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Collection name Queen’s Hall Choral Society (1895-99)
Unique identifier e.1396
Description A collection of programmes and wordbooks for nine performances given by the Queen’s Hall Choral Society between 1895 and 1899, the majority during the season 1895-96, arranged in a miscellaneous fashion (as listed below) in a bound volume.

All concerts were given at the Queen’s Hall, London and featured the Queen’s Hall Choral Society (described as the Queen’s Hall Choir for the concerts on 13 November and 11 December 1895) and the Queen’s Hall Orchestra. Unless otherwise stated below, the concerts were led by W. Frye Parker and conducted by Alberto Randegger. The concerts on 26 February, 3 April, 19 February and 3 December [1896] and 16 January 1897 also featured performers drawn from the London Training School for Choristers.

All programmes document the vocal soloists. Those for the concerts on 26 February and 3 April [1896], 13 November and 11 December 1895 and 19 February [1896] include a full list of the orchestral ensemble.

A number of these programmes carry advertisements, including some for other Queen's Hall performances. Those for the concerts on 3 April [1896], 11 December 1895, and 19 February [1896] include a section entitled ‘Press Opinions’, which consists of reproductions of press comments on earlier performances given by the Queen’s Hall Choral Society. Reviews can be found here for some of the performances for which programmes are held.

21 February 1895: Mendelssohn, Elijah, with Miss Thudichum, Miss Winifred Parker, Miss Rose Williams, Miss Clara Butt, Mr Iver McKay, Mr Stuart Dudley, Mr Shakespeare Stewart and Mr Douglas Powell (vocal), led by J.T. Carrodus with Arthur Fagge (organ), conducted by William Carter.

26 February [1896]: Arthur Sullivan, Golden Legend, with Miss Thudichum, Mrs Katharine Fisk, Mr Edward Lloyd, Mr F.B. Ranalow and Mr Watkin Mills (vocal) and Henry J. Wood (organ).

3 April [1896]: Gounod, Redemption, with Madame Marie Duma, Miss Margaret Hoare, Miss Hilda Wilson, Mr Iver McKay, Mr David Bispham and Mr William Ludwig (vocal) and Edwin H. Lemare (organ). The wordbook for this performance includes a commentary by the author (i.e. Gounod) and analytical notes by Joseph Bennett (with musical examples).

13 November 1895: Mendelssohn, Athalie; Beethoven, Choral Fantasia; and Mendelssohn, Walpurgis Night, with Miss Thudichum, Miss Emily Squire, Miss Marian McKenzie, Mr Iver McKay, Mr Frederick B. Ranalow and Mr William Ludwig (vocal), Mr Richard Temple (reader), Miss Sybil Palliser (pianoforte) and W.S. Hoyte (organ).

11 December 1895: Handel, Samson, with Miss Alice Esty, Miss Dews, Mr Ben Davies, Mr Reginald Brophy, Mr W. A. Peterkin and Mr Watkin Mills (vocal), with Mr W. Morrow (trumpet) and W.S. Hoyte (organ).

19 February [1896]: Mendelssohn, Hymn of Praise; and Rossini, Stabat Mater, with Miss Alice Esty, Madame Belle Cole, Mr Ben Davies and Mr Watkin Mills (vocal) and Henry J. Wood (organ).

3 December [1896]: Saint-Saens, Samson and Delilah, with Miss Marie Brema, Mr Edward Lloyd, Mr Andrew Black, Mr Reginald Brophy, Mr Ley Vernon, Mr Thomas Meux and Mr A.H. Gee (vocal) and Henry J. Wood (organ), led by Arthur W. Payne.

16 January 1897: Saint-Saens, Samson and Delilah, with Miss Marie Brema, Mr Edward Lloyd, Mr Watkin Mills, Mr Reginald Brophy, Mr Edward Branscombe, Mr Thomas Meux and Mr W.H. Brereton (vocal) and Henry J. Wood (organ), led by Arthur W. Payne

15 February [1899]: Dvorak, Stabat Mater and Mendelssohn, Hymn of Praise, with Madame Duma, Miss Hilda Wilson, Mr Hirwen Jones and Mr Daniel Price (vocal) and Percy Pitt (organ), led by Arthur W. Payne and conducted by George Riseley (with brief historical notes by Edgar F. Jacques).
Date range 1895 - 1899
Associated People and Organisations Wood, Henry - Wilson, Hilda - Williams, Rose - Vernon, Ley - Thudichum, Miss - Sullivan, Arthur - Stubbs, G. - Stewart, Shakespeare - Squire, Emily - Schönberg, Adelaide - Saint-Saens, Camille - Rossini, Gioacchino - Riseley, George - Renard, Jacques - Randegger, Alberto - Ranalow, F. B. - Queen's Hall Orchestra 1895 - 1915 Queen's Hall Choral Society - Price, Daniel - Powell, Douglas - Pitt, Percy - Peterkin, W. A. - Payne, Arthur W. - Parker, Winifred - Parker, W. Frye - Palliser, Sybil - Morrow, W. - Mills, Watkin - Meux, Thomas - Mendelssohn, Felix - McKenzie, Marian - McKay, Iver - Lyell-Tayler, H. (Mr) - Ludwig, William - London Training School for Choristers - Lloyd, Edward - Lemare, Edwin H. 1866 - 1934 Jones, Hirwen - Jacques, Edgar F. - Hyote, W. S. - Hoare, Margaret - Handel, George Frideric - Gounod, Charles - Gee, A. H. - Fisk, Katharine - Fagge, Arthur - Evry, E. d' (Mr) - Esty, Alice - Dvorak, Antonin - Duma, Marie - Dudley, Stuart - Dews, Miss - Davies, Ben 1858 - 1943 Cole, Belle (Madame) - Carter, William - Carrodus, John Tiplady - Butt, Clara - Brophy, Reginald - Brereton, W. H. - Brema, Marie - Branscombe, Edward - Black, Andrew - Bispham, David - Bennett, Joseph - Beethoven, Ludwig van -
Associated Places Queen's Hall, London
Associated Times 19th century - late Victorian 1876-1899
Associated Content Press Cuttings Analytical Notes Musical Examples Word books List of orchestral players Programme notes
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