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Collection name Oxford Subscription Concerts (1921-85)
Unique identifier Mus. 311 c.12
Description Handbills and programmes for Oxford Subscription Concerts given at the Town Hall, Sheldonian and New Theatre, Oxford during season nos. 1-14, 16-24, 26-34, 36-37, 41, 47-57 and 66, with one additional (undated) handbill, likely to be from 1984 or 1990.

Also, prospectuses with programmes for the seasons nos. 9-14, 20, 32-44, 46-47, 51-52 and 56, with two copies for season nos. 35, 38 and 43. The documents typically include an introductory note and information regarding ticket arrangements.

Where no other indication appears below, all concerts given during seasons 1 to 8 were held at the Town Hall, Oxford. Thereafter, the majority of concerts were given at either the Town Hall or the Sheldonian Theatre. For those few concerts given at the New Theatre, see below.

Seasons 1-8: programmes for this period include words and brief notes. Unless an alternative ensemble is listed below, the concerts featured the Oxford Orchestral Society, conducted by Maurice Besley (seasons 1-6) and Guy Warrack (seasons 7-8).

Seasons 9-14: unless otherwise indicated below documentation for these seasons consists of handbills with programme listings.

Seasons 16-47: where no other indication is given below, programmes for these seasons include words and more extended notes, with lists of the orchestral ensemble as appropriate. Certain programmes are accompanied by press cuttings and/or correspondence (see below).

Seasons 48-66: programmes for this period typically replace the list of the orchestral ensemble with brief biographical notes on the principal performers.

1st season, 1920–21 (nos. 3 and 6)
2 December: Miss Norah Dawnay (vocal)
3 March: Miss Fanny Davies (piano)

2nd season, 1921–22 (nos. 3 and 6)
8 December: Herbert Heyner (vocal) (two copies)
2 March: Claude Biggs (piano)

3rd season, 1922–23 (nos. 3, 5, 6 and 8)
30 November: Ivan Phillipowski (piano)
15 February: Hungarian String Quartet
8 March: Margaret Fairless (violin)
14 June: William Byrd Tercentenary Celebration with New College Choir, conducted by Dr W. H. Harris.

4th season, 1923–24 (nos. 3, 6 and 7)
7 December: including Besly, Mist in the Valley (first Oxford performance).
13 March: Dorothy Moulton (vocal).
12 June, Sheldonian Theatre: Oxford Orchestral Society with the Oxford Bach Choir and English Singers and Flora Mann, Lilian Berger, Archibald Winter and Clive Carey (vocal), conducted by Hugh Allen.

5th season, 1924–25 (no. 3)
4 December: conducted by Guy Warrack (with handbill)

6th season, 1925–26 (nos. 3 and 6)
3 December: Marie Wilson (violin).
11 March: English Singers.

7th season, 1926–27 (no. 6)
10 March 1927:

8th season, 1927–28 (no. 6)
8 March 1928: Marie Wilson (violin).

9th season, 1928–29 (nos. 1-7, missing no. 5)
1 November: Elisabeth Schumann, accompanied by George Reeves.
22 November: Virtuoso Quartet with Charles Draper and Edward Robinson.
6 December: Oxford Orchestral Society with Ambrose Gauntlett (cello), conducted by Guy Warrack (plus programme with notes).
24 January: Aeolian Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Guy Warrack.
7 February: Pianoforte Recital by Artur Schnabel.
7 March: London Symphony Orchestra, with Oxford Harmonic Society and Donald F. Tovey (piano), conducted by Hugh Allen (plus programme with musical examples and a list of the orchestral ensemble).
9 May: English Singers.

10th seasons, 1929–30 (nos. 1-7)
17 October: Wind Quintet.
7 November: Sir Thomas Beecham's Orchestra, conducted by Beecham.
28 November: Piano and String Trios by Isolde Menges, Harold Samuel and Ivor James.
23 January: London Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Thomas Beecham.
13 February: Piano Recital by Artur Schnabel.
27 February: Song Recital by Elisabeth Schumann, accompanied by George Reeves.
5 June: Harpsichord and Piano Recital by Wanda Landowska.

11th season, 1930–31 (nos. 1-2 and 4-6)
24 October: Busch String Quartet.
27 November: London Symphony Orchestral, conducted by Thomas Beecham (programme with notes and list of the orchestral ensemble, two copies).
29 January: London Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Anthony Bernard, including the first Oxford performances of Respighi, Three Botticelli Paintings and Constant Lambert, Pomona Ballet Music.
19 February: Pianoforte Recital by Ernst von Dohanyi.
5 March: English Singers.

12th season, 1931–32 (nos. 3-6)
3 December: Pianoforte and String Trios with Harold Samuel, Isolde Menges and Ivor James.
4 February: Violin and Pianoforte Recital by Joseph Szigeti and Bela Bartok (plus programme with notes).
18 February: Busch String Quartet.
3 March: Oxford Orchestral Society with Aubyn Raymar (piano), conducted by Reginald Jacques.

13th season, 1932–33 (nos. 1, 2 and 4)
27 October: Maggie Teyte (soprano), Arthur Catterall (violin) and George Reeves (piano).
3 November: London Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Thomas Beecham (programme with notes and list of the orchestral ensemble).
2 February: Griller String Quartet.
16 February: Oxford Orchestral Society with Kathleen Long (piano), conducted by Reginald Jacques.
11 May: Piano Recital by Rudolf Serkin.

14th season, 1933–34 (no. 2)
3 November: Piano Recital by Rudolf Serkin.

16th season, 1935–36 (no. 5)
20 February: Oxford Orchestral Society with W. H. Reed (violin), conducted by Reginald Jacques.

17th season, 1936–37 (nos. 4 and 5)
4 February: Oxford Orchestral Society with Norman Tucker (piano), conducted by Sydney Watson (with press cuttings and signatures).
10 March, New Theatre: London Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Felix Weingartner.

18th season, 1937–38 (nos. 3 and 5)
22 November 1937: London Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Thomas Beecham.
10 February: Oxford Orchestral Society with Bernard Shore, conducted by Sydney Watson (with press cuttings and letter from Watson).

19th season, 1938–39 (no. 6)
23 February: Oxford Orchestral Society with Antonia Butler and the Oxford Harmonic Society conducted by Sydney Watson (with letter from Watson).

20th season, 1939–40 (no. 6)
3 March: Oxford Orchestral Society with John Hunt (piano), conducted by Thomas Armstrong.

21st season, 1940–41 (no. 6)
6 March: Oxford Orchestral Society with Frank Merrick (piano), conducted by Armstrong.

22nd season, 1941–42 (nos. 1 and 6)
23 October: London Symphony Orchestra with Cyril Smith (piano), conducted by Henry Wood.
5 March: Oxford Orchestral Society with Elisabeth Kitson (oboe) and Angus Morrison (piano), conducted by Thomas Armstrong.

23rd season, 1942–43 (no. 6)
4 March: Oxford Orchestral Society with Henry Holst (violin) and Anthony Pini (cello), conducted by Armstrong (with press cuttings).

24th season, 1943–44 (2 Evening Concerts and no. 6)
25 November: London Symphony Orchestra conducted by George Weldon.
27 January: Malcolm Sargent and Griller Quartet (handwritten fragment)
10 February: London Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by R. Vaughan Williams and Sydney Watson.
2 March: London Symphony Orchestra with an Oxford Choir, conducted by Thomas Armstrong.

25th season, 1944–45 (nos. 1 and 4)
26 October: London Philharmonic Orchestra with Sir Thomas Beecham.
8 March: Oxford Orchestral Society with Leon Goossens (oboe), conducted by Thomas Armstrong.

26th season, 1945–46 (no. 6)
28 February: Oxford Orchestral Society with Henry Holst (violin), conducted by Thomas Armstrong and Gerald Finzi.

27th season, 1946–47 (nos. 2-7)
31 October: Violin Recital by Emil Telmanyi with Annette Schioler Telmanyi.
7 November: Griller String Quartet with Frederick Thurston (clarinet).
28 November: London Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Eduard van Beinum.
6 February: Hungarian String Quartet.
20 February: Oxford Orchestral Society with Frederick Grinke (violin) and Bernard Shore (viola), conducted by Thomas Armstrong (three copies).
5 March: Song Recital by Peter Pears and Benjamin Britten (two copies)

28th season, 1947–48 (nos. 6 and 7)
26 February: Oxford Orchestral Society with James Whitehead (cello), conducted by Thomas Armstrong.
11 March: City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, conducted by George Weldon.

29th season, 1948–49 (nos. 5 and 6)
10 February: Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Thomas Beecham.
10 March: Oxford Orchestral Society with John Hunt (piano) and Robert Rowell (baritone), conducted by Thomas Armstrong (two copies).

30th season, 1949–50 (nos. 1, 5 and 6)
20 October and 9 February: Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Thomas Beecham.
2 March: Oxford Orchestral Society with Dennis Brain (horn), conducted by Thomas Armstrong.

31st season, 1950–51 (no. 5)
1 March: Oxford Orchestral Society with Bernard Shore (viola), conducted by Thomas Armstrong (with press cutting).

32nd season, 1951–52 (nos. 1 and 6)
25 October: Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Thomas Beecham.
13 March: Oxford Orchestral Society with Joseph Cooper (piano), conducted by Thomas Armstrong.

33rd season, 1952–53 (nos. 2, 5 and 7)
6 November: Guitar Recital by Andres Segovia.
19 February: Oxford Orchestral Society with Alan Loveday (violin), conducted by Thomas Armstrong (with press cutting)
21 May, New Theatre: Piano Recital by Claudio Arrau (handbill only)

34th season, 1953-54 (nos. 3-5)
19 November: London Mozart Players, conducted by Harry Blech (two copies)
28 January: Melos Ensemble
11 February: Oxford Orchestral Society with Amaryllis Fleming (cello), conducted by Thomas Armstrong.

36th season, 1955–56 (nos. 1 and 4)
26 October: London Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Sir Adrian Boult
2 February: Song Recital by Gerhard Hüsch, accompaniedby Geoffrey Parsons.

37th season, 1956-57 (no. 1)
27 October: Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Thomas Beecham.

41st season, 1960–61 (no. 5)
16 February: Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Alceo Galliera.

47th season, 1966–67 (no. 2)
10 November: Quartetto Italiano.

48th season, 1967–68 (nos. 5 and 7)
15 February: Amadeus String Quartet.
2 May: Ralph Holmes (violin) and Dennis Matthews (piano).

49th season, 1968–69 (no. 3)
21 November: Pianoforte Recital by Louis Kentner.
13 March: English Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Daniel Barneboim.

51st season, 1970–71 (no. 4)
21 January: Song Recital by John Shirley-Quirk, accompanied by Martin Isepp.

52nd season, 1971–72 (nos. 1 and 3)
21 October: London Symphony Orchestra, conducted Edward Downes.
25 November: Northern Sinfonia Orchestra, conducted by Rudolf Schwarz.
3 February: Violin Recital by Szymon Goldberg (violin) and Brian Lamport (piano).

53rd season, 1972–73 (nos. 2, 3, 4 and 7)
9 November: Robles Trio (with a poster for seemingly the same date but with different programme)
23 November: Fine Arts Quartet.
1 February: Fine Arts Ensemble.
10 May: London Mozart Players, with Angela Malsbury (clarinet), conducted by Harry Blech.

54th season, 1973–74 (nos. 1, 2, 3, 6 and 7)
2 November: New Philharmonia Orchestra, with Michael Roll (piano), conducted by Norman del Mar.
15 November: Pianoforte Recital by Radu Lupu.
6 December: Gabrieli String Quartet.
28 February: Song Recital by Janet Baker with Geoffrey Parsons.
2 May: Academy of the BBC, with Campoli (violin), conducted by David Atherton (two copies)

55th season, 1974–75 (nos. 1, 3 and 5)
24 October: Schubert, Winterreise, with Hans Hotter accompanied by Geoffrey Parsons (with separate wordsheet)
28 November: Northern Sinfonia with David Haslam (flute) and Walter Klein (piano) (two copies)
27 January [1975]: Trio of the Music Group of London (poster)
13 February: Sonata Recital by György Pauk (violin) and Peter Frankl (piano) (two copies, plus poster)
13 March: The English Concert (poster)
31 May: Northern Sinfonia with Mayumi Fujikawa (violin), conducted by Myung-Whun-Chung (poster)

56th season, 1975–76 (nos. 1, 2, extra, 3, extra)
23 October: National Centre for Orchestral Studies, with Alexander Baillie (cello), conducted by George Hurst (poster).
13 November: Monteverdi, The Coronation of Poppea, given by Kent Opera, conducted by Roger Norrington (two copies, plus poster)
Sunday 16 November: Piano Recital by Emil Gilels (poster)
12 February: Cleveland Quartet (plus poster)
4 March: Recital of Music for Lute and Guitar by Julian Bream.
6 May, New Theatre: London Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Bernard Haitink (poster and handbill).

57th season, 1976–77 (nos. 1 and 2)
4 November: Pianoforte Recital by John Lill (with notes, plus poster for the same date but with recital given by Murray Perahia).
18 November, New Theatre: BBC Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Pierre Boulez.

66th season, 1985–86 (no. 2)
27 November: Academy of St. Martin in the Fields October (plus handbill).

Tuesday 3 April [1984/1990?]: Tuckwell Wind Quintet (handbill)
Date range 1921 - 1985
Associated People and Organisations Wood, Henry - Winter, Archibald - Wilson, Marie - Whitehead, James - Weldon, George - Weingartner, Felix - Watson, Sydney - Warrack, Guy - Virtuoso String Quartet - Vaughan Williams, Ralph - Tuckwell, Barry - Tucker, Norman - Tovey, Donald - Thurston, Frederick - Teyte, Maggie - Telmányi, Emil - Telmányi, Annette Schioler - Szigeti, Joseph - Smith, Cyril - Shore, Bernard - Shirley-Quirk, John - Serkin, Rudolf - Segovia, Andrés - Schwarz, Rudolf - Schumann, Elisabeth - Schnabel, Artur - Sargent, Malcolm - Samuel, Harold 1879 - 1937 Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - Rowell, Robert - Roll, Michael - Robles, Marisa - Robinson, Edward - Respighi, Ottorino - Reeves, George - Reed, William Henry (Billy) - Raymar, Aubyn - Quartetto Italiano - Pini, Anthony - Phillipowsky, Ivan - Perahia, Murray - Pears, Peter - Pauk, György - Parson, Geoffrey - Oxford Subscription Concerts - Oxford Orchestral Society - Oxford Harmonic Society - Oxford Bach Choir - Northern sinfonia orchestra 1958 - Norrington, Roger - New Philharmonic Orchestra - New College, University of Oxford - National Centre for Orchestral Studies - Music Group of London - Moulton, Dorothy - Morrison, Angus - Monteverdi, Claudio - Merrick, Frank - Menges, Isolde 1893 - 1976 Melos Ensemble - Matthews, Denis - Mann, Flora - Malsbury, Angela - Lupu, Radu - Loveday, Alan - Long, Kathleen - London Symphony Orchestra - London Philharmonic Orchestra - London Mozart Players - London Chamber Orchestra - Lill, John - Landowska, Wanda - Lamport, Brian - Lambert, Constant - Klein, Walter - Kitson, Elisabeth - Kentner, Louis 1905 - 1987 Kent Opera - James, Ivor - Jacques, Reginald - Isepp, Martin - Hüsch, Gerhard - Hurst, George - Hunt, John - Hungarian String Quartet - Hotter, Hans - Holst, Henry - Holmes, Ralph - Heyner, Herbert - Haslam, David - Harris, William H. - Haitink, Bernard 1929 - Grinke, Frederick - Griller String Quartet - Goossens, Léon - Goldberg, Szymon 1909 - 1993 Gilels, Emil Grigoryevich - Gauntlett, Ambrose - Galliera, Alceo - Gabrieli String Quartet - Fujikawa, Mayumi - Frankl, Peter 1935 - Fleming, Amaryllis - Finzi, Gerald - Fine Arts Quartet - Fine Arts Ensemble - Fairless, Margaret - English Singers - English Concert - English Chamber Orchestra - Draper, Charles 1869 - 1952 Downes, Edward - Dohnányi, Ernö - del Mar, Norman - Dawnay, Norah - Davies, Fanny - Cooper, Joseph - Cleveland String Quartet - City of Birmingham Symphony Chorus - Catterall, Arthur - Carey, Clive - Campoli, Alfredo - Byrd, William - Butler, Antonia - Busch String Quartet - Britten, Benjamin - British Broadcasting Corporation - Bream, Julian 1933 - Brain, Dennis - Boult, Adrian - Boulez, Pierre - Blech, Harry - Biggs, Claude - Besly, Maurice - Bernard, Anthony - Berger, Lillian - Beinum, Eduard van - Beecham, Thomas - BBC Symphony Orchestra - Bartok, Bela - Barenboim, Daniel - Baker, Janet - Baillie, Alexander - Atherton, David - Arrau, Claudio 1903 - 1991 Armstrong, Thomas - Amadeus String Quartet - Allen, Hugh - Aeolian Chamber Orchestra - Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields -
Associated Places New Theatre, Oxford (Became Apollo, late 1970s; reverted to New Theatre, early 2000s) Sheldonian Theatre Town Hall, Oxford
Associated Times 20th century - early 1900-1930 20th century - late 1971-1999 20th century - mid 1931-1970
Associated Content Brochures Correspondence Posters Press Cuttings Signatures Analytical Notes Musical Examples Word books First performances Handbills List of orchestral players Programme notes
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