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Collection name Davidson’s Musical Programmes (1871-79)
Unique identifier e.1399.a.
Description A collection of programmes and wordbooks for eleven operatic concerts given at the Royal Albert Hall, London, between July 1871 and June 1879, arranged chronologically in a bound volume.

These were two-part concerts consisting predominantly of operatic excerpts, with orchestral overtures at the beginning of each part.

All programmes, listed below by series/organization, include both the words and music (vocal line) for many of the pieces performed. They also provide the names of all the soloists.

1. Society of Arts Concerts
Programmes and wordbooks for the third and sixth concerts of the season, given on 5 and 26 July 1871 for the benefit of the National Training School. Both concerts featured Mademoiselle Titiens (vocal) and Signor Sivori (violin) and were conducted by Sir Michael Costa. The following vocalists also appeared: Signor Foli, Herr Jacob Müller, Madame Lemmens-Sherringtion and Madame Trebelli-Bettini (5 July 1871); and Signor Agnesi, Signor Mendioroz, Signor Prudenza, Mr W.T. Best and Mademoiselle Natalie Carola (26 July 1871).

In addition to the vocal and orchestral pieces, these concerts included two instrumental solos. A number of these were based on operatic melodies.

2. Her Majesty’s Opera Company
15 July 1871: Grand Concert, with Signor Agnesi, Signor Bignio, Signor Fancelli, Signor Foli, Signor Mendioroz, Signor Vizzani, Monsieur Capoul, Mr Bentham, Madame Alboni, Mademoiselle Fernandez, Mademoiselle Ilma de Murska, Mademoiselle Sinico, Mademoiselle Titiens and Mademoiselle Trebelli-Bettini (vocal), conducted by Monsieur Sainton. The concert included choruses/ensemble pieces performed by the Chorus of Her Majesty’s Opera (wordbook).

5 August 1871: Grand Concert, with Signor Agnesi, Signor Caravoglia, Signor Dodoni, Signor Fancelli, Signor Foli, Signor Mendioroz, Signor Vizzani, Signor Zoboli, Mr Bentham, Madame Alboni, Madame Sinico, Mademoiselle Fernandez, Mademoiselle Titiens and Mademoiselle Leon-Duval (vocal) and Mr Willing (organ), conducted by Monsieur Sainton, including F.H. Cowen, Grand March, Maid of Orleans, conducted by the composer (programme and wordbook).

8 June 1872: Third Grand Morning Concert, with Signor Agnesi, Signor Borella, Signor Campanini, Signor Fancelli, Signor Foli, Signor Mendioroz, Signor Vizzani, Madame Alboni, Mademoiselle Carlotta Grossi, Mademoiselle Clara-Louise Kellogg, Mademoiselle Marie Roze, Mademoiselle Marie Marimon and Mademoiselle Titiens (vocal) and Mr Willing (organ), conducted by Mr W.G. Cusins (wordbook).

6 and 20 June 1874: First and Second Grand Opera Concerts with Signor Agnesi, Signor Borella, Signor Fancelli, Signor Galassi, Herr Behrens, Madame Trebelli-Bettini, Mademoiselle Justine Macvitz and Mademoiselle Alwina Valleria (vocal) and Mr Willing (organ), conducted by W.G. Cusins (wordbooks). The concerts also featured the following vocal performers: Signor de Reschi, Signor Giulio Perkins, Signor Urio, Mr Bentham, Mademoiselle Risarelli, Mademoiselle Louise Singelli and Mademoiselle Titiens (6 June); and Signor Gillandi, Signor Rota, Madame Christine Nilsson, Mademoiselle Marie Roze and Mademoiselle Louise Singelli (20 June).

4 June 1879: First Grand Morning Concert, with Signor Brignoli, Signor Fancelli, Signor Foli, Signor del Puente, Signor Susini, Monsieur Candidus, Monsieur Carleton, Monsieur Roudil, Madame Helene Crosmond, Madame Etelka Gerster, Madame Pisani, Madame Trebelli, Mademoiselle Emilie Ambre, Mademoiselle Minnie Hauk and Mademoiselle Marie Vanzandt (vocal), conducted by Sir Julius Benedict (wordbook). This was an entirely vocal concert, with choruses replacing the orchestral overtures.

3. Miscellaneous concerts
27 February 1872: Grand Evening Concert on Thanksgiving Day, with Mr Cummings, Mr Maybrick, Mr Sims Reeves, Mademoiselle Enriquez, Mademoiselle J. Sherrington and Madame Lemmens Sherrington (vocal), Joseph Joachim (violin) and Mr G. Carter (organ), conducted by Sir Julius Benedict, including the first performance of Julius Benedict, Hymn of Thanksgiving (programme and wordbook).

14 July 1875: Madame Nilsson’s Grand Evening Concert, given by Signor Campanini, Signor de Reschi, Signor Foli, Herr Behrens, Mr Simms Reeves, Madame Christine Nilsson, Madame Trebelli-Bettini, Mademoiselle Anna de Belocca and Mademoiselle Titiens (vocal), conducted by Signor Le Calsi and Mr F.H. Cowen (wordbook). This was a purely vocal concert, with choruses replacing the orchestral overtures.

22 January 1876: Grand Evening Concert, given by Signor del Puente, Signor Paladini, Herr Behrens, Mr Edward Lloyd, Madame Marie Roze, Madame Trebelli and Mademoiselle Risarelli (vocal), Monsieur Jules de Swert (cello) and Mr Willing (organ), conducted by Mr J. Barnby and F.H. Cowen (wordbook) The concert includes a number of choruses and part songs performed by the Royal Albert Hall Choral Society.
Date range 1871 - 1879
Associated People and Organisations Willing, Mr - Society of Arts Concerts - Sivori, Camillo - Sainton, Prosper - Royal Albert Hall Choral Society - National Training School for Music - Joachim, Joseph - Her Majesty's Opera Company - de Swert, Jules - Cusins, William George - Cowen, Frederic - Costa, Michael - Benedict, Julius - Barnby, Joseph -
Associated Places Royal Albert Hall
Associated Times 19th century - late Victorian 1876-1899 19th century - mid Victorian 1851-1875
Associated Content Musical Examples Word books First performances
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