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Collection name Hans Richter Concerts (1879-80)
Unique identifier d.481
Description A largely complete collection of analytical programmes for the first two seasons of Richter Concerts, given at St. James’s Hall, London, in 1879 and 1880, held with the programme for an Extra Concert given at the same venue for the benefit of Hermann Franke on 11 June 1890.

These were two-part orchestral performances, wherein the first act was typically a miscellaneous selection of orchestral movements and concertante music for voices and/or instruments and the second act included only a single symphonic work.

All programmes include a list of the orchestral ensemble, led by Hermann Franke (who is also listed as the Artistic Director of the second season) and conducted by Hans Richter. They also carry historical and analytical notes which include both musical examples and the texts for vocal pieces. A number of notes end with the initials of the author. Those cited include ‘E.D.’ (Edward Dannreuther), ‘C.A.B’ (C.A. Barry) and ‘G.’ (George Grove).

First season: 1879 (missing concert no.3)
During this season, the first act of each concert included a large amount of music by Wagner whilst the second consisted of a symphony by Beethoven. All concerts featured the vocalists Frau Schuch-Proska and Herr Georg Henschel. Any additional vocal soloist are listed below.
5 May 1879, including Beethoven, Symphony No.7.
7 May 1879: Fraulein Auguste Redeker, including Beethoven, Symphony No.5.
12 May 1879: Thekla Friedländer and Auguste Redeker, including Beethoven, Symphony No.3.

Second season: 1880
Concerts this season included the complete set of Beethoven symphonies, performed in chronological order, one per concert (excluding the Extra Concert). To accompany this, all programmes include a standard historical note regarding the chronology of these works. Those works listed below are those included during the second half of the concerts. Where this is not a Beethoven symphony, the relevant work in the cycle appeared in the first part.
10 May 1890: Georg Henschel (vocal) and Edward Dannreuther (piano), including Schumann, Symphony No.4.
20 May 1890: Miss Lillian Bailey (vocal) and Madame Norman-Néruda (violin), accompanied by Herr Theodor Frantzen, including Beethoven, Symphony No.2.
24 May 1890: Georg Henschel (vocal) and Herr Xaver Scharwenka (piano), including Beethoven, Symphony No.3.
27 May 1890: Mr Charles Hallé (piano), including Schubert, Symphony No.9. Also, the first English performance of Anton Dvorak, Slavonic Rhapsody, in A flat, No. 3 (op.45).
31 May 1890: Miss Lillian Bailey and Signor W. Candidus (vocal) with Herr Sigmund Bürger (cello), accompanied by Theodor Frantzen, including Beethoven, Symphony No.5.
3 June 1890: Heinrich Barth (piano) and Mr Walter Bache (organ), including Beethoven, Symphony No.6. Also, the first London performance of Liszt, Symphonic Poem, No.11, The Battle of the Huns, with Walter Bache (organ).
7 June 1890: Monsieur Saint-Saens (piano), including Beethoven, Symphony No.7.
10 June 1890: Mademoiselle Thekla Friedländer (vocal) and Herren Franke and Schiever (violins), accompanied by Theodor Frantzen, including Beethoven, Symphony No.8.
11 June 1890: Extra Concert, for the benefit of Hermann Franke, with Miss Lillian Bailey and Georg Henschel (vocal) and Hermann Franke (violin), accompanied by Frantzen. In a reverse of the standard pattern, this concert had only a single piece in its first act, namely Liszt, A Faust Symphony, performed in alternative version (without chorus). The notes on this work are provided by Fr. Niecks.
14 June 1890: Fraulein Thekla Friedländer, Fraulein Hohenschild, Signor Candidus and George Henschel (vocal), including Beethoven, Symphony No.9, prefaced by Mozart, Symphony in G minor and the Introduction and Closing Scene of Wagner, Tristan und Isolde.
Date range 1879 - 1880
Associated People and Organisations Wagner, Richard - Schumann, Robert - Schuh-Proska, Frau - Schubert, Franz - Scharwenka, Xaver - Saint-Saens, Camille - Richter, Hans - Richter Concerts - Redeker, Auguste - Norman-Néruda, Madame - Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Liszt, Franz - Hohenschild, Madame - Henschel, George (Isidor Georg) - Hallé, Charles - Grove, George - Friedländer, Thekla - Frantzen, Theodor - Franke, Hermann - Dvorak, Antonin - Dannreuther, Edward George - Candidus, W. - Bürger, Sigmund - Beethoven, Ludwig van - Barth, Heinrich - Barry, Charles Ainslie - Bailey, Lillian - Bache, Walter -
Associated Places St. James's Hall
Associated Times 19th century - late Victorian 1876-1899
Associated Content Analytical Notes Musical Examples Word books List of orchestral players First performances Programme notes
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