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Collection name Cardiff Triennial Musical Festival (1907)
Unique identifier e.1391.a.
Description A collection of programmes and wordbooks for the four morning and four evening performances given at Park Hall, Cardiff between 25 and 28 September 1907 as the Cardiff Triennial Musical Festival.

All programmes contain extensive historical and analytical notes (with musical examples), written variously by W.A. Morgan, F. Gilbert Webb, Ernest Newman, A.J. Jaeger, Joseph Bennett and Herman Kretzschmar. They also provide a list of the patrons/committee for the festival and give detailed information regarding the vocal and instrumental performers (see below), including lists of Cardiff Festival Chorus and the London Symphony Orchestra, led by Mr W. Frye Parker and conducted by Dr Frederic Cowen.

Vocal: Miss Agnes Nicholls, Miss Gleeson-White, Miss Amy Evans; Madame Kirkby Lunn, Miss Alice Lakin, Miss Gwladys Roberts; Mr Ben Davies, Mr John Coates, Mr John Harrison; Mr Ffrangcon Davies, Mr Ivor Foster, Mr David Hughes and Mr Charles Tree.

Instrumental: Signor Busoni and Miss Marie Novello Williams (piano) with Mr T.E. Aylward (organ).

A number of these performances included works composed especially for the Festival (see below). Many of these were conducted by their composer.

25 September 1907 (morning): A. Sullivan, The Golden Legend, with Arthur Hervey, Summer and Hamilton Harty, Ode to a Nightingale (both written for the festival and conducted by the composer). Also, choral music by Purcell and Beethoven.

25 September 1907 (evening): Granville Bantock, Omar Khayyám. Also, a miscellaneous selection, including Beethoven, E-flat piano concerto and Chopin, Ballade in G minor (Busoni, piano), a Scena by Saint-Seans and Beethoven, Overture, Leonora No.3.

26 September 1907 (morning): Elgar, The Kingdom and Tchaikovsky, Symphony No.5.

26 September 1907 (evening): J.S. Bach, Phoebus and Pan (cantata); Hubert Parry, A Vision of Life (a symphonic poem for soprano, bass, chorus and orchestra, written for the Festival and conducted by the composer); Wagner, Act III of Tannhäuser.

27 September 1907 (morning): F. Cowen, He Giveth his Beloved Sleep (poem for contralto solo, chorus and orchestra, composed for the festival); Schubert, Mass in E Flat; Wagner, Grail Scene from Parsifal.

27 September 1907 (evening): Haydn, Spring; Vaughan Williams, Norfolk Rhapsodies (first performance, conducted by the composer); Herbert Brewer, Sir Patrick Spens (written for the festival and conducted by the composer); Mendelssohn, Loreley. Also, Strauss, Don Juan.

28 September 1907 (morning): Berlioz, Romeo and Juliet; Mendelssohn, Piano Concerto in G minor; David Evans, The Coming of Arthur (written for the Festival and conducted by the composer). Also, F. Cowen, Scene, O Peaceful Night and Mozart, Motet for Quartet, chorus and orchestra.

28 September 1907 (evening): Handel, The Messiah.
Date range 1907 - 1907
Associated People and Organisations Williams, Miss Marie Novello - Webb, F. Gilbert - Wagner, Richard - Vaughan Williams, Ralph - Tchaikovsky, Pyotr - Sullivan, Arthur - Strauss, Richard - Schubert, Franz - Saint-Saens, Camille - Purcell, Henry - Parry, C. Hubert Hastings - Parker, W. Frye - Newman, Ernest - Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Morgan, W. A. - Mendelssohn, Felix - London Symphony Orchestra - Kretzschmar, Hermann - Jaeger, August - Hervey, Arthur - Haydn, Joseph - Harty, Hamilton - Handel, George Frideric - Elgar, Edward - Cowen, Frederic - Chopin, Fryderyk - Cardiff Triennial Musical Festival - Cardiff Festival Chorus - Busoni, Ferruccio - Brewer, Herbert - Berlioz, Hector - Bennett, Joseph - Beethoven, Ludwig van - Bantock, Granville - Bach, Johann Sebastian - Aylward, Theodore -
Associated Places Park Hall, Cardiff
Associated Times 20th century - early 1900-1930
Associated Content Analytical Notes Musical Examples Word books List of orchestral players First performances Programme notes
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