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Collection name St. James´s Hall Concerts (1873-91)
Unique identifier c.371
Description A miscellaneous collection of programmes and wordbooks for 32 choral, orchestral and chamber concerts given at St. James’s Hall, London between 1873 and 1891, bound chronologically.

The collection, which is listed in detail below, includes wordbooks for four performances given by Mr Henry Leslie’s Choir with John C. Ward (organ), accompanied by J.G. Callcott. Also, programmes with words, historical and analytical notes and a list of the orchestral ensemble for Grand Orchestral and Vocal Concerts nos. 1, 2 and 4 given by Madame Jenny Viard-Louis, conducted by Mr H. Weist Hill and accompanied by Henry Leipold.

15 January 1873: London Ballad Concerts (7th season no.3), with Miss Banks, Miss Edith Wynne, Madame Patey, Mr Nordblom, Mr Santley and Mr Sims Reeves (vocal), Mademoiselle Elvira del Bianco (piano) and the London Orpheus Quartett, directed by John Boosey, including the first performances of songs by [Frederick] Stanislaus (‘Never More’) and Roeckel (‘The Sundial’) (wordbook).

19/23 April 1873: New Philharmonic Society 1st Public Rehearsal/1st Grand Concert (22nd season), with Madame Lemmens Sherrington and Edward Lloyd (vocal), Monsieur Cros St. Ange (cello) and Signor Rendano (piano), led by Ries and conducted by Henry Wylde, including a selection from Handel, L’Allegro ed il Penseroso (with words, historical and analytical notes and musical examples).

10 June 1874: New Philharmonic Concerts (23rd season no.8), with Madame Trebelli-Bettini and Signor de Reschi (vocal), Signor Papini (violin) and Mr Alfred Jaell (piano), conducted by Henry Wylde and Wilhelm Ganz (with a list of the orchestral ensemble).

25 June 1874: Mr Henry Leslie’s Choir with Miss Bolingbroke, Miss Edith Wynne and Signor Foli (vocal), including the first performance of Henry Leslie, The Captain’s Song.

18 February 1875: Mr Henry Leslie’s Choir with Miss Eva Leslie (vocal) and Miss Florence May (piano), including the first performances of Brahms, Songs of Love op.53 and Blumenthal, Songs of Innocence.

23 June 1876: Charles Hallé’s Beethoven Recitals no.8, with Mademoiselle Thekla Friedländer (vocal), accompanied by Mr Zerbini (with words, historical and analytical notes and musical examples).

26 November 1878: Grand Orchestral and Vocal Concert with Miss Emma Thursby (vocal), including the first performance of Bourgault-Ducoudray, Gavotte, the first English performances of Hummel, Piano Concerto in F major and a solo piano piece by Cherubini and the first London performances of Brahms, Symphony No. 2 and Gevaert, Fantasia on Spanish Themes.

17 December 1878: Grand Orchestra and Vocal Concert with Madame Eugenie Pappenheim (vocal), including the first performance of F. Corder, Rondo Scherzoso for Orchestra ‘The Brooklet’ and the first English performances of: Cherubini, Entr’acte and Ballet Music from ‘Ali Baba’; Hermann Geetz, Symphony in F, op.9; and Hector Belioz, Grand March ‘Troyenne’.

18 February 1879: Grand Orchestral and Vocal Concerts with Miss Emma Beasley (vocal) and Herr Joachim (violin), including the first English performance of Baron Bódog Orezy, Hungarian Ballet Music from the opera, The Renegade (conducted by the composer).

2 March 1882: Mr Walter Bache’s Orchestral Concert no.11, for the performance of works by Franz Liszt, featuring a full orchestra led by Mr Deichmann and a male chorus, with Mr B. Davies (tenor solo), conducted by Walter Bache, including the third English performance of the Faust Symphony (with words, historical and analytical notes with musical examples by ‘C.A.B.’ and Fr. Niecks, a list of the orchestral ensemble and a list of the works by Liszt previously performed at the concerts).

22 April 1882: Mr Ganz’s First Orchestral Concert, with Herr Ondricek (violin), conducted by Wilhelm Ganz, including the first English performance of Liszt, Symphony to ‘Dante’s Divinia Commedia’ (with historical and analytical notes by Mr W.A. Barrett and a list of the orchestral ensemble).

16 December 1882: Handel, The Messiah, given by Madame Albani, Madame Patey, Mr Maas and Mr Santley (vocal), with Herr Ludwig Straus (leader), Mr T. Harper (trumpet), Mr Pettit (organ) and an orchestra ‘selected from the orchestra of the Philharmonic Society’, conducted by W.G. Cusins (programme and wordbook with extensive historical and analytical notes by Cusins entitled by ‘An Examination of the Original and of some Contemporary MSS’).

22 February 1883: Mr Henry Leslie’s Choir with Miss Santley, Miss Marian Burton and Mr Santley (vocal) and Miss Santley and Miss Maude Valerie White (piano), including the first performance of Josiah Booth, The Mighty Caravan (conducted by the composer), F. Westlake, O Salutaris Hostia and J.G. Callcott, How sweet the Moonlight (conducted by the composer) (with historical notes).

14 April 1883: Mr Henry Leslie’s choir with Miss Robertson (vocal), Mons. Vladimir de Pachmann (piano) and Senor Sarasate (violin), including the first performances of part-songs by Caldicott (Winter Days) and Pinsuti (My Lady Comes) and a trio by John C. Ward (14 April 1883).

5 February 1884: Royal Normal College and Academy of Music for the Blind, Upper Norwood Annual Orchestral Concert, with Mr J. West, Madame Albani, Miss Campbell, Mr Moncur and Miss Reece (vocal), Mr Alfred Hollins and Miss Jeannie Gilbert (piano) and Mr F. Turner (organ), conducted by Karl Klindworth, being a three-part concert, with sections described as ‘Richard Wagner’, ‘Miscellaneous’ and ‘Franz Liszt’ (with historical and analytical notes, musical examples, lists of the choral and orchestral ensembles and numerous handwritten annotations). The programme notes are various signed by ‘E.D.’ [Edward Dannreuther], ‘C.A.B.’ [C.A. Barry], and ‘G’ [George Grove].

[no date]: Grand Vocal Concert of Sacred and National Songs, given by Dmitri Slaviansky D’Agreneff’s Celebrated Russian Choir (wordbook), being a three-part concert of Historical, Sacred, and Popular Russian Songs, given by an ensemble of 60 performers ‘in splendid historical costumes of the 16th and 17th centuries’ (with biographical notes on the choir and its conductor).

17 April and 26 July 1889, and 28 July [1891]: Royal Academy of Music Students’ Orchestral Concerts, conducted by Dr A.C. Mackenzie (with wordbooks), being performances of orchestrally-accompanied vocal and instrumental solos, including the first English performance of Weber, Hymn, In Constant Order (26 July 1889) (with extensive information regarding the Patrons, Staff and Members of the Royal Academy of Music and notices/advertisements for their various scholarships and prizes).

1 May 1889: Miss Meredyth Elliot’s Grand Evening Concert, with Mademoiselle Antoinette Trebelli, Madame Clara Samuell, Miss Meredyth Elliott, Mr Charles Chilley and Mr Philip Newbury, Mr Donnell Balfe and Signor Foli (vocal), Miss Kate Chaplin (violin) and Miss Maud Holdom (piano), conducted by Sidney Naylor (programme and wordbook). The concert also featured a choir of 250 voices, under the direction of Mr William Carter.

2 July [1889]: Fraulein Hermine Spies Second Vocal Recital, with Agnes Zimmermann (piano), accompanied by Theodor Frantzen (wordbook, with handwritten annotations regarding minor corrections to the printed programme).

6 July 1889: Mr Sims Reeves’ Morning Concert, being a two-part vocal concert with piano solos and recitations, given by Mademoiselle Marie van Zandt, Madame Antoinette Sterling, Mr Edward Lloyd, Mr Ben Davies, Mr Sims Reeves and Signor Foli (vocal), Mademoiselle Hélène de Duncan (piano), Henry Irving and Mr J.L. Toole (recitations) and the Lotus Glee Club of Boston, conducted by Mr Sidney Naylor (wordbook).

31 May and 26 June 1890 and 5 January and 23 May1891: Mr George Grossmith’s Humorous and Musical Recital, being three-part satirical performances for which Grossmith wrote both the words and the music (wordbooks). The first concert featured Tosti, Lawrence Kellie and Arthur Roberts.

7 and 21 November 1890: Senor Albeniz Grand Orchestral Concerts nos.1 and 2, conducted by Senor Breton and including the first performances of: Chapi, Moorish Fantasia ‘La Corte de Granada’ (7 November) and Arthur Hervey, Dramatic Overture, for orchestra (conducted by the composer), Breton, movement for orchestra, and solo piano piece by Albeniz (21 November) (with historical and analytical notes, including musical examples, by Joseph Bennett and a list of the orchestral ensemble). The programme for the second concert includes some handwritten annotations regarding encores performed.

22 January 1891: Herr Stavenhagen’s Grand Orchestral Concert, with Madame Stavenhagen (vocal) and Herr Bernard Stavenhagen (piano), led by Mr Betjemann and conducted by Arthur Friedheim and Mr Betjemann (with words and historical and analytical notes).

1 June 1891: Mr W.G. Cusin’s Annual Morning Concert, with Mademoiselle Sofia and Giulia Ravogli, Mr Edward Lloyd, Monsieur Maurel (vocal), Monsieur Emile Sauret (violin) and W.G. Cusins (piano), accompanied by Signor Romili, being a concert of vocal and instrumental solos, begun with a Septet in F for Piano, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Horn and Double Bass, performed by Messrs Cusins, Griffiths, Malsch, Clinton, T. Wooton, Borsdorf, and C. Winterbottom (wordbook).

2 June [1891]: Monsieur Paderewski’s First Concert (orchestral), led by G.H. Betjemann and conducted by Mr Henschel (with historical and analytical notes).

25 November 1891: Herr David Popper’s Orchestral Concert, with Madame Alwina Valleria and Miss Dews (vocal), Mons. Delsart, Mr Edward Howell and Herr David Popper, led by G.H. Betjemann, accompanied by Wilhelm Ganz and conducted by Frederic H. Cowen, including the first English performance of Popper, Requiem for Three Violoncellos (with words, historical and analytical notes and musical examples).
Date range 1873 - 1891
Associated People and Organisations Zimmermann, Agnes - Wylde, Henry - Wylde, Henry - Westlake, F. - Weist-Hill, Ferdinand - Weber, Carl Maria von - Ward, John - Viard-Louis, Jenny - Stavenhagen, Berhard - Stanislaus, Frederick - Spies, Hermine - Royal Normal College and Academy of Music for the Blind - Royal Academy of Music - Reeves, Sims - Randegger, Alberto - Popper, David - Pinsuti, Ciro - Philharmonic Society (see Royal Philharmonic Society) - Paderewski, Ignacy Jan - Orezy, Baron Bódog - New Philharmonic Society - Naylor, Sidney - Mackenzie, Alexander Campbell - Lotus Glee Club - London Orpheus Quartett - Liszt, Franz - Leslie, Henry 1822 - 1896 Leipold, Henry - Klindworth, Karl - Joachim, Joseph - Hummel, Johann Nepomuk - Hervey, Arthur - Henschel, George (Isidor Georg) - Handel, George Frideric - Hallé, Charles - Grove, George - Grossmith, George - Gevaert, Fraçois-Auguste - Geetz, Hermann - Ganz, Wilhelm - Friedländer, Thekla - Friedheim, Arthur - Frantzen, Theodor - Elliott, Meredyth - Dannreuther, Edward George - Cusins, William George - Cowen, Frederic - Corder, Frederick - Cherubini, (Carlo) Luigi - chapi, ruperto - Carter, William - Callcott, John Wall - Callcott, J.G. - Bretón, Tomás - Brahms, Johannes - Bourgault-Ducoudray, Louis - Booth, Joshua - Boosey, John - Betjemann, Gilbert H. - Berlioz, Hector - Bennett, Joseph - Beethoven, Ludwig van - Barry, Charles Ainslie - Barrett, W. A. - Bache, Walter - Albeniz, Isaac - Agreneff, Dmitri Slaviansky d' -
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