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Collection name International Society for Contemporary Music (1937-8)
Unique identifier X.435/1007
Description A collection of loose programmes for five concerts given in London by the London Contemporary Music Centre (British Section of the International Society for Contemporary Music). Only one of these items provides definite information regarding the year of the performance, but it would appear that these took place from 1937 to 1938.

The concert on 2 November was held at the Spanish Embassy, London. The remainder took place at Cowdray Hall, 1a Henrietta Street, Cavendish Square, W.1.

The programmes for 5 October, 7 December and 24 May include information about forthcoming events organized by London Contemporary Music Centre.

5 October [1937]: Brosa [String] Quartet (Antonio Brosa, Norman Chapple, Leonard Rubens and Livio Mannucci), including the first English performance of Darius Milhaus, Quartet No.9 and the first English concert performance of Arthur Honegger, Quartet No.2 (1936).

2 November 1937: A Concert of Contemporary Spanish and Catalan Music, given by Madame Conchita Badia d’Agousti (soprano) and Monsieur Alejandro Vilalta (piano). This performance was divided into three parts: Catalan Songs (including the first performance of a song by Pablo Casals); Piano Solos; and Spanish Songs. This document carries some handwritten annotations which provide details about the encores performed.

7 December [1937]: Pauline Juler (clarinet), F. Waterhouse (heckelphone) and Adolph Hallis (piano), with the Philharmonic Ensemble of John Francis (flute), Frederick Riddle (viola), David Martin (violin), James Whitehead (cello) and Marie Korchinska (harp). This concert included the first performances of Darius Milhaud, Suite for violin, clarinet and piano (1937) and Lennox Berkeley, Concertino for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano (1937) and the first concert performances of Paul Hindemith, Trio, for viola, heckelphone and piano (op.47) and G. Francesco Malipiero, Sonata a Cinque for flute, violin, viola, cello and harp.

8 February [1938]: A Concert of English Songs, given by Sophie Wyss (soprano), Parry Jones (tenor) and Morgan Davies (baritone), including the first performances of songs by Lennox Berkeley, Benjamin Britten, Elizabeth Maconchy, Patrick Hadley, Alan Rawsthorne and Herbert Murrill.

24 May [1938]: Kolisch [String] Quartet (Rudolf Kolish, Felix Khuner, Eugen Lehner and Benar Heifetz), including the first English performance of Arnold Schoenberg, Quartet No.4. Also, Anton Webern, Six Bagatelles, op.9 and Bartok, Quartet No.4.
Date range 1937 - 1938
Associated People and Organisations Wyss, Sophie - Whitehead, James - Waterhouse, F. - Vilalta, Alejandro - Schoenberg, Arnold - Rubens, Leonard - Riddle, Frederick - Rawsthorne, Alan - Philharmonic Ensemble - Murrill, Herbert - Milhaud, Darius - Martin, David - Mannucci, Livio - Malipiero, Gian Francesco - Maconchy, Elizabeth - London Contemporary Music Centre - Lehner, Eugen - Korchinska, Maria - Kolisch, Rudolf - Kolisch String Quartet - Khuner, Felix - Juler, Pauline - Jones, Parry 1891 - 1963 International Society for Contemporary Music - Honegger, Arthur - Hindemith, Paul - Heifetz, Benar - Hallis, Adolph - Hadley, Patrick - Francis, John - Davies, Morgan - Chapple, Norman - Casals, Pablo - Brosa, Antonio - Brosa String Quartet - Britten, Benjamin - Berkeley, Lennox - Agousti, Conchita Badia d' -
Associated Places Cowdray Hall, 1 Henrietta Street Spanish Embassy
Associated Times 20th century - mid 1931-1970
Associated Content Annotations First performances
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