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Collection name Crystal Palace Saturday Concerts: Box 19 (1889-90)
Unique identifier 35A
Description A collection of programme books with words for the Crystal Palace Saturday Concerts 1889-90 season (nos. 1-8 and 10-20), conducted by August Manns, held as individual items within the nineteenth of 29 boxes.

This box also includes the programmes books with words for Mr Manns's Benefit Concert (26 April 1890) and a performance of Mendelssohn, St. Paul (21 June 1890).

All programmes include words and carry historical and analytical notes with musical examples, the majority by George Grove, some with annotations/corrections in his hand. Programmes also provide a list of the orchestral ensemble.

1889-90 season (nos. 1-8 and 10-20)
19 October 1889: Mr Edward Lloyd (vocal) and Madame Roger-Miclos (piano).
26 October 1889: Mademoiselle Elvira Gambogi (vocal) and Senor Albeniz (piano), including the first English performance of Dr. Bernhard Scholz, Symphony in B flat.
2 November 1889: Mrs Hutchinson (vocal) and Hans Wessely (violin), including the first performance of F. J. Simpson, Concert-Overture, 'Robert Bruce'.
9 November 1889: Madame Nordica (vocal) and Madame Anna Falk-Mehlig (piano), including the first English performance of Lalo, Rhapsody for Orchestra.
16 November 1889: Mendelssohn, St. Paul, with Miss Anna Williams, Miss Marian Mackenzie, Mr Edward Lloyd, Mr Brereton, Mr Robert Grice and Mr Henry Bailey (vocal), the Crystal Palace Choir and Mr Alfred J. Eyre (organ).
23 November 1889: Fraulein Fillunger (vocal) and Miss Nettie Carpenter (violin).
30 November 1889: Mr and Mrs Henschel (vocal).
7 December 1889: Madame Louise Pyk (vocal) and Miss Marian Osborn (piano), including the first English performance of Goldmark, Overture to 'Sákuntalà'.
8 February 1890: Madame Hope Glen (vocal) and Herr Stavenhagen (piano), including the first performance of C. H. Couldery, Concert Overture, 'To the Memory of a Hero'.
15 February 1890: Mademoiselle Amelia Sinico (vocal) and Miss Fanny Davies (piano), including the first English performance of J[acob]. Rosenhain, Concerto for Pianoforte and Orchestra.
22 February 1890: Miss Lucile Hill (vocal) and Madame Neruda (violin).
1 March 1890: Mr Braxton Smith (vocal) and Madame Backer Gröndahl (piano).
8 March 1890: Madame Agnes Larkcom, Mr Edward Lloyd, Mr Norman Salmond, Mr Albert Fairbairn and Mr Thornton Colvin (vocal), with the Crystal Palace Choir and the Meister Glee Singers.
15 March 1890: Miss Alice Whitacre (vocal), Joseph Joachim (violin) and Ernest Gillet (cello).
22 March 1890: Miss Liza Lehmann (vocal) and Sir Charles Hallé (piano).
29 March 1890: Miss Annie Marriott, Mr Henry Piercy and Mr Watkin Mills (vocal), with the Crystal Palace Choir and Mr Alfred J. Eyre (organ).
5 April 1890: Miss Margaret Davies and Miss Grace Damian (vocal) with Mr Frederic Lamond (piano).
12 April 1890: Wagner programme, with Fraulein Marie Fillunger and Mr George Henschel (vocal).
19 April 1890: Mr Charles Manners (vocal) and Madame Sophie Menter (piano).

Miscellaneous concerts
26 April 1890: Mr Mann's Annual Benefit Concert, with Miss Macintyre, Mademoiselle Marie Mely and Mr Georg Henschel (vocal) and Gospodin Sapellnikoff (piano), including the first performance of Ethel Smyth, Serenade for Orchestra (MS).
21 June 1890: Grand Performance of Mendelssohn, St. Paul, with Madame Albani, Madame Patey, Mr Edward Lloyd, Mr Watkin Mills, Mr Robert Grive and Mr Henry Bailey (vocal) and Mr Alfred J. Eyre (organ).
Date range 1889 - 1890
Associated People and Organisations Williams, Anna - Whitacre, Alice - Wessely, Hans - Wagner, Richard - Stavenhagen, Berhard - Smyth, Ethel - Smith, Braxton - Sinico, Amelia - Simpson, F. J. - Scholz, Berhard - Sapellnikoff, Gospodin - Salmond, Norman - Rosenhain, Jacob - Pyk, Louise - Piercy, Henry - Patey, Madame - Osborn, Marian - Norman-Néruda, Madame - Nordica, Lilian - Mills, Watkin - Menter, Sophie - Mendelssohn, Felix - Mely, Marie - Meister Glee Singers - Mehlig, Anna - McKenzie, Marian - Marriott, Annie - Manns, August - Manners, Charles - Lloyd, Edward - Lehmann, Liza - Larkcom, Agnes - Lamond, Frederic - Lalo, Edouard - Joachim, Joseph - Hutchinson, Mrs - Hill, Lucile - Henschel, Helen Henriette - Henschel, George (Isidor Georg) - Hallé, Lady (Wilma Norman-Neruda) 1838 - 1911 Hallé, Charles - Grove, George - Grondahl, Backer - Grice, Robert - Goldmark, Karl - Glenn, Hope - Gillet, Ernest - Gambogi, Elvira - Fillunger, Marie - Fairbairn, Albert - Eyre, Alfred J. - Davies, Margaret - Davies, Fanny - Damian, Grace - Crystal Palace Saturday Concerts - Crystal Palace Choir - Couldery, Claudius H. - Colvin, Thornton - Carpenter, Nettie - Brereton, W. H. - Bailey, Henry - Albeniz, Isaac - Albani, Madame -
Associated Places Crystal Palace
Associated Times 19th century - late Victorian 1876-1899
Associated Content Annotations Analytical Notes Musical Examples Word books First performances List of orchestral players Programme notes
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