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Collection name Concerts of Antient Music (1780 - 1848)
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Description A collection of 69 volumes of programmes from the Concerts of Antient Music. The programmes date from 1780 to 1848: there is a gap for the year 1832 and years 1792 and 1797 are held in duplicate. Each volume represents one year of programmes. The majority of volumes contain twelve programmes – exceptions being the first few volumes from the 1780s and the programmes from the 1830s which contain fewer – as well as a list of subscribers to the season. In addition, later volumes in the sequence contain lists of vocal performers and instrumental performers as well as an index. The index contains an alphabetical list of vocal music performed across the season and a list of “overtures, concertos, &c” listed by individual concert within the season. The programme to each concert contains a list of music performed, as well as the words to vocal numbers.

The concerts in this collection took place in the following venues: New Rooms, Tottenham Road (1783-1794: note a different set of dates from article “Concerts of Antient Music” in Grove 6); New Room, King’s Theatre, Haymarket (1795-1803); New Rooms, Hanover Square (1804-1839).

The concerts took place during the first half of each year, usually February/March to May/June. There was an overall shift from the season spanning February-May to the season spanning March-June, over the period that this collection covers (1780-1848). The concerts often took place on Wednesdays, with occasional years having concerts on Thursdays.

The collection is divided by size and arranged chronologically within each sequence, pressmarked as follows:

MR455.c.01.4: 1780
MR455.c.01.5: 1781
MR455.c.01.6: 1782
MR455.c.01.8: 1784
MR455.c.01.21: 1797
MR455.c.01.64a: March – May 1840
MR455.c.01.64b: April – May 1840
MR455.d.75.1: 1794
MR455:d.75.2: 19/01/1792
MR455.d.01 – (1785 – 1831, 1833 - 1848)

Date range -
Associated People and Organisations Concerts of Ancient Music -
Associated Places Hanover Square Rooms King's Theatre, London: New Room (also called Italian opera house; was Queen's Theatre to 1714; became Her Majesty's 1837, His Majesty's 1901, Her Majesty's 1953) New Rooms, Tottenham Street, London
Associated Times 18th century - late 1776-1799 19th century - early 1800-1836 19th century - early Victorian 1837-1850
Associated Content Musical Examples Analytical Notes
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Cambridge University Library, Music Department

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