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Collection name F. Gilbert Webb collection: Royal Philharmonic Society (1894-1900)
Unique identifier Mus. 318 d.29
Description One of five boxes within the F. Gilbert Webb collection relating to the Royal Philharmonic Society, containing a miscellaneous selection of loose programme books for concerts given at the Queen's Hall, London between 1894 and 1900 (season nos. 82, 84, 85 and 88).

All programmes include Historical and Analytical notes (with musical examples) and provide lists of the orchestral ensemble. Where appropriate, they also include the texts for any vocal pieces included. All programmes also provide detailed information regarding the organization of the Society, including lists of the various Officers, Members and Guarantors.

Certain programmes carry handwritten annotations, many of which offer analytical observations on the performance or on the works performed.

Concerts given during the 1899-1900 season were conducted by Frederic Cowen. The remainder were conducted by Alexander Mackenzie.

1894 (nos. 1-7)
28 February: Ella Russell (vocal) and Leonard Borwick (piano), including the first English performance of Tchaikovsky, Symphony in B minor, No. 6.
14 March: Madame de Vere-Sapio (vocal) and M. Emile Sauret (violin).
19 April: Amy Sherwin (vocal) and M. Sapellnikoff (piano).
2 May: M. Oudin (vocal) and Paderewski (piano), including the first London performance of Edward German, Symphony No. 2 in A .
24 May: Mademoiselle Landi (vocal) and Sophie Menter (piano).
7 June: Ben Davies (vocal) and Frida Scotta (violin), including Saint-Saens, Symphony in C minor and Violin Concerto No. 3 (conducted by the composer).
21 June: Amy Sherwin (vocal) and Cesar Thomson (violin).

1896 (nos. 1-7)
27 February: Miss Esther Palliser (vocal), Mr John Dunn (violin) and M. Sapellnikoff (piano).
19 March: Katharine Fisk (vocal), Emil Sauer (piano) and Leo Stern (cello), including the first performance of Dvorak, Cello Concert and Five Biblical Songs (conducted by the composer).
22 April: David Bispham (vocal) and Johannes Wolff (violin).
6 May: Florence and Bertha Salter (vocal) and Eugen d'Albert (piano), including the first performance of Cowen, New Suite de Ballet, In Fairyland (conducted by the composer)
20 May: Amy Sherwin (vocal) and Eugen d'Albert (piano), including the first London performance of Edward German, Suite in D minor.
3 June: Sofia and Giulia Ravogli (vocal) and Mark Hambourg (piano).
17 June: Camilla Landi (vocal), Louis Pecski (violin) and Alfred Reisenauer (piano).

1897-98 (nos. 1 and 3)
4 November: Marcella Pregi (vocal) and Frederick Dawson (piano). The programme was intended to include pieces by Grieg conducted by the composer but an insert documents Grieg's enforced withdrawal.
2 December: Blanche Marchesi (vocal) and David Popper (cello), including Humperdinck, Overture, Konigskinder (conducted by the composer).

1899-1900 (nos. 1-7).
8 March: Esther Palliser and Andrew Black (vocal) and Teresa Carreño (piano), including the first performance of Otto Manns, Ouverture Dramatique in D minor.
21 March: Louis Arens (vocal) and Frederick Lamond (piano).
5 April: Edward Lloyd (vocal) and Ladislas Gorski (violin).
10 May: Clara Butt (vocal) and Ferrucio Busoni (piano).
24 May: Ada Crossley (vocal) and Ernst von Dohnanyi (piano), including the first performance of S. Coleridge-Taylor, Suite, 'Scenes from an Everyday Romance'.
14 June: Mario Ancona (vocal) and Moriz Rosenthal (piano).
28 June: Amy Sherwin (vocal) and I. J. Paderewski (piano), including the first performance of Cowen, Concert-Stück in B flat for Piano and Orchestra.
Date range 1894 - 1900
Associated People and Organisations Wolff, Johannes - Webb, F. Gilbert - Vere-Sapio, Clementine de - Thomson, César - Tchaikovsky, Pyotr - Stern, Leo - Sherwin, Amy - Scotta, Frida - Sauret, Emile - Sauer, Emil - Sapellnikoff, Gospodin - Salter, Florence - Salter, Bertha - Saint-Saens, Camille - Russell, Ella - Royal Philharmonic Society 1813 - Rosenthal, Moriz - Reisenauer, Alfred - Ravogli, Sofia - Ravogli, Giulia - Pregi, Marcella - Popper, David - Pécskai, Louis - Palliser, Esther - Paderewski, Ignacy Jan - Oudin, Eugene - Menter, Sophie - Marchesi, Blanche - Manns, Otto - Mackenzie, Alexander Campbell - Lloyd, Edward - Landi, Camilla - Lamond, Frederic - Humperdinck, Engelbert - Hambourg, Mark 1879 - 1960 Grieg, Edvard - Gorski, Ladislas - German, Edward - Fisk, Katharine - Dvorak, Antonin - Dunn, John - Dohnányi, Ernö - Dawson, Frederick - Davies, Ben 1858 - 1943 Crossley, Ada - Cowen, Frederic - Coleridge-Taylor, Samuel - see Taylor, Samuel Coleridge - Carreño, Teresa 1853 - 1917 Butt, Clara - Busoni, Ferruccio - Borwick, Leonard - Black, Andrew - Bispham, David - Arens, Louis - Ancona, Mario - Albert, Eugen d' -
Associated Places Queen's Hall, London
Associated Times 19th century - late Victorian 1876-1899 20th century - early 1900-1930
Associated Content Annotations Analytical Notes Musical Examples Word books First performances List of orchestral players Programme notes
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