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Collection name Handel, The Messiah (1869-2006)
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Description Handbills, programmes and wordbooks, some with historical, analytical and biographical notes, for performances of Handel, Messiah, given at various English venues between 1869 and 2006.

All items are held as loosely and are listed here chronologically.

Saturday 8 April [no year], Ely Cathedral: Rachel Wheatley, Robert Cross, Peter North and David Soar (vocal) with the Ely Choral Society and Ely Festival Orchestra, conducted by Andrew Parnell. Handbill.

23 December [no year], Westborough Wesleyan Church: Miss Gertrude Lofthouse, Mrs Petch, Mr Walter Smith and Mr Stanley Brown (vocal) with Mr Walter Barnes (organ). Handbill.

23 March 1869, St. James's Hall: wordbook for an Oratorio Concert performance given by Madame Lemmens-Sherrington, Miss Annie Sinclair, Miss Julia Elton, Mr Sims Reeves and Herr Carl Stepan (vocal) with Mr F. A. W. Docker (organ), conducted by Joseph Barnby.

30 March 1914, St. Margaret's Church, Ledsam Street, Ladywood: Miss Marie Rowe, Miss Olive Pank, Mr Fred Thomas and Mr Herbert Simmonds, conducted by Mr R. W. Gibson. Programme card.

19 December [1937], Royal Opera House, Covent Garden: Isobel Baillie, Catherine Stewart, Walter Widdop and Keith Falkner (vocal) with the London Philharmonic Orchestra and the Royal Opera Chorus, conducted by Thomas Beecham (9th Beecham Sunday Concert). Handbill.

26 May 1951, Bath Assembly Rooms: Ena Mitchell, Nancy Thomas, William Herbert and Owen Brannigan (vocal), Dr Thornton Lofthouse (harpsichord) and Ernest Maynard (organ), with the City of Bath Bach Choir and a section from the London Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Cuthbert Bates. Programme and wordbook, with notes and a list of the choral ensemble.

25 April 1959, Rochester Cathedral: Jeanette Hill, Elizabeth Robertson, Sidney Dolden and Philip Hattey (vocal), conducted by Dr Robert Ashfield, given under the auspices of the National Federation of Music Societies. Programme with words.

10 July 1968, Royal Albert Hall: Joan Sutherland, Monica Sinclair, Peter Baillie, John Noble and Simon Woolf (vocal), the Ambrosian Singers and the London Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Richard Bonynge. This was a Handel Commemoration Concert, given in aid of the National Portrait Gallery's Handel Appeal. Programme with historical and biographical notes (including illustrations and photographs) and a list of the orchestral ensemble.

25 March 1977, Knighton Primary School: programme for an Unrehearsed Messiah, given by Knighton and District Concert Society with Jennifer Tatem, Sheila Davey, Julian Robbins and John Rath (vocal) and Marion Chesshire and Owen Jones (piano), conducted by Basil Cullum.

15 March 1980, Salisbury Cathedral: Elizabeth Lane, Jean Temperley, Dennis Whitehead and John King (vocal) and the Salisbury Orchestral Society, conducted by Colin Walsh, for the Salisbury Musical Society. Programme book, including a brief note on Mozart's orchestration of the work.

20 December 1980, New Wardour Castle: Kirsty Mackenzie, Pauline Stevens, David Lowe and Geoffrey Dolton (vocal) with the Bournemouth Sinfonietta Choir and Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Nigel Carver.

24 March 2006, Chichester Cathedral: Philippa Hyde, Michelle Harris, Robin Tritschler and Ian Caddy (vocal) with the Consort of Twelve Baroque Choir and the Consort of Twelve, conducted by Paul Esswood. Handbill and programme book, including historical, descriptive and biographical notes (with photographs) and a list of the orchestral ensemble.

9 December 2006, Cathedral and Abbey Church of St. Alban: Louise Hemmings, Timothy Travers-Brown, Rogers Covey-Crump and Jonathon Brown (vocal) with the Hardynge Choir and the Sinfonia Britannica, conducted by Roderick McPhee. Handbill and programme with historical, analytical and biographical notes (with photographs) and lists of the choral and orchestral ensembles.
Date range 1869 - 2006
Associated People and Organisations Woolf, Simon - Widdop, Walter - Whitehead, Dennis - Wheatley, Rachel - Walsh, Colin - Tritschler, Robin - Travers-Brown, Timothy - Thomas, Nancy - Thomas, Fred - Temperley, Jean - Tatem, Jennifer - Sutherland, Joan - Stewart, Catherine - Stevens, Pauline - Stepan, Carl - Soar, David - Smith, Walter - Sinfonia Britannica - Sinclair, Monica - Sinclair, Annie - Simmonds, Herbert - Salisbury Orchestral Society - Salisbury Musical Society - Royal Opera Chorus - Rowe, Marie - Robertson, Elizabeth - Robbins, Julian - Reeves, Sims - Rath, John - Parnell, Andrew - Pank, Olive - North, Peter - Noble, John - National Federation of Music Societies - Mitchell, Ena - McPhee, Roderick - Maynard, Ernest - Mackenzie, Kirsty - Lowe, David - London Symphony Orchestra - London Philharmonic Orchestra - Lofthouse, Gertrude - Lofthouse, Charles Thornton - Lemmens-Sherrington, Madame - Lane, Elizabeth - Knighton and District Concert Society - King, John - Jones, Owen - Hyde, Philippa - Hill, Jeanette - Herbert, William - Hemmings, Louise - Hattey, Philip - Harris, Michelle - Hardynge Choir - Handel, George Frideric - Falkner, Keith - Esswood, Paul - Ely Festival Orchestra - Ely Choral Society - Elton, Julia - Dolton, Geoffrey - Dolden, Sidney - Davey, Sheila - Cullum, Basil - Cross, Robert - Covey-Crump, Rogers - Consort of Twelve - City of Bath Bach Choir - Chesshire, Marion - Carver, Nigel - Caddy, Ian - Brown, Stanley - Brown, Jonathon - Brannigan, Owen - Bournemouth Sinfonietta - Bonynge, Richard - Beecham, Thomas - Bates, Cuthbert - Barnes, Walter - Barnby, Joseph - Baillie, Peter - Baillie, Isobel - Ashfield, Robert - Ambrosian Singers -
Associated Places Assembly Rooms, Bath Cathedral and Abbey Church of St. Albans Chichester Cathedral Ely Cathedral Knighton Primary School New Wardour Castle, Tisbury Rochester Cathedral Royal Albert Hall Royal Opera House Salisbury Cathedral St. Margaret's Church, Ladywood
Associated Times 19th century - mid Victorian 1851-1875 20th century - early 1900-1930 20th century - late 1971-1999 20th century - mid 1931-1970 21st century
Associated Content Photographs Word books Handbills List of orchestral players Programme notes List of chorus members
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