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Collection name Carl Newton collection: Miscellaneous Programmes (1895-1963)
Unique identifier Mus 319.c.12a
Description A miscellaneous collection of programmes and brochures for individual performances and festival events held at various English venues between 1895 and 1963, held loosely as box 12a of the Carl Newton collection. Also, held is a printed account of the National Gallery [Wartime] Concerts (10 October 1939-10 October 1944).

Programmes are listed here by venue, with the London venues followed by provincial ones.

1. London
- Queen's Hall
- Royal Albert Hall
- Royal Festival Hall
- Other London venues

2. Provincial
- Bath
- Canterbury
- Harrogate, Royal Hall
- Manchester, Free Trade Hall
- Middlesbrough, Town Hall
- Scarborough, Open-Air Theatre
- Sheffield

1. London
- Queen's Hall
25 November 1914: Afternoon Concert given by the String Band of the Royal Engineers with Miss May Harrison and Miss Beatrice Harrison.
4 April 1921 and 29 February and 24 October 1932: London Symphony Orchestra (15th season no. 8, 26th season no. 9 and 27th season no. 2), conducted by Albert Coates (1921) and Sir Hamilton Harty (with Analytical Notes, including musical examples). The concert in 1921 was of Bach, Mass in B minor, with Elsa Stralia, Margaret Balfour, John Coates and Norman Allin (vocal) and the Philharmonic Choir. The programme for February 1932 includes a list of the orchestral ensemble.
13 November 1930: Royal Philharmonic Society (119th season, no. 2) with Antoni Sala (cello), conducted by Julian Clifford (with analytical notes, musical examples, a list of the orchestral ensemble and lists of the Members, Associates and other officers of the Philharmonic).

- Royal Albert Hall
5 March 1921: Royal Choral Society with Mr Plunket Greene, Miss Olga Haley, Mr John Coates and Mr Frederick Ranalow, conducted by Sir Frederick Bridge, including the first performance of C. V. Stanford, At the Abbey Gate, conducted by the composer (with wordbook and a list of the orchestral ensemble).
25 November 1951: London Symphony Orchestra with Clifford Curzon (piano), conducted by Royalton Kisch (with programme notes, biographical notes and photographs).
7 February 1953: Royal Choral Society with Kathleen Joyce and William Herbert (vocal) and the London Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Sir Malcolm Sargent (with wordbook).

- Royal Festival Hall
13 December 1953 and 23 April 1954: Handel, Messiah/Elgar, The Dream of Gerontius, given by the Goldsmiths' Choral Union (22nd season) with the London Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Frederick Haggis (with wordbooks). The vocal soloists were: Isobel Baillie, Norma Proctor, Eric Greene and Richard Standen (Handel) and Nancy Evans, Eric Greene and Hervey Alan (Elgar).
17 June 1963: Philharmonia Orchestra with Ralph Votapek, conducted by Anatole Fistoulari (with notes, biographical notes and photographs).

- Other London venues
[no date], [no venue]: London Symphony Orchestra (with Analytical and Historical Notes, musical examples and a list of the orchestral ensemble).
23 January 1895, Concert Hall, Imperial Institute: Ladies' Concert given by the Imperial Institute Choir with Mr William H. Cummings, Mrs Katherine Fisk, Mrs Helen M. Trust and Mr Andrew Black (vocal) and Mr W. H. Squire (cello), conducted by Alberto Randegger (with words and a list of the choral ensemble). The front of this document carries a Programme of Music to be given on the same date by Stanhope's Royal Hungarian Band, conducted by Fehér Lajos, in the East Foyer Dining Hall.

2. Provincial venues
- Bath
1-11 June 1961: Bath Festival, arranged with Yehudi Menuhin (single item/Souvenir Programme).

- Canterbury:
20-27 June 1936; 12-19 June 1937; 25 June-2 July 1938; and 10-17 June 1939: Canterbury Festival (Souvenir Programmes).

- Royal Hall, Harrogate
6 April 1920: Mr Tom Burke (tenor), M. Yovanovitch Bratza (violin) and Miss Adela Verne (piano), given as part of the Tom Burke Tour (with wordbook).

- Free Trade Hall, Manchester:
27 March 1926: Great Popular Orchestral Evening given as part of the Brand Lane's Orchestral and Celebrity Series by the Hallé Orchestra and the Westminster Singers, conducted by Sir Henry Wood (with notes).
8 November 1930: Brand Lane's Orchestral and Celebrity Series. concert no. 2, given by Count John McCormack (vocal) and Madame Vitya Vronsky (piano) (with and photograph of McCormack).

- Town Hall, Middlesbrough
1930-31: Mr Felix Corbett and the International Celebrity Subscription Concerts (Souvenir Brochure).

- Open-Air Theatre, Scarborough
1936 season: Souvenir Programme.

- Sheffield
26 and 27 October 1933 and 21-23 October 1936: Sheffield Musical Festival (Souvenir Programmes).
Date range 1895 - 1963
Associated People and Organisations Wood, Henry - Westminster Singers - Vronsky, Vitya - Votapek, Ralph - Verne, Adela - Trust, Helen - Stralia, Elsa - Stanhope's Royal Hungarian Band - Stanford, Charles Villiers - Standen, Richard - Squire, W.H. - Sheffield Musical Festival - Sargent, Malcolm - Sala, Antoni - Royal Philharmonic Society 1813 - Royal Engineers - Royal Choral Society - Randegger, Alberto - Ranalow, Frederick - Procter, Norma - Philharmonic Choir - Philharmonia Orchestra 1945 - Newton, Carl - National Gallery Wartime concerts - Menuhin, Yehudi - McCormack, John - London Symphony Orchestra - Lajos, Fehér - Kisch, Royalton - Joyce, Kathleen - International Celebrity Subscription Concerts - Imperial Institute Choir - Herbert, William - Harty, Hamilton - Harrison, May - Harrison, Beatrice - Handel, George Frideric - Hallé Orchestra - Haley, Olga - Haggis, Frederick - Greene, Harry Plunkett - Greene, Eric - Goldsmiths' Choral Union - Fistoulari, Anatole - Fisk, Katharine - Evans, Nancy - Elgar, Edward - Curzon, Clifford - Cummings, William H - Corbett, Felix - Coates, John 1865 - 1941 Coates, Albert - Clifford, Julian - Canterbury Festival - Burke, Tom - Bridge, Frederick - Bratza, Yovanovitch - Brand Lane's Orchestral and Celebrity Series - Black, Andrew - Bath Festival - Balfour, Margaret - Baillie, Isobel - Bach, Johann Sebastian - Allin, Norman - Alan, Hervey -
Associated Places Canterbury Free Trade Hall Imperial Institute National Gallery Open-Air Theatre, Scarborough Queen's Hall, London Royal Albert Hall Royal Festival Hall Royal Hall, Harrogate Sheffield Town Hall, Middlesbrough
Associated Times 19th century - late Victorian 1876-1899 20th century - early 1900-1930 20th century - mid 1931-1970
Associated Content Brochures Photographs Analytical Notes Musical Examples Word books First performances List of orchestral players Programme notes List of chorus members
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