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Collection name Mr Halford´s Orchestral Concerts (1897-1903)
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Description Analytical programmes for the first six winter seasons of Mr Halford’s Orchestral Concerts, given at the Town Hall, Birmingham between 1897 and 1903, held as six bound volumes (one per season).

Ten orchestral concerts were given each season between October and April. Repertory was drawn primarily from the nineteenth century with a strong leaning towards Austro-Germanic composers. Each concert included either a vocal or instrumental soloist (as listed below) who typically performed two pieces. In later seasons, two or three soloists were occasionally introduced. Where the solo items were vocal, the programmes include the relevant text.

All programmes include extensive historical and analytical notes (with musical examples), a list of the orchestral players (conducted by George Halford), and a programme for the next concert in the series. That for the final concert of each season includes the dates for the next year. From the start of the 1899-1900 season, the volumes begin with an Index of the featured composers and the programmes include a record of the number of times each work had previously appeared at the series. From October 1901, programmes also include lists of the President and Members of the concert society.

Volume 1 (1897-98)
2 November: Miss Marie Brema (vocal)
16 November: Mr Emile Sauret (violin)
30 November: Robert Kaufmann (vocal), including the first English performance of Glazounov, Poème Lyrique.
14 December: Alexandre Siloti (piano)
18 January: Marie Fillunger (vocal)
1 February: Carl Fuchs (cello)
15 February: Miss Olga von Broemsen (vocal)
1 March: Mrs Helen Trust (vocal)
15 March: Mr Ernest Sharpe (vocal)
29 March: Miss Clotilde Kleeberg (piano)
This volume also includes an extract from The Daily Telegraph of 2 March 1906 entitled ‘The Halford Concerts Society’, written by Joseph Bennett. This is unbound.

Volume 2 (1898-99)
All of Beethoven's symphonies were performed this season, beginning at the second concert and continuing chronological until the 9th was given at the final concert of the series. Also well represented was Wagner, whose music appears at least once in the majority of the performances.

There are some minor handwritten annotations to the programmes for this season. These provide corrections to the printed programme and are particularly evident in relation to the third concert, where Alexandre Siloti was replaced by Dohnanyi as the piano soloist and the programme had to be changed as a result.

25 October: Emile Sauret (violin), including C.H.H. Parry, Symphonic Variations in E minor (conducted by the composer)
8 November: Louis Frölich (vocal)
22 November: Ernst von Dohnanyi (piano)
6 December: Frederic Lamond (piano)
17 January: Miss Louise Phillips (vocal)
31 January: Mr Adolf Brodsky (violin)
14 February: Miss Alice Esty (vocal)
28 February: Dr Joachim (violin)
14 March: Miss Marie Olson (vocal)
28 March: including Wagner, extracts from Parsifal and Beethoven, Symphony No.9, given by Miss Rosina Hammacott, Miss Lilian Hovey, Mr Gwilym Richards and Mr Louis Frölich (vocal), with Mr Halford’s Choir, the Chorus of the Stourbridge People’s Concert Society and a Choir of Boys from St. Anne’s Church, Moseley.

Volume 3 (1899-1900)
31 October: Miss Fanny Davies (piano)
14 November: Herr Theodor Werner (violin)
28 November: Giulia Ravogli (vocal)
12 December: Mrs Helen Trust (vocal)
16 January: Signor Ronchini (cello)
30 January: Alexander Siloti (piano)
13 February: Miss Agnes Witting (vocal)
27 February: Mr Ernst Schiever (violin) and Mr G.H. Manton (piano)
13 March: Herr Georg Liebling (piano)
27 March: Beethoven Symphony No.9, given by Miss Fillunger, Miss Alice Lakin, Mr Wright Beaumont and Mr Wilfrid Cunliffe, with Mr Halford’s Choir and the Chorus of the Stourbridge People’s Concert Society

Volume 4 (1900-01)
30 October: Lady Hallé (violin). A concert of music by Mendelssohn, with a Romanza in F for violin by Beethoven.
13 November: Wilfrid Cunliffe (vocal), Miss Marguerite Elzy (piano) and Mr C.W. Perkins. A concert of English orchestral music including pieces by Herbert W. Wareing (Concert Piece for Orchestra), A.C.Mackenzie (Pianoforte Concerto) and Prout (Organ Concerto) conducted by the composers.
27 November, Willy Hess (violin). A concert of music by Beethoven, with violin solos by Joachim and David.
11 December: Tchaikovsky Concert with Katharine Goodson (piano).
22 January: Miss Fanny Davies (piano) (with a handwritten annotation suggesting that the concert was postponed).
5 February: Wagner Concert, with Miss Marie Duma (vocal)
19 February: Mr Frederick Dawson (piano)
5 March: Mr Louis Frölich (vocal) and Fanny Davies (piano)
19 March: Max Mossel (violin)
2 April: Beethoven, Choral Fantasy and Symphony No.9, with vocal soloists Miss Emily Davies, Miss Alice Lakin, Miss Aimée Wathen, Mr J.T. Birch, Mr Joseph Reed and Mr Henry Sunman, Mr Halford’s Choir and the Chorus of the Stourbridge Concert Society.

Volume 5 (1901-02)
29 October: Mademoiselle Gabrielle Wiétrowetz (violin)
12 November: F. Busoni (piano) (with brief handwritten annotations detailing the specific pieces played by Busoni).
26 November: E. Ysaye (violin)
17 December: Miss Theresa Rassam (vocal) and Willy Lehmann (cello)
21 January: Mademoiselle Marie Altona (vocal), including songs by Granville Bantock and Elgar, Two New Military Marches ‘Pomp and Circumstance’, conducted by the composers.
4 February: Fanny Davies (piano)
18 February: Frederick Dawson (piano)
4 March: Miss Hannah Bryant and Alexandre Siloti (piano)
18 March: Miss Rosina Buckmann (vocal) and Mr Desire Lalande (oboe)
1 April: Schumann, Dramatic Poem ‘Manfred’ and Beethoven, Symphony No.9 with reciter Mr Charles Fry, vocalists Miss Emily Davies, Madame Milward, Mr Henry Beaumont, Mr H. Sunman, Mr A.W. Trevarthen, Mr Sidney Stoddard and Mr Stevens, Mr Halford’s Choir and the Chorus of the Stourbridge Concert Concert.

Volume 6 (1902-03)
28 October: Dohnanyi (piano)
11 November: Giulia Ravogli (vocal), including a Symphonic Poem ‘Dante’ composed and conducted by Granville Bantock.
25 November: Mr Sydney Poyser (vocal) and Mr G.H. Manton (piano)
9 December: Lady Hallé (violin), including George Halford, Symphonic Poem ‘Sintram’.
27 January: [no soloist]
10 February: Fritz Kreisler (violin)
24 February: Miss Hannah Bryant and Mr Alexandre Siloti (piano), including Granville Bantock, Symphonic Poem ‘Lalla Rookh’ (conducted by the composer).
10 March: Madame Lyona (vocal), Miss Fanny Davies and Miss Kathleen Arnold (piano)
24 March: Dr. Adolf Drodsky (violin)
7 April: Mr Leonard Borwick (piano)
Date range 1897 - 1903
Associated People and Organisations Ysaÿe, Eugène - Witting, Agnes - Wietrowetz, Gabriele - Werner, Theodore - Wathen, Aimee - Wareing, Herbert W. - Wagner, Richard - von Broemsen, Olga - Trust, Helen - Tchaikovsky, Pyotr - Sunman, Henry - Stourbridge People's Concert Society - Siloti, Alexandre - Sharpe, Ernest - Schiever, Ernst - Sauret, Emile - Ronchini, Signor - Richards, Gwilym - Reed, Joseph - Ravogli, Giulia - Rassam, Theresa - Prout, Ebenezer - Poyser, Sydney - Phillips, Louise - Perkins, C. W. (Mr) - Parry, C. Hubert Hastings - Olson, Marie - Mossel, Max - Mendelssohn, Felix - Manton, G. H. - Mackenzie, Alexander Campbell - Liebling, Georg - Lehmann, Willy - Lamond, Frederic - Lalande Desire - Lakin, Alice - Kreisler, Fritz 1875 - 1962 Kleeberg, Clotilde - Kaufmann, Robert - Joachim, Joseph - Hovey, Lilian - - Hess, Willy - Hammacott, Rosina - Hallé, Lady (Wilma Norman-Neruda) 1838 - 1911 Halford, George - Goodson, Katharine - Glazunov, Alexander - Fuchs, Carl - Frölich, Louis - Fillunger, Marie - Esty, Alice - Elzy, Marguerite - Elgar, Edward - Duma, Marie - Dohnányi, Ernö - Dawson, Frederick - Davies, Fanny - Davies, Emily - Cunliffe, Wilfrid - Busoni, Ferruccio - Brodsky, Adolph - Brema, Marie - Borwick, Leonard - Birch, J. T. - Bennett, Joseph - Beethoven, Ludwig van - Beaumont, Wright - Bantock, Granville - Arnold, Kathleen - Altona, Marie -
Associated Places Birmingham Coliseum (afterwards Gaiety)
Associated Times 19th century - late Victorian 1876-1899 20th century - early 1900-1930
Associated Content Press Cuttings Annotations Analytical Notes Musical Examples List of orchestral players First performances Programme notes
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