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Collection name Alfredo Campoli Collection: Box 10, 1975 - 1985
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Description Box 10 of 10 containing programmes for concerts given by Alfredo Campoli. Box 10 contains programmes dated between January 1975 and May 1985.

Campoli Collection: Box 10: 1975 - 1985

05 January 1975, Corn Exchange, Bedford, Bedforshire County Youth Symphony Orchestra, Michael Rose
06 January 1975, Southwark Cathedral, Bedforshire County Youth Symphony Orchestra, Michael Rose
20 January 1975, Royal Festival Hall, Insurance Orchestral Society of London, Maurice Miles
16 February 1975, Assembly Hall, Worthing, Worthing Symphony Orchestra, Jan Cervenka
20 February 1975, Guildhall, Southampton, Solent Sinfonia, Ward Gardner
22 February 1975, Warwick, Daphne Ibbott
23 February 1975, Camden, Daphne Ibbott
02 March 1975, Civic Hall, Guildford, Sidcup Symphony Orchestra, Anthony Randall
13 March 1975, Town Hall, Reading, Reading Symphony Orchestra, Maurice Miles
16 March 1975, Central Hall, Chatham, Daphne Ibbott
22 March 1975, Enfield, Enfield String Players, David Snell
10 May 1975, Royal Festival Hall, RPO, Terence Lovett
09 June 1975, Town Hall, Cheltenham, City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, Maurice Handford
14 June 1975, Royal Spa Centre, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire Symphony Orchestra, Guy Wolfenden
15 June 1975, Civic Hall, Bedworth, Warwickshire Symphony Orchestra, Guy Wolfenden
10 September 1975, Town Hall, Hackney, Hackney Orchestra, Peter Susskind
23 September 1975, Spa Pavilion, Felixstowe, Daphne Ibbott
30 September 1975, University of Aston, Birmingham, Daphne Ibbott
02 October 1975, Bradfield College, Daphne Ibbott
04 October 1975, Luton, Luton Concert Orchestra, Bryan Summerfield
11 October 1975, Chiswick, Daphne Ibbott
13 October 1975, Senate House, Cambridge University, Corelli Ensemble
14 October 1975, Wentworth Woodhouse, [accompanist not given]
09 November 1975, James Hay Theatre, Christchurch, NZ, Christchurch Youth Orchestra, Peter Zwartz
19 November 1975, James Hay Theatre, Christchurch, NZ
01 November 1975, Dunedin, NZ, Belinda Bunt, Maurice Till
01 November 1975, Akaroa, NZ, Belinda Bunt, Maurice Till
10 January 1976, Cambridge, NZ
11 January 1976, Cambridge, NZ
21 February 1976, Town Hall, Christchurch, NZ
11 February 1976, Town Hall, Christchurch, NZ, New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, Andre Kostelanetz
13 February 1976, Town Hall, Dunedin, NZ, New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, Andre Kostelanetz
17 February 1976, Founders Theatre, Hamilton, NZ, New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, Andre Kostelanetz
19 February 1976, QEII Youth Centre, Tauranga, NZ, New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, Andre Kostelanetz
20 February 1976, Town Hall, Auckland, New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, Andre Kostelanetz
26 February 1976, New Plymouth, NZ, New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, Andre Kostelanetz
27 February 1976, Town Hall, Wellington, NZ, New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, Andre Kostelanetz
01 February 1976, ,
06 March 1976, Christchurch, NZ, Canterbury Trust Orchestra, Dobbs Franks, Belinda Bunt
30 March 1976, Otago, NZ, Maurice Till
31 March 1976, Canterbury, NZ, Maurice Till
07 April 1976, Auckland, NZ, Belinda Bunt, Maurice Till
08 April 1976, Auckland, NZ, Janetta McStay
10 April 1976, Auckland, NZ, Symphonia of Auckland, Belinda Bunt, Juan Matteucci
11 April 1976, Hamilton, NZ, Janetta McStay
13 April 1976, Kawerau, NZ, Janetta McStay
19 April 1976, James Hay Theatre, Christchurch, NZ, Belinda Bunt, Maurice Till
28 April 1976, James Hay Theatre, Christchurch, NZ, Christchurch Symphony Orchestra, Peter Zwartz, Belinda Bunt
19 April 1976, ,
20 May 1976, Lancaster University, BBC Northern Symphony Orchestra, Leonard Slatkin
21 May 1976, Market Assembly Hall, Carlisle, BBC Northern Symphony Orchestra, Leonard Slatkin
18 June 1976, Nottingham, Daphne Ibbott
09 October 1976, Albert Hall, Nottingham, Nottingham Sinfonietta, Malcolm Nabarro
12 October 1976, Ottery St. Mary, Daphne Ibbott
20 October 1976, Fairfield Hall, Croydon, RPO, David Snell
10 November 1976, Cranbrook, Daphne Ibbott
04 December 1976, Civic Hall, Guildford, Guildford Symphony Orchestra, Ralph Nicholson
16 January 1977, Civic Hall, Borehamwood, London Mozart Players, Anthony Randall
23 January 1977, Bloxham, Daphne Ibbott
05 February 1977, Bournemouth, Daphne Ibbott
11 February 1977, Guildhall, Southampton, Solent Sinfonia, Joan Schmeising, Robert Rawson
19 February 1977, Chelmsford, Essex Symphony Orchestra, Christopher Phelps
30 April 1977, East Grinstead, East Grinstead Sinfonia, Paul Harvey
04 May 1977, Bromsgrove, Daphne Ibbott
07 May 1977, Egham, Daphne Ibbott
15 May 1977, Assembly Hall, Worthing, New Philharmonia Orchestra, Jan Cervenka
05 June 1977, Wembley Conference Centre, New Symphony Orchestra, Meredith Davies
25 June 1977, Kidbrooke, Sidcup Symphony Orchestra, Anthony Randall
25 September 1977, Wigmore Hall, Valerie Tryon
02 October 1977, Watersmeet, Daphne Ibbott
04 October 1977, Mill Hill School, Daphne Ibbott
10 December 1977, Winter Gardens, Bournemouth, Bournemouth Youth Orchestra, Donald Riddell
06 January 1978, St John's, Smith Square, New Westminster Philharmonic Orchestra, Joseph Pilbery
12 April 1978, Dillington House, Daphne Ibbott
30 April 1978, Playhouse, Harlow, Harlow Symphony Orchestra, Peter Dunkley
04 June 1978, Wigmore Hall, Daphne Ibbott, Elizabeth Angel, Belinda Bunt
20 June 1978, Port Erin, Isle of Man, Daphne Ibbott
20 August 1978, Assembly Hall, Worthing, Worthing Symphony Orchestra, Jan Cervenka
23 September 1978, Hendon, Daphne Ibbott
17 October 1978, Fredericton, Canada, Daphne Ibbott
28 October 1978, Warpool Court, St David's, Daphne Ibbott
21 November 1978, Guildhall, Southampton, Solent Sinfonia
09 December 1978, Town Hall, Hornsey, Haringey Symphony Orchestra, David Lardi
16 February 1979, Strode, Daphne Ibbott
09 March 1979, West Lodge Park, Daphne Ibbott
15 March 1979, Dollar, Daphne Ibbott
31 March 1979, Hendon, Finchley Symphony Orchestra, David Lardi
15 April 1979, Spa Grand Hall, Scarborough, Scarborough Orchestra, Ronald Cole
14 May 1979, Ashington, Daphne Ibbott
19 May 1979, Corn Exchange, Ipswich, Ipswich Orchestral Society, Christopher Phelps
02 June 1979, Town Hall, Fulham, Fulham Municipal Orchestra, Joseph Vandernoot
09 October 1979, Repton, Daphne Ibbott
14 October 1979, Forum, Hatfield, Hatfield Philharmonic, Howard Burrell
28 October 1979, Latymer School, Young Symphony Orchestra of London, Michael jenkins
25 October 1979, Liverpool, Ronald Settle
10 November 1979, Doncaster, Daphne Ibbott
09 March 1980, Municipal Hall, Colne, Colne Orchestral Society, Geoffrey Lovett, Daphne Ibbott
25 April 1980, Spa Pavilion, Felixstowe, Colchester Institute Symphony Orchestra, Christopher Phelps
22 June 1980, Wythenshawe, The Forum Concert Hall, Daphne Ibbott
25 June 1980, Town Hall, Walsall, Harold Britton
26 October 1980, Dome, Brighton, Brighton Philharmonic Orchestra, John Carewe
08 November 1980, Laymer School, Latymer School First Orchestra, David Williams, Ruth Hudson
30 September 1981, Trinity College of Music, Daphne Ibbott
18 October 1981, Dome, Brighton, Brighton Philharmonic Orchestra, John Carewe
27 January 1982, Town Hall, Walsall, Harold Britton
07 March 1982, Assembly Hall, Worthing, Worthing Symphony Orchestra, Jan Cervenka
24 April 1982, Parish Church, Thame, Crendon Orchestra da Camera
03 October 1982, Assembly Hall, Worthing, Worthing Symphony Orchestra, Jan Cervenka
27 July 1983, Town Hall, Walsall, Harold Britton
17 February 1984, Nottingham, Daphne Ibbott
07 March 1984, Leeds College of Music, Daphne Ibbott
31 March 1984, Latymer School, Enfield Camerata Orchestra, Peter Broadbent
23 June 1984, Enfield, Enfield String Players
28 October 1984, Dome, Brighton, Brighton Philharmonic Orchestra, Richard Hickox
12 May 1985, Town Hall, Huddersfield, Huddersfield Senior Youth Orchestra, Neil Garland

Date range 1975 - 1985-00-00
Associated People and Organisations Elizabeth Angel - BBC Northern Symphony Orchestra - Bedfordshire County Youth Orchestra - Bournemouth Youth Orchestra - Brighton Philharmonic Orchestra - Harold Britton - Peter Broadbent - Belinda Bunt - Howard Burrell - Canterbury Trust Orchestra - Carewe, John - Jan Cervenka - Christchurch Symphony Orchestra, New Zealand - Christchurch Youth Orchestra, New Zealand - City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra - Colchester Institute Symphony Orchestra - Ronald Cole - Colne orchestral society - Corelli Ensemble - Crendon Orchestra da Camera - Davies, Meredith - Peter Dunkley - East Grinstead Sinfonia - Enfield Camerata - Enfield String Players - Essex symphony orchestra 1949 - Finchley Symphony Orchestra - Dobbs Franks - Fulham Municipal Orchestra - Ward Gardner - Neil Garland - Guildford Symphony Orchestra 1919 - Hackney Orchestra - Handford, Maurice - Haringey Symphony Orchestra - Harlow Symphony Orchestra - Harvey, Paul - Hatfield Philharmonic Orchestra - Hickox, Richard 1948 - Huddersfield Senior Orchestra - Ruth Hudson - Ibbott, Daphne - Insurance Orchestral Society of London - Ipswich Orchestral Society - Michael Jenkins - Kostelanetz, Andre - David Lardi - Latymer School First Orchestra - London Mozart Players - Lovett, Geoffrey - Lovett, Terence - Luton Concert Orchestra - Juan Matteucci - Janetta McStay, - Miles, Maurice - Nabarro, Malcolm - New Philharmonia Orchestra - New Symphony Orchestra 1905 - New Westminster Philharmonic Orchestra - New Zealand Symphony Orchestra - Nicholson, Ralph - Nottingham Sinfonietta - Phelps, Christopher - Pilbery, Joseph - Randall, Anthony - Robert Rawson, - Reading Symphony Orchestra (United Kingdom) - Donald Riddell - Rose, Michael - Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - Scarborough Orchestra - Joan Schmeising - Ronald Settle - Sidcup Symphony Orchestra - Slatkin, Leonard - David Snell - Solent Sinfonia - Bryan Summerfield - Peter Susskind - Sinfonia of Auckland - Maurice Till - Tryon, Valerie - Vandernoot, Joseph - Warwickshire symphony orchestra 1940 - David Williams - Guy Wolfenden - Worthing symphony orchestra - Young Symphony Orchestra of London - Peter Zwartz -
Associated Places Akaroa, New Zealand Albert Hall, Nottingham Ashington Assembly Hall, Worthing Auckland Bloxham Bournemouth Bradfield College Bromsgrove Cambridge [New Zealand] Camden Canterbury [New Zealand] Central Hall, Chatham Chelmsford Chiswick Christchurch, New Zealand Civic Hall, Bedworth Civic Hall, Borehamwood Civic Hall, Guildford Corn Exchange, Bedford Corn Exchange, Ipswich Cranbrook, Essex Dillington House, Somerset Dollar Dome, Brighton Doncaster Dunedin, NZ East Grinstead Egham Enfield Fairfield Halls, Croydon Forum, Hatfield Founders' Theatre, Hamilton, New Zealand Fredericton [Canada] Guildhall, Southampton Hamilton [New Zealand] Hendon James Hay Theatre, Christchurch, New Zealand Kawerau [New Zealand] Kidbrooke Lancaster University Latymer School Leeds College of Music Liverpool Luton Market Assembly Hall, Carlisle Mill Hill School Municipal Hall, Colne New Plymouth [New Zealand] Nottingham Otago [New Zealand] Ottery St. Mary Parish Church, Thame Playhouse, Harlow Port Erin [Isle of Man] QEII Youth Centre, Tauranga, New Zealand Repton Royal Festival Hall Royal spa centre, Leamington spa Senata House, Cambridge Southwark Cathedral Spa Concert Hall, Scarborough Spa pavilion, Felixstowe St. John's Smith Square Strode Town Hall, Auckland Town Hall, Cheltenham Town Hall, Christchurch, New Zealand Town Hall, Dunedin, New Zealand Town Hall, Fulham Town Hall, Hackney Town Hall, Hornsey Town Hall, Huddersfield Town Hall, Reading Town Hall, Walsall Town Hall, Wellington, New Zealand Trinity College of Music Aston University Warpool Court, St. David's Warwick Watersmeet, Rickmansworth Wembley Conference Centre Wentworth Woodhouse West Lodge Park Wigmore Hall Winter Gardens, Bournemouth Forum hall, Wythenshawe, Manchester
Associated Times 20th century - late 1971-1999
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