestershire Schools Symphony Orchestra - Lester-Cribb, Michael - Lewisham Concert Band - London Chanticleer Orchestra - London Gala Orchestra - London Junior Orchestra - London Philharmonic Orchestra - London Repertoire Orchestra - London Senior Orchestra - London Symphony Orchestra - Lovett, Terence - Lythgoe, Clive - MacDonald, Keith - Maddison, Dorothy - Marlborough College First Orchestra - Marriner, Neville - McAlpine, William - Minnesota Symphony Orchestra - Minty, Shirley - Mitropoulos, Dimitri - Modern Symphony Orchestra - Morison, Elsie - Nash, Royston - National Youth Brass Band of Great Britain - New York Philharmonic - Newsome, Roy - Nilsson, Raymond - Norman, Margaret - Orchestra of the Royal Opera House - Ord, Boris - Orquesta Sinfonica Nacional de Mexico - Osler, Edith - Palm Court Orchestra - Paradise Sinfonietta - Parson, William - Pashley, Anne - Patch, S. W. - Peel, Robert - Perrett, Teresa - Philharmonia Orchestra 1945 - Polyphonia Orchestra - Porter, Ellen - Priestman, Brian - Pro Arte String Quartet - Procter, Joseph - Procter, Norma - Rankl, Karl - Ridley, Tim - Rignold, Hugo - Roberts, Stephen - Robinson, Forbes - Royal Ballet - Royal Choral Society - Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra - Royal Opera - Royal Orchestral Society for Amateur Musicians - Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - Rutland Sinfonia - Sadler's Wells Ballet - Salisbury Orchestral Society - Scottish National Orchestra - Shafir, Shulamith - Smith, Noel - Solomon, Christopher - Southern Pro Arte - St. John's Festival Orchestra - Stoneleigh Youth Orchestra - Surrey philharmonic orchestra - Swallow, Keith - Sydney symphony orchestra 1932 - Terroni, Raphael - George Thalben-Ball - The Ladies' Almanac - Tovey, Bramwell - Trumpeters of the Royal Military School of Music, Kneller Hall - Tulan, Frederick - Van Heerden, Helena - Wallace, Ian 1919 - Weldon, George - West australian symphony orchestra - Westminster Philharmonic Orchestra - Wibaut, Frank - Williamson, Paul - Windsor sinfonia - Wood, Henry J. - Wood, Robin - Woodland, Rae - Wordsworth, Barry -
Associated Places Alfreton Hall Barbican Hall Birmingham Conservatoire (was Birmingham School of Music, until 1989) British Music Information Centre Canford School Carnegie Hall Chelsea College City Hall, Cape Town City Hall, Glasgow City Hall, Salisbury Concert Hall, Perth, Australia Sydney Opera House: Concert Hall Conway Hall Corn Exchange, Bedford De Montfort Hall, Leicester Dorking Halls Duncan, British Columbia Eastbourne Arts Centre El Camino College, Torrance, Ca Festival Hall, Corby George Square Theatre Guildhall, Portsmouth Central Hall, Islington Concert Hall, Lewisham Lincoln Center: Avery Fisher Hall Llandaff Cathedral, Cardiff London Coliseum Marlborough College National Concert Hall, Taipei National Portrait Gallery Northern Polytechnic (Institute) Theatre Orchestra Hall, Minneapolis Pavilion, Weymouth Penrhyn Rooms, East Sheen Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool Playhouse, Epsom Princes Theatre Purcell Room Queen Elizabeth Hall Queen's Hall, London Rosslyn Hill (Unitarian) Chapel, Hampstead NW3 Royal Albert Hall Royal College of Music Royal Festival Hall Royal Opera House Sadler's Wells St James's Church, Ashmansworth St. John's Smith Square St. Mary's Parish Church, Slough St. Paul's Cathedral St. George's Church, Brandon Hill, Bristol St. James's Church, Sussex Gardens St. John the Baptist Church, Chester Sydney Opera House Symphony Hall, Boston Town Hall, Birmingham Town Hall, Cheltenham University of Warwick Usher Hall, Edinburgh Vyborg, Russia Wigmore Hall Winter Gardens, Bournemouth
Associated Times 20th century - mid 1931-1970
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