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Collection name Ernst Henschel collection: General (1892-1966)
Unique identifier Henschel
Description A miscellaneous collection of prospectuses, programmes, wordbooks and handbills for performances given at various German venues between 1892 and 1938 (the majority in Berlin) and in London between 1938 and 1966, held loosely and arranged chronologically over 37 boxes as the collection of Ernst Henschel.

Unless otherwise stated below, the contents of each box is parcelled by year:
Box 1: 1892-97 (3 parcels: 1892-95, 1896 and 1897); Box 2: 1898-1901; Box 3: 1902-1903; Box 4: 1904-05; Box 5: 1906-08; Box 6: 1909-10; Box 7: 1911-12; Box 8: 1913-15; Box 9: 1916-17; Box 10: 1918-19; Box 11: 1920-21; Box 12: 1922-23; Box 13: 1924; Box 14: 1925; Box 15: 1926; Box 16: 1927; Box 17: 1928; Box 18: 1929; Box 19: 1930; Box 20: 1931; Box 21: 1932-33; Box 22: 1934; Box 23: 1935; Box 24: 1936-37; Box 25: 1938; Box 26: 1939; Box 27: 1940-45 (2 parcels, 1940-44 and 1945); Box 28: 1946; Box 29: 1947; Box 30: 1948-49; Box 31: 1950-51; Box 32: 1952-53; Box 33: 1953-54; Box 34: 1956-58; Box 35: 1959-61; Box 36: 1962-64 (3 parcels but with the 3rd also including some material for 1965); Box 37:1965-66.

In the individual records (discussed below), the location of material is given in the form Box number/parcel number.

Detailed records of the contents of this collection are provided by venue, with the prefixes Ernst Henschel collection: Berlin and Ernst Henschel collection: London. See below for a complete list.

The following entries are also included:
Ernst Henschel collection: Prospectuses (1918-38)
Ernst Henschel collection: European venues (1905-32)
Ernst Henschel collection: Germany (not Berlin) (1897-1917)
Ernst Henschel collection: English provincial venues (1941-46)

Beethoven-Saal (1889-1938)
Berliner Dom (1916-38)
Blüthner/Bach Saal (1909-38)
Charlottenburg (1915-38)
Choralion Saal (1908-17)
Garnison Kirche (1906-38)
Grotrian-Steinweg-Saal (1923-30)
Harmonium-Saal (1912-14)
Haus der Deutschen Presse (1934-37)
Jerusalems-Kirche (1916-35)
Kaiser Wilhelm-Gedächtniss-Kirche (1898-1934)
Klindworth-Schwarenka-Saal: (1907-29)
Klosterkirche (1936-38)
Königlisches Hochschule für Musik (1896-1938)
Königlichen Hof- und Domkirche (1912-18)
Königliches Opernhaus (1892-1936)
Kunstausstellung der Sturm, Potsdamer Strasse 134a (1921-28)
Künstlerhaus, Bellevuestraße 3 (1905-24)
Meister-Saal (1916-38)
Miscellaneous venues (1895-38)
Philharmonie (1892-1938)
Saal Bechstein (1896-1938)
Schlüterhof des Berliner Stadtschlosses (1932-38)
Schwechtensaal (1921-31)
Sing-Akademie (1896-1938)
St. Marienkirche (1930-38)
Staatsoper am Platz der Republik (1927-32)
Volksbühne Theater am Bülowplatz (1916-32)
Vox-Haus (1923-27)

Aeolian Hall (1938-39)
All Souls', Langham Place (1951-60)
Arts Council of Great Britain (1951-66)
British Broadcasting Corporation (1939-61)
Cambridge Theatre (1944-45)
Central Hall, Westminster (1938-61)
Christ Church, Woburn Square (1946-47)
Church of St. Sepulchre, Holborn (1946-62)
Church of the Annunciation, Bryanston Street (1945-54)
Conway Hall (1939-66)
Cowdray Hall (1944-55)
E.M.I. Studies, 3 Abbey Road (1948-53)
Friend’s House, Euston Road (1944-66)
Fyvie Hall, Regent Street (1944-45)
Institute of Contemporary Art (1952-55)
International Institutes (1948-66)
Kingsway Hall/Stoll Theatre, Kingsway (1945-61)
Morley College (1945-64)
Miscellaneous Venues (1939-66)
National Gallery (1940-46)
People’s Palace, Mile End Road (1945-50)
Priory Church of Bartholomew the Great (1946-62)
Queen Mary Hall (1940-53)
Queen’s Hall (1938-41)
R.B.A. Galleries (1948-53)
Royal Adelphi Theatre (1943-44)
Royal Albert Hall (1939-56)
Royal Academy of Music/Royal College of Music (1938-65)
Royal Festival Hall (1951-65)
Royal Opera House Covent Garden (1938-51)
St. James’s, Piccadilly (1956-65)
St. Martin-in-the-Fields (1944-60)
St. Martin’s School of Art (1946-48)
St. Marylebone Parish Church (1944-54)
St. Michael's Church, Cornhill (1938-49)
St. Peter’s Church, Eaton Square (1943-55)
Salle Erard (1947-50)
Southwark Cathedral (1945-58)
Town Hall, Chelsea (1946-60)
Town Hall, St. Pancras (1947-65)
Victoria and Albert Museum (1947-64)
West London Synagogue (1945-47)
Westminster (1939-61)
Wigmore Hall (1938-66)

Documentation ranges from extensive programme books (with historical and analytical notes and musical examples), through single-sided handbills, to handwritten programmes. Certain of these documents bear handwritten annotations, many of which suggest that Henschel attended the rehearsal rather than the performance itself. Where a single document including the programmes for a number of performances is held, there is typically a handwritten indication of which of the performances Henschel actually attended.

For the most part, Henschel’s concert-attendance in Berlin would appear to have centred around the city’s most prominent venues, including the Philharmonie, the Singakademie, Beethoven-Saal and a number of churches. The range of venues attended regularly in London is considerably greater, and Henschel seemingly stepped up his interest in the contemporary music scene there: although it has not been possible to list all of these in the collection entries, the programmes from 1939 document a large number of premieres or first English/London performances.

For a further introduction to this collection see A. Hyatt King, ‘A Collection of Musical programmes’, British Museum Quarterly 33 (1968-9), 91-2.
Date range 1892 - 1966
Associated People and Organisations Henschel, Ernst -
Associated Places Aeolian Hall, London All Souls' Church, Langham Place Arts Council of Great Britain, 4 St. James's Square Bach-Saal, Berlin Beethoven-Saal, Berlin Berliner Dom Blüthner-Saal, Berlin Cambridge Theatre Central Hall, Westminster Choralion-Saal Christ Church, Woburn Square St. Sepulchre’s Church, Holborn Viaduct EC1 Church of the Annunciation, Bryanston Street Conway Hall Conway Hall Cowdray Hall E.M.I. Studios, 3 Abbey Road Friends House, Euston Road Fyvie Hall, University of Westminster Grotrian Steinweg-Saal, Berlin Harmonium-Saal, 35 Steglitzer Strasse Institute of Contemporary Art Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtnis Kirche Kingsway Hall Königlichen Hochschule für Musik, Berlin Königlichen Hof- und Domkirche, Berlin Königliches Opernhaus, Berlin Meistersaal, Berlin Morley College National Gallery People's Palace Theatre, Mile End Road Philharmonie, Berlin Priory Church of St Bartholomew the Great, West Smithfield EC1 Queen Mary Hall Queen's Hall, London R.B.A. Galleries, Pall Mall Royal Academy of Music Royal Adelphi Theatre (became Adelphi Theatre) Royal Albert Hall Royal College of Music Royal Festival Hall Royal Opera House Saal Bechstein, Berlin Salle Erand, Great Marlborough Street Schlüterhof des Berliner Stadtschlosses Saale der Sing-Akademie, Berlin Southwark Cathedral St. James's Church, Piccadilly St. Martin-in-the-Fields St. Martin's School of Art St. Marylebone Parish Church St. Michael's Church, Cornhill St. Peter's Church, Eaton Square Staatsoper am Platz der Republik (previously the Neues Königliches Operntheater) Town Hall, Chelsea Town Hall, St. Pancras
Associated Times 19th century - late Victorian 1876-1899 20th century - early 1900-1930 20th century - mid 1931-1970
Associated Content Annotations Analytical Notes Musical Examples Handwritten programmes Handbills List of orchestral players First performances Programme notes
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