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Collection name St. James's Hall Concerts (1898-1904)
Unique identifier b.623.a
Description A collection of programmes and wordbooks for six vocal and instrumental performances given at St. James's Hall, London, between 1898 and 1904.

21 November 1898: Miss Cordelia Grylls' First Vocal Recital, given with the assistance of Mr Sydney Barraclough (baritone), Mr T. J. Milne (violin) and Messrs Ross and Moore (piano), and accompanied by Mr R. Frederic Tyler (with photograph).

3 December [1900]: Giulia Ravogli's Vocal Recital, with the assistance of Mrs Gordon Woodhouse (piano), and accompanied by Henry Bird.

10 December 1900: Dr Theo. Lierhammer's Vocal Recital, with the assistance of Miss Marguerite Elzy and accompanied by Henry Bird.

23 October [1900]: Vocal Recital, given by Mss Marie Brema. This was a two-part vocal concert, including Schumann, Frauenliebe und Leben and three songs by Coleridge-Taylor, written especially for Brema and accompanied by the composer.

9 February 1904: Miss Muriel Foster's Vocal Recital, given prior to her departure to America and Canada, with Jean Gérardy (cello) and accompanied by Miss Kate Eadie and Mrs Charlton Keith.

7 June 1904: Choral and Orchestra Concert, sponsored by the Oxford House Musical and Dramatic Association and given by the Oxford House Choral Society and Orchestra and the Excelsior Boy’s Choir, with Mrs Henry J. Wood, Madame Louise Dale, Miss Muriel Foster and Mr Gervase Elwes, conducted by My Cuthbert Kelly (with statement entitled 'The Work and Objects of the Oxford House Musical and Dramatic Association' (est. 1898)).
Date range 1898 - 1904
Associated People and Organisations Woodhouse, Gordon (Mrs) - Wood, Henry J. (Mrs) - Tyler, R. Frederic - Taylor, Samuel Coleridge - Schumann, Robert - Ravogli, Giulia - Oxford House Orchestra - Oxford House Musical and Dramatic Association - Oxford House Choral Society - Milne, T. J. - Lierhammer, Theodor - Keith, Mrs Charlton - Grylls, Cordelia - Gerardy, Jean - Foster, Muriel - Excelsior Boys' Choir - Elzy, Marguerite - Elwes, Gervase - Eadie, Kate - Dale, Louise - Brema, Marie - Bird, Henry - Barraclough, Sydney -
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Associated Times 19th century - late Victorian 1876-1899 20th century - early 1900-1930
Associated Content Photographs Word books
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