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Collection name F. Gilbert Webb collection: Crystal Palace Saturday Concerts (1890-92)
Unique identifier Mus. 318 d.28
Description One of four boxes of material within the F. Gilbert Webb collection relating to the Crystal Palace Saturday Concerts, containing three bound volumes of programmes for the period
February 1890 to December 1892.

All programmes include the words, historical and analytical notes (with musical examples) and a list of the orchestral ensemble.

Many also bear some handwritten annotations which comment on the nature of the performance, on the works performed and indicate some performance timings.

All concerts were conducted by August Manns.

Volume 1: 1890
1889-90 season (nos. 10-20)
8 February: Madame Hope Glen (vocal) and Herr Stavenhagen (piano), including the first performance of C. H. Couldery, Concert Overture, 'To the Memory of a Hero'.
15 February: Mademoiselle Amelia Sinico (vocal) and Miss Fanny Davies (piano), including the first English performance of J[acob]. Rosenhain, Concerto for Pianoforte and Orchestra.
22 February: Miss Lucile Hill (vocal) and Madame Neruda (violin).
1 March: Mr Braxton Smith (vocal) and Madame Backer Gröndahl (piano).
8 March: Madame Agnes Larkcom, Mr Edward Lloyd, Mr Norman Salmond, Mr Albert Fairbairn and Mr Thornton Colvin (vocal), the Crystal Palace Choir and the Meister Glee Singers.
15 March: Miss Alice Whitacre (vocal), Joseph Joachim (violin) and Ernest Gillet (cello).
22 March: Miss Liza Lehmann (vocal) and Sir Charles Hallé (piano).
29 March: Miss Annie Marriott, Mr Henry Piercy and Mr Watkin Mills (vocal), the Crystal Palace Choir and Mr Alfred J. Eyre (organ).
5 April: Miss Margaret Davies and Miss Grace Damian (vocal) and Mr Frederic Lamond (piano).
12 April: Wagner programme, with Fraulein Marie Fillunger and Mr George Henschel (vocal).
19 April: Mr Charles Manners (vocal) and Madame Sophie Menter (piano).
26 April: Mr Manns's Annual Benefit Concert: Miss Macintyre, Mademoiselle Marie Mely and Mr Georg Henschel (vocal) and Gospodin Sapellnikoff (piano), including the first performance of Ethel Smyth, Serenade for Orchestra (MS).

1890-91 season (nos. 1-10)
11 October: Madame Valleria (vocal) and Julius Klengel (cello).
18 October: Madame Tavary (vocal) and Mr Leonard Borwick (piano), including the first performance of Ethel Smyth, Overture to Shakespeare's 'Antony and Cleopatra'.
25 October: Miss Thudichum (vocal) and Mons. Emile Sauret (violin), including the first performances of Claudius H. Couldery, Romance from Suite in C minor, for orchestra and Raff, Concerto for Violin and Orchestra No. 2, op. 206.
1 November: Mr Ben Davies (vocal) and Mons. Paderewski (piano).
8 November: Madame Schmidt-Köhne, Miss Amy Sargent and Mr Edward Lloyd (vocal), the Crystal Palace Choir and Mr Alfred J. Eyre (organ).
15 November: Miss Macintyre (vocal) and Mons. J. Hollman (cello).
22 November: Mr Plunket Greene (vocal) and Mons. Paderewski (piano).
29 November: Miss Liza Lehmann (vocal) and Mr Leonard Borwick (piano).
6 December: Madame Amy Sherwin and Mr Henschel (vocal) and the Crystal Palace Choir, including the first English performance of Hamish MacCunn, The Cameronians' Dream and the first London performance of Parry, New Cantata, 'L'Allegro ed il Pensieroso', conducted by the composer.
13 December: Fraulein Fillunger (vocal) and Fanny Davies (piano), including the first performance of Edward German, Symphony in E minor and he first English performance of Rubinstein, Tempo di Mazurka in A flat [for piano].

Volume 2: 1891
1890-91 season (nos. 11, 14-17 and 19-20)
[14 February]: Madame Fanny Moody and Mr Charles Manners (vocal) and Herr Stavenhagen (piano).
7 March: Miss Thudichum, Mr Edward Lloyd and Mr Barrington Foote (vocal), the Crystal Palace Choir and Madame Burmeister-Petersen (piano), including the first English performances of Richard Burmeister, Concerto in D minor for Pianoforte and Orchestra and Berlioz, Ballad for Female Chorus and Orchestra, 'La Mort d'Ophélie'.
14 March: Mademoiselle Antoinette Trebelli (vocal) and Mr Marmaduke M. Barton (piano).
21 March: Madame Emily Squire and Mr W. H. Brereton (vocal), the Crystal Palace Choir and Mons. Ysaye (violin), including the first English performance of Grieg, Scenes from Björnson's Drama, 'Olav Trygvason', op. 50.
28 March: Mrs Hutchinson and Mr Norman Salmond (vocal) and Miss Dora Bright (piano).
11 April: Madame Valda (vocal) and Mr Fredric Lamond (piano).
18 April: Miss Ada Patterson (vocal), Master Jean Gerardy (cello) and Mr H. Krause (viola).
25 April: Mr Manns's Benefit Concert with Madame Nordica, Mrs Hutchinson and Mr E. O. Banemann (vocal), Miss Adelina de Lara (piano) and Mons. Ysaye (violin), including the first performance of John F. Barnett, Two Characteristic Pieces for Orchestra.

1891-92 season (nos. 2-10)
17 October: Mr Barton McGuckin (vocal) and Miss Adelina de Lara, including the first English performance of Hans Sitt, Overture to Leschivo's 'Don Juan d'Austria', op. 20.
24 October: Madame Giulia Valda (vocal) and Monsieur Emile Sauret (violin), including the first English performances of Learmont Drysdale, Concert-Overture in B minor, 'Tam O'Shanter' and Rubinstein, Scena, 'Nero'.
31 October: Mrs Hutchinson, Miss Dora Barnard, Mr Iver McKay and Mr William Ludwig (vocal) and the Crystal Palace Choir, including the first performance of C. A. Lidgey, 'Women and Roses'.
7 November: Miss Macintyre (vocal) and Mademoiselle Janotha (piano).
14 November: Mr Edward Lloyd (vocal) and Miss Fanny Davies (piano).
21 November: Miss Charlotte Walker (vocal) and Herr Bernhard Stavenhagen (piano)
28 November: Madame Emily Spada and Mr Philip Newbury (vocal) and Master Jean Gerardy (cello).
5 December: Mozart Commemoration Concert, with Miss Anna Williams, Miss Marian McKenzie, Mr Henry Piercy and Mr Norman Salmond (vocal), the Crystal Palace Choir and Alfred J. Eyre (organ).
12 December: Mr Braxton Smith (vocal) and Mademoiselle Clotilde Kleeberg (piano), conducted by F. H. Cowen.

Volume 3: 1892
1891-92 season (nos. 11, 12, 14-17 and 19-20)
13 February: Mr Santley (vocal) and Madame Roger-Miclos (piano).
20 February: Madame Clara Samuell (vocal) and Master Otto Hegner (piano), including the first performance of Edward German, Gipsy Suite.
5 March: Fraulein Marie Fillunger, Madame Emily Squire, Mr Henry Piercy and Mr Andrew Black (vocal) and the Crystal Palace Choir.
12 March: Madame Hope Glenn (vocal) and Joseph Joachim (violin).
19 March: Mr G. A. Clinton and Madame Giulia Valda (vocal) and Mr E. Silas (piano).
26 March: Madame de Swiatlowsky (vocal) and Miss Ethel Sharpe (piano).
9 April: Signorina Elvira Gambogi and Signor Sparapani (vocal) and Frederic Lamond (piano).
16 April: Madame Bella Monti and Mr William Ludwig (vocal)and Mons Duloup (violin).
23 April: Mr Manns' Benefit Concert.

1892-93 season (nos. 1-3, 5-8 and 10)
15 October: Mr Eugene Oudin (vocal) and Mr Vladimir de Pachmann (piano).
22 October: Madame Clara Samuell (vocal) and David Popper (cello), including the first performance of Barclay Jones, Concert Overture in C minor.
29 October: Mr Andrew Black (vocal) and Mademoiselle Szumoska (piano).
12 November: Mademoiselle Antoinette Trebelli (vocal) and Herr Hugo Heermann (violin).
19 November: In Memoriam Franz Schubert, with Mr and Mrs Henschel (vocal).
26 November: Signorina Giulia Ravogli (vocal) and Miss Adelina de Lara (piano).
3 December: Mr Henry Piercy, Mr Norman Salmond and Mr Albert Fairbairn (vocal), the Crystal Palace Choir and Mr Alfred J. Eyre (organ).
17 December: Mrs Katharine Fisk (vocal) and Monsieur Emile Sauret (violin), including the first performance of F. Corder, Overture, 'Nordisa'.
Date range 1890 - 1892
Associated People and Organisations Ysaÿe, Eugène - Williams, Anna - Whitacre, Alice - Webb, F. Gilbert - Wagner, Richard - Valleria, Alwina - Valda, Giulia - Trebelli, Antoinette - Stavenhagen, Berhard - Squire, Emily - Spada, Emily - Smyth, Ethel - Smith, Braxton - Sitt, Hans - Sinico, Amelia - Sherwin, Amy - Sharpe, Ethel - Schubert, Franz - Sauret, Emile - Sargent, Amy - Sapellnikoff, Gospodin - Santley, Charles - Samuell, Clara - Salmond, Norman - Rubinstein, Anton - Rosenhain, Jacob - Ravogli, Giulia - Raff, Joachim (Joseph) - Popper, David - Piercy, Henry - Patterson, Ada - Parry, C. Hubert Hastings - Paderewski, Ignacy Jan - Pachmann, Vladimir de - Oudin, Eugene - Norman-Néruda, Madame - Nordica, Madame - Newbury, Philip - Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Moody, Fanny - Mills, Watkin - Menter, Sophie - Mely, Marie - Meister Glee Singers - McKenzie, Marian - McKay, Iver - McGuckin, Barton - Marriott, Annie - Manns, August - Manners, Charles - MacCunn, Hamish - Ludwig, William - Lloyd, Edward - Lidgey, C. A. - Lehmann, Liza - Larkcom, Agnes - Lamond, Frederic - Klengel, Julius - Kleeberg, Clotilde - Jones, Barclay - Joachim, Joseph - Janotha, Natalia - Hutchinson, Mrs - Hollman, Joseph - Hill, Lucile - Henschel, Helen Henriette - Henschel, George (Isidor Georg) - Hegner, Otto - Heermann, Hugo - Hallé, Charles - Grondahl, Backer - Grieg, Edvard - Greene, Harry Plunkett - Glenn, Hope - Gillet, Ernest - German, Edward - Gerardy, Jean - Gambogi, Elvira - Foote, Barrington - Fisk, Katharine - Fillunger, Marie - Fairbairn, Albert - Eyre, Alfred J. - Drysdale, Learmont - de Lara, Adelina - Davies, Margaret - Davies, Fanny - Davies, Ben 1858 - 1943 Damian, Grace - Crystal Palace Saturday Concerts - Crystal Palace Choir - Cowen, Frederic - Couldery, Claudius H. - Corder, Frederick - Colvin, Thornton - Clinton, Gordon - Burmeister, Richard - Bright, Dora - Brereton, W. H. - Borwick, Leonard - Black, Andrew - Berlioz, Hector - Barnett, John Francis - Barnard, Dora -
Associated Places Crystal Palace
Associated Times 19th century - late Victorian 1876-1899
Associated Content Annotations Timings Analytical Notes Musical Examples Word books List of orchestral players Programme notes
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