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Collection name Cambridge University Musical Society (1862-94)
Unique identifier d.489
Description A miscellaneous collection of handbills, programmes and wordbooks for performances given by the Cambridge University Musical Society (CUMS) between 1862 and 1894, held as two bound volumes.

Volume 1:
A collection of 59 programmes relating to a) the general Concerts and b) the Wednesday Popular Concerts given by CUMS between 1862 and 1894, arranged chronologically with material relating to the two series interfiled. This volume also includes newspaper and other ephemera relating to other performances in Cambridge.

a) General Concerts
A collection of 27 programmes with wordbooks for performances given, unless otherwise stated below, at the Guildhall, Cambridge between 4 January 1862 and 12 June 1893, each item recording the sequential position of the performance (spanning nos. 105 to 215).

These were two-part concerts of either vocal/instrumental music or choral/orchestral repertory. Programmes for the choral/orchestral concerts include a list of the orchestral ensemble. Unless otherwise stated below, from 1877, this ensemble was led by Mr A. Burnett, with the assistance of R. Gompertz (1881–86). All programmes containing analytical notes incorporate musical examples.

Unless otherwise stated below, all programmes contain a list of those involved in the management of CUMS. Initially, only the Officers of the Society are listed but, from 27 February 1787, lists of Patrons and Vice Patrons are added. Many programmes also provide a list of the orchestral ensemble (see below). With the exception of the first two concerts documented, all performances were conducted by Charles Villiers Stanford.

Many of these programmes include advertisements for later performances given by the same society. Although these typically include detailed information regarding the performers and/or the programme, only those that refer to performances not otherwise documented in this volume are cited to below.

4 June 1862, New Assembly Room, Cambridge: miscellaneous concert, concluding with George M. Garrett, Cantata ‘The Triumph of Love’ (with no information regarding the Officers of the Society or the performers at the concert).

3 December 1875: including J.S. Bach, My Spirit was in Heaviness and music from Handel, Acis and Galatea, led by A. Burnett and conducted by Mr Eaton Fanning.

7 March 1876: including Haydn, String Quartet in G, op.76/1 and Schumann, Piano Quintet in E flat, op.44, given by J. Joachim, Rev. F. Hudson, Mr Burnett and Rev. T.P. Hudson. Also, Mr G.F. Cobb and F. Pownall (vocal) and C.V. Stanford (piano).

29 March 1876: including part songs by Gibbons, Dowland and T. Morley, with Mr G.F. Cob[b], Mr A.M. Tod, Mr T.H. Orpen, Mr S.A. Donaldson, Mr J.T. Penrose, Hon E. Lyttelton, Mr A.W. Soames and Mrs Lamb (vocal) and Messrs J.A. Fuller Maitland, Stanford, A. Gray and W.B. Squire (piano) (with a handwritten correction to the printed programme suggesting that W.B. Squire appeared as a replacement for J.T.N. Lee). This document does not provide a list of the Officers for the concert.

19 May 1876: including Beethoven, String Quintet in C, op.29 and Haydn, String Quartet in D minor, op.14, no.76 [sic], given by Messrs Straus and F.W. Hudson, Burnett and Donkin and T.P. Hudson. Also, Schumann, Violin Sonata in D minor, op.121 and songs by Lotti, Bach, Franz and Stanford, given by Messrs Lionel Benson and G.F. Cobb.

23 May 1876: Brahms, A German Requiem (Miss Sophie Ferrari and Mr F. Pownall, vocal) and Beethoven, Symphony No. 5, led by Mr Straus (with extensive historical and analytical notes by ‘G’ [George Grove]).

8 March 1877: in aid of Addenbrooke’s Hospital, including Brahms, Song of Destiny and Symphony in C minor, the latter receiving its first performance in England. Also, Beethoven, Violin Concerto (Joachim, violin) and the first performance of Joachim, Elegiac Overture in Commemoration of Kleist (composed especially for the concert) (with historical and analytical notes the Brahms symphony and the Joachim Overture and a historical note, by Stanford, on CUMS).

18 May 1877: including the first performance of C.V. Stanford, Sonata in D major for Pianoforte and Violin, given by Stanford and Herr Straus.

22 May 1877: including the first English performance of Brahms, Rhapsodie op.53 for alto solo and chorus of male voices (Fraulein Redeker, alto) and the first performance of C.V. Stanford, The Forty-Sixth Psalm (op. 8), with Fraulein Friedländer, Fraulein Redeker, Rev. L. Borissow, Rev. Walter Jekyll and Mr G.F. Cobb (vocal), led by Herr Straus (with historical and analytical notes by George Grove).

30 October 1877: vocal and instrumental music by Mozart, Beethoven, Schumann, Wagner and C.V. Stanford, given by Stanford (piano), Rev. F.W. Hudson and Mr C.F.A. Williams (violin), Rev. T.P. Hudson (cello), and Mr G.F. Cobb (vocal) (with a list of the works performed by CUMS over the previous four years).

3 December 1877: including Emanuele d’Astorga, Stabat Mater, with vocal solos by Miss Mary Davies, Fraulein Simon, Rev. L. Borissow, and Rev. W. Jekyll (with historical and descriptive notes).

27 February 1878: including Beethoven String Quartets op.95 and 130 (Messrs Joachim, Ries, Straus and Piatti) and a vocal quartet (‘Spring Time’) by the same composer (Rev. L. Borissow, Messrs C.A. Treherne, G.F. Cobb and A.H. Mann). Also, solo violin pieces by Joachim and Brahms (Joachim, violin), a duet for cello and piano by Schumann, and a glee by Spofforth (with historical and descriptive notes and advertisements for the Popular Concert series (see below) and for the Easter Term performances). Bound with this item is an insert detailing the necessary replacement of certain performers, including Piatti by Mr Daubert.

17 May 1878: including Brahms, Piano Quintet in F minor, op.34 and Haydn, String Quartet in G major, op. 80/1, with a quartet of Herr Straus, F.W. Hudson, Mr A. Burnett and T.P. Hudson. Also, Parry, Duet for Two Pianos in E minor (C.V. Stanford and Fuller Maitland) and songs by Schubert, Schumann, Brahms, Gounod and Stanford, given by Mrs C.V. Stanford and Mr H.E. Thorndike (vocal) (with an insert documenting the replacement of Herr Strauss and Mrs Stanford).

21 May 1878: including the first English performance of Kiel, Requiem, op.20, with Miss Mary Davies, Miss Annie Butterworth, Rev. L. Borissow and Mr J. Wadmore (vocal). Also, W. Sterndale Bennett, Symphony in G minor and Beethoven, Cantata, ‘A Calm Sea and a Prosperous Voyage (with historical and analytical notes by George Grove).

8 November 1878: including C.V. Stanford, Piano Trio in G major, Schumann, Mährchenerzählungen (for piano, clarinet and viola) and String Quartet in E flat, op.47 and Bennett, Sonata Duo in A, op.32, given by Stanford (piano), F.W. Hudson (violin), Mr Webb (viola), T.P. Hudson (cello) and Mr Gilpin (clarinet). Also, songs by Gounod, Schumann and Jensen, given by Mr H.E. Thorndike.

27 November 1878: including Beethoven, Choral Fantasia op.80 and the first English revival of Handel, Semele, with vocalists Miss De Harpe, Madame Patey, Rev. L. Borissow and Mr G. F. Cobb (both works), Hon Spencer Lyttelton (Handel only) and Fraulein Kelbling and Mr Vines (Beethoven only) and Mr Fuller Maitland (piano), led by T. Watson (with historical notes on the Handel, by 'W.B.S.' [William Barclay Squire?] and a note on its performance by 'C.V.S.' [Stanford]).

13 March 1879: including Schumann, Quartet in A minor, op.41/1 and Beethoven Quartet in C sharp minor, op.131, with Messrs Joachim, Ries, Zerbini and Piatti. Also, violin solos by Viotti and Joachim/Brahms, a cello and piano duet by Schumann (op.102) and songs by Brahms and Stanford, given by Mr Herbert E. Thorndike (vocal) and C.V. Stanford (piano) (with historical and descriptive notes on the Beethoven quartet, by ‘E.S.T.’).

20 May [YEAR]: Mendelssohn, The First Walpurgis Nights, op.60 and Beethoven, Symphony No.9, with the vocalists Miss Helène Arnim, Mr Barton McGuckin and H.E. Thorndike (both works), J.R.C. Gale (Mendelssohn only) and Fraulein Thekla Friedländer (Beethoven only) (with extensive historical and analytical notes on the Beethoven written by George Grove, including a detailed discussion of the historical significance (and innovativeness) of the choral finale and the relationship between this symphony and the earlier Choral Fantasy).

13 May 1881: Brahms, Pianoforte Quartet in A major, op.26 and Schubert, Pianoforte Quintet in A major, op.114, given by C.V. Stanford (piano) and Messrs R. Gompertz, A. Burnett, T.P. Hudson and H. Progratsky. Also, J.S. Bach, Chaconne (with brief historical notes).

17 May 1881: C.H.H. Parry, Scenes from Shelley’s ‘Prometheus Unbound’ and Schubert, Symphony in C major, No.9, the former with Miss Anna Williams, Miss Helen Arnim, Mr W. Shakespeare and Mr F. King (vocal) (with historical and analytical notes on the Schubert by George Grove).

7 March 1882: including the first public performance of C.V. Stanford, Symphony (MS) in D minor ‘Elegiac’. Also, Beethoven, Overture ‘Coriolanus’, Wagner, Siegfried Idyll and concertante music for violin by Brahms and Joachim (Joachim, violin) (with brief historical notes).

10 June 1884: Brahms, Tragic Overture and A German Requiem (Mrs Padgen and H.E. Thorndike, vocal) and Beethoven, Symphony in A, No.7 (with historical and analytical notes by ‘A.M’ ([August Manns], on Brahms) and George Grove (on Beethoven)).

13 March 1885: including Stanford, Elegiac Ode (op. 21) with Miss Aylward and Mr Frederic King (vocal) and concertante music for violin given by J. Joachim.

11 June 1886: vocal and instrumental music by Bach and Handel, performed by Miss Carlotta Elliott, Miss Jannings, Mr W. Marshall and Mr Shore (vocal), with Mr Gompertz (violin) and Mr Walter Parratt (organ).

19 March 1886: including Beethoven Concerto for Violin and Orchestra, given by J. Joachim (with historical and analytical notes by George Grove, a list of works performed at this series since March 1880).

9 June 1887: music by British composers, including F.H. Cowen, Symphony No.5 in F (composed for CUMS and conducted by the composer). Also, pieces by J.F. Bridge (Hymn ‘Rock of Ages’) and A.C. Mackenzie (Concerto for Violin and Orchestra, with Gompertz, violin), conducted by the composers.

12 June 1893: including the first English performances of Saint-Saens, Fantasia for Pianoforte and Orchestra ‘Africa’ and Tchaikovsky, Symphonic Poem, op.32, ‘Francesca da Rimini’, with Mr and Mrs Henschel, Miss Brema and Mr Plunket Greene (vocal), Dr Alan Gray (organ) and Saint-Saens (piano), conducted by Messrs Bruch, Boïto, Tchaikovsky and C.V. Stanford (with historical notes on the CUMS (now in its fiftieth year), which includes a list of Presidents and Secretaries of the Society from its foundation to the present time. and some brief historical and analytical notes, with musical examples. Bound with this programme is ticket no. 708 issued for the concert.

b) Popular Concerts/Orchestral and Chamber Music Concerts
A miscellaneous collection of programmes for 32 concerts given between 14 March 1877 and 21 February 1894. These were generally referred to as the Wednesday Popular Concerts. From 12 February to 26 March 1787 they were held on Tuesdays and the title was modified accordingly. The four concerts from 29 October 1890 they were referred to simply as Orchestral and Chamber Music Concerts, conducted by C.V. Stanford.

For concerts up to and including that on 14 March 1877, documentation takes the form of a single sheet programme/handbill. Thereafter, programmes and wordbooks are provided. The majority of these programmes provide no indication of the venue for the performance but occasional references, in combination with information contained in newspaper cuttings (see below) suggest that they were held in the Guildhall, Cambridge. The programmes for the Orchestral and Chamber Music Concerts (1890-94) also contain brief historical notes. The last carries an extended handwritten report on the reverse.

The concerts typically took the form of performances of vocal and instrumental music, combining works for small chamber ensemble at the beginning and the end with pieces for vocal and piano solo/duet in between.

The majority of these concerts were given by the string quartet consisting of Mr W.H. Blakesley, C.F. Abdy Williams, H. M Bower and F. O. Bower (recorded below as Blakesley et al). Where additional or alternative performers were involved, these are cited in brackets.

9 February 1876: Spohr, String Quartet op.4 (Blakesley et al with S.A. Saunder as 2nd violin) and Beethoven, Liederkreis, op. 98 (Mr T.H. Orpen). Also, pieces for piano and violin solo by Weber and Ernst (J.T.N. Lee and Mr C.F. Abdy Williams) and glees by C.F. Adam and O. Lorenz (Messrs M. Todd, J. Penrose, E. Lyttelton, and A.W. Soames).

16 February 1876: Beethoven, String Quartet op.18/4 (Blakesley et al) and songs by W. Sterndale Bennett and C.V. Stanford (Mr G.F. Cobb). Also, piano solos by Schumann and Stanford (Stanford), a duet for piano and violin by Ernst and Heller (W.H. Blakesley and J.E.P. Aldous) and glees by Purcell (Mrs E.C. Clark, Messrs M. Tod, S. Donaldson, and Hon E. Lyttleton).

23 February 1876: Beethoven, Piano Quartet in B flat, op.16 (Blakesley et al plus Stanford, piano.) and the first English performance of the Minuets from Mozart, Trios for two Violins and Violoncello. Also, songs by Clay and Sterndale Bennett (Mr A. Maxwell Tod), a piano solo by Sterndale Bennett (Mr G.F. Cobb) and glees by Mendelssohn and Winter (Messrs A.M. Todd, S. Donaldson, E. Lyttelton and A.W. Soames).

8 March 1876: string trio by Corelli (Messrs C.F.A. Williams, H.M. Bower and F.O. Bower) and a piano trio by Haydn. Also, Bach, Italian Concerto (J.A. Fuller Maitland) and songs by A. Gray (Mr J. Penrose).

15 March 1876: Mozart, String Quintet No 5 in C minor (Blakesley et al with S.A. Saunder as violin II). Also, a piano solo by Mendelssohn (Alan Gray), piano duets by Brahms (C.V. Stanford and J.A. Fuller Maitland) and songs by Schubert and Stanford (Mr A.A. Barratt and Mr J.E.P. Aldous).

22 March 1876: Mendelssohn, String Quartet in E flat, op.12 (Blakesley et al). Also, Schubert, Violin Sonata, op.137/1 (W.H. Blakesley and J.A. Fuller Maitland), piano solos by Heller and Scarlatti (J.E.P. Aldous), songs by Meyerbeer and Benedict (F.H. Mellor and J.T. Penrose) and glees by Werner and Eisenhofer (Messrs A.M. Tod, J.T. Penrose, G.J. Howson and A.W. Soames).

15 November 1876: Mozart, String Quartet No.12 (Blakesley et al.). Also, piano and violin solos by Schumann and J. Raff (Fuller Maitland and Mr C.F.A. Williams) and glees by Kreutzer and Mendelssohn (Messrs R.H. Orpen, Mr W.H. Blakesley, Mr S.A. Donaldson and Hon. E. Lyytleton).

22 November 1876: Bach, Piano Trio op. 8/4 (Blakesley et al with W.B. Squire, cello). Also, piano solos by Beethoven (J.A. Fuller Maitland), piano duets by Rubinstein and Liszt (Maitland and W.B. Squire) and songs by Jensen and Bennett (Mr G.F. Cobb) (bound with two newspaper reviews of the concert).

29 November 1876: including Beethoven, Piano Trio op.1/3, with Mr J.A. Fuller Maitland, Mr Eaton Faning and Mr A. Gray (piano), C.F. Abdy Williams (violin), F.O. Bower (cello), and Master Watts and Rev. L. Borissow (vocal).

7 February 1877: Mozart, String Quartet No.19 in G (Blakesley et al) and Corelli, String Trio No.7 in F. Also, piano solos by Dr Garrett and Liszt (Mr Pendlebury) and songs by Beethoven (Rev. T.H. Orpen).

21 February 1877: Mozart, Violin Sonata No.3 in A (C.F. Williams and C.V. Stanford) and Beethoven, Piano Trio op.1/2 (Stanford, Williams and F.O. Bower). Also, a piano duet by Schumann (Stanford and Fuller Maitland) and songs by Schubert (Mr H.E. Thorndike).

28 February 1877: Louis Spohr, String Quartet in G minor, op.4/2 (Blakesley et al) and J.S. Bach, Sonata for two Violins and Piano (violins as above, with Stanford, piano). Also, Handel, Piano Suite no.9 (Fuller Maitland) and songs by Gounod and Franz (Mr S.H. Vines).

7 March 1877: Raff, Piano Quintet in A minor, op.107 (Blakesley et al with C.V. Stanford) and Bach, Sonata for two Violins and Piano in C major (repeated by special request). Also, pianoforte duets by Raff and Stanford (J.A. Fuller Maitland and Stanford) and songs by Schubert and Rubinstein (G.F. Cobb) (with a short descriptive note on the piano duet by Raff, Todtentanz and Humoresque in Waltz form, op. 181).

14 March 1877: Handel, Concerto for Strings No.6 and Bach, Andante and Allegro from Violin Sonata No.1 (Messrs W.H. Blakesley and Fuller Maitland). Also, Mendelssohn, Piano Concerto in G minor (Fuller Maitland) and songs by Barnby and Brahms (Mrs E. C. Clark)

24 October 1877: Beethoven, Piano Trio op.1/1 (Messrs C.V. Stanford, C.F.A. Williams and O.J. Ellison) and Corelli, String Trio, set 2/1 (as above, with W.J. Cooper, violin). Also, C.H.H. Parry, Piano Sonata No. 2 (Stanford) and songs by Rockstro and Handel (Hon. E. Lyttelton).

31 October 1877: Beethoven, Piano Trio in G, op.1/2 (Messrs Fuller Maitland, C.F. Abdy Williams and F.O. Bower). Also, a cello and piano duet by Schumann (F.O. Bower and Fuller Maitland), piano solos by Handel (Mr F. Morley) and songs by Schumann and F. Clay (Miss Ryves) (held with a newspaper review of the first performance of the 1877 season).

7 November 1877: Beethoven, Piano Trio in C minor, op.1/3 (Messrs Fuller Maitland, C.F. Abdy Williams and O.J. Ellison) and Grieg, Violin Sonata in F, op.8. Also, J.S. Bach, Suite Anglaise for Piano, no.4 in F (Mr W. Austen Leigh) and songs by Rockstro and Handel (E. Lyytelton).

21 November 1877: Beethoven, Piano trio op.11 in B flat and Haydn, Piano Trio no.6 in D major (Messrs Stanford, C.F.A. Williams and F.O. Bower). Also, a piano duet by Grieg (Stanford and W. Barclay Squire) and songs by Handel and Scarlatti (H.W. Stuart) (with a handwritten annotation on the reverse of the programme listing a number of works).

12 February 1878: Beethoven, Piano Trio op.20/1 (Messrs R.C. Rowe, C.F.A. Williams and F.O. Bower) and Veracini, Sonata for Pianoforte and Violin in G minor (W. Barclay Squire and C.F.A. Williams). Also, piano solo J.S. Bach (G.F. Cobb) and songs by Schubert and A. Sullivan (C.A. Treherne).

19 February 1878: Mendelssohn, Piano Trio op.49 in D minor (Messrs Stanford, C.F. Abdy Williams and F.O. Bower) and Beethoven, Duet for Pianoforte and Violoncello from Sonata op.5. Also, violin solos by J.S. Bach and Spohr (Herr Franke) and songs by Franz and Sterndale Bennett (Mr G.F. Cobb)

26 February 1878: Mozart, String Quartet in D minor, No.13 (Messrs C.F.A. Williams, C.F. Crowder, W.F. Cooper and O.J. Ellison) and J.S. Bach, Sonata for Flute, Violin and Pianoforte in G major (Messrs C.J.R. Scudamore, C.F.A. Williams and C.V. Stanford). Also, piano solo by Schumann (Fuller Maitland) and Icelandic and Swedish songs performed by Mr and Mrs Magnusson.

5 March 1878: Mozart Piano Trio in G major No.5 (Messrs R.C. Rowe, C.F. Abdy Williams and F.O. Bower). Also, Beethoven, Violin Sonata in F minor, op.5/2, X. Scharwenka, Piano Duet, Nordisches, op.20 (Messrs R. Pendlebury and E.S. Thompson) and songs by H. Brückler and A. Sullivan (Mr S.H. Vines).

12 March 1878: W. Sterndale Bennett, Piano Trio in A major, op.26 (Dr Garrett, Messrs C.F. Abdy Williams and F.O. Bower) and Schubert, Violin Sonata in A minor, op.137/2. Also, Beethoven, Seven Bagatelles for Piano Solo, op.33 (Dr Garrett) and songs by Schubert and Oliveria Prescott (Mrs Burn).

19 March 1878: Beethoven, Trio for Pianoforte, Clarinet and Violoncello, op.11, in B flat (Messrs Stanford, F.W. Galpin and F.O. Bower). Also, piano solos by Hiller and a duet by Liszt (Stanford and W. Barclay Squire) and vocal trios by Cherubini and Martini (Messrs C.A. Treherne, W. Barclay Squire and G.A. Bolton).

26 March 1878: Schumann, Mährchenerzählungen, for Piano, Clarinet and Viola, op.132, nos. 1-3 (Messrs R.C. Rowe, F.W. Gilpin and C.F.A. Williams) and Beethoven, Symphony No.1. Also, Brahms, Variations upon a theme by R. Schumann (Messrs R.C. Rowe and Stanford) and songs by A. Jensen and Stanford (Mr H.E. Thorndike).

16 October 1878: Beethoven, Piano Trio, op.1 no.3 in C minor (Herr Hermann Franke and Messrs Stanford and F.O. Bower) and Tartini, Sonata for Violin and Pianoforte in G minor. Also, violin solos by Chopin and Ella (Franke), a piano duet by Schubert (Stanford and Fuller Maitland) and songs by Fr. Curschmann and S. Bennett (Mr C.A. Treherne).

30 October 1878: Hummel, Piano Trio in F, op.22 (Fuller Maitland, T.W. Girdlestone and O.J. Ellison) and part songs by Mendelssohn (Messrs W. Barclay Squire, C.A. Treherne, S.H. Vines and J.R.C. Gale). Also, Beethoven, piano sonata no.11 (F.W. Morley) and songs by Brückler (Mr S.H. Vines).

13 November [YEAR]: Mozart, Piano Trio in G, op.16 (Messrs R.C. Rowe, T.W. Girdlestone and F.O. Bower) and part songs by Reissiger and Otto (Messrs W. Barclay Squire, C.A. Treherne, S.H. Vines and J.R.C. Gale). Also, a piano duet by Schubert (R.C. Rowe and S.H. Vines) and songs by Curschmann and Fesca (Rev T.H. Orton).

29 October 1890: Miss Fanny Davies (piano) and Mrs Hutchinson (vocal).
19 November 1890: Leonard Borwick (piano) Mr Ffrangcon-Davies (vocal).
28 January 1891: Nathalie Janotha (piano) and Mr Hirwen Jones (vocal).
21 February 1894: J. Joachim (violin).

c) Additional Material
19 March 1878: press cutting reviewing a concert given at the Corn Exchange, Cambridge on 14 March 1878 by the Choir of St. Mary’s Church with several members of CUMS. The report cites many of the performers and gives detailed information regarding the works performed.

14 March 1889: programme and wordbook for various solo and ensemble vocal pieces sung during a dinner held by the Cambridge University Musical Society in honour of Dr Joachim. The programme includes a seating plan listing all those in attendance, including George Grove and C.V. Stanford.

12 June 1893, Fitzwilliam Museum: CUMS Jubilee Celebration, Conversazione. The only observation regarding the music at this event, at which a gift was presented to Stanford, reads ‘Music by the Blue Hungarian Band’.

Volume 2: 1879-1882
A collection of programmes and wordbooks for a further eleven concerts given by the Cambridge University Musical Society at the Guildhall, Cambridge between 16 May 1879 and 13 June 1882.

As above, these were two-part concerts of either vocal/instrumental music or choral/orchestral repertory, conducted by C.V. Stanford. Similarly, the programmes provide an indication of the season in which they took place (beginning in the 35th) and indicate the sequential placement of the performance (starting at no. 161).

Unless otherwise stated below, all programmes include a list of Patrons, Vice Patrons and Officers for the concerts. Those for choral/orchestral performances include a list of the orchestral ensemble. Where programmes are noted to contain, analytical notes, these include musical examples and were written by George Grove.

16 May 1879: including Brahms, String Quartet in G minor, op.25 and Schumann, Piano Trio in D minor, op.63, given by Messrs Stanford, Straus, Burnett and Rev. T.P. Hudson. Also, vocal solos by B. Luard Selby and Leonard Leo and vocal duets by Schumann (Miss Luard Selby and Rev. L. Borissow).

4 November 1879: including Goetz, Piano Quartet in E major, op.6 and sonatas by Beethoven (in A major for piano and cello, op.69) and Grieg (for piano and violin in F, op.8), given by Messrs. Stanford, Rev. F.W. Hudson, Mr W.F. Donkin and Herr Daubert. Also, vocal solos by Brahms and Schumann and vocal duets by Schumann and Rubinstein (Mrs C.V. Stanford and Rev. L. Borissow).

3 December 1879: including choral works by Leonard Leo (Dixit Dominus in C, described as a ‘first revival’) and Henry Purcell (The Yorkshire Feast Song) and motets by Palestrina and Brahms, given by Miss Thorndike, Mrs Stanford, Miss Helene Arnim, Rev. L. Borissow, Mr H.E. Thorndike and Mr Wing. Also, a Violin Concerto by J.S. Bach (Rev. F.W. Hudson, violin) (with brief historical notes on all works except that Bach).

11 March 1880: music for violin solo and string quartet (with historical and analytical notes on a Beethoven string quartet). This document also carries a list of the works performed by CUMS over the previous three years, a prospectus for the eighth series of Wednesday Popular Concerts and an advertisement for the Easter Term concerts, to be given on 21 and 25 May 1880.

21 May 1880: including Stanford, Piano Quartet in F (MS) and Schubert, Piano Quintet in A, op. 114, given by C.V. Stanford (piano) and a quartet of R. Gompertz, A. Burnett, T. P. Hudson and H. Progratzsky (with brief historical notes). Also, Brahms, Violin sonata in G, op.78 and madrigals by Gibbons and Stanford.

25 May 1880: including Beethoven, Sinfonia Eroica. Also, Hermann Goetz, Cantata ‘Nenia’, op.10, G.A. Macfarren, Violin Concerto in G minor (Ludwig Straus, violin) and J.S. Bach, Double Chorus, ‘Now shall the Grace’, led by Ludwig Strauss (with historical and analytical notes).

10 March 1881: Beethoven, String Quartet in F major, op.35 and Brahms, String Quartet in A minor, op.51/2 (Messrs Joachim, Gompertz, Ludwig and Hausmann). Also, Beethoven, Violin Sonata in G major, op.26, Schumann, Märchenbilder for Cello and Piano, op.113 and a violin solo by Brahms-Joachim. Stanford and Miss Arnold (piano) (with brief historical notes).

14 November 1881: Brahms, Piano Quartet in G minor, op.26 (Messrs Stanford, Gompertz, Donkin and Whitehouse) and Beethoven, Serenade, Trio for Violin, Viola and Violoncello, op.8. Also, violin solos by Joachim and Sarasate (Gompertz), a cello solo by Boccherini (Whitehouse) and songs by Pergolesi, Scarlatti, Parry and Stanford (Mr Thorndike).

17 May 1882: Handel, Hercules, with Miss Anna Williams, Mrs C.V. Stanford, Mr Abercromby, Mr F. MacDonnell and Mr H.E. Thorndike (vocal) and Dr G.M. Barrett (organ), led by Richard Gompertz (with a historical introduction).

2 June 1882: Stanford, Piano Quartet in F major, op.15, Mendelssohn, String Quartet (unfinished), op.81, and Schubert, String Quintet in C, op.163 (Messrs Stanford, R. Gompertz, C.F. Abdy Williams, W.F. Donkin, Rev. T.P. Hudson and Mr E. Capel Cure). Also, piano solo by Chopin (G.F. Cobb).

13 June 1882: including the first performance of Garrett, Sacred Cantata, The Shunammite. Also, Mozart, Overture ‘Il Flauto Magico’ and Beethoven, Violin Concerto, op. 61 (R. Gompertz, violin), led by A. Burnett and R. Gompertz (with a brief historical notes on Beethoven).
Date range 1862 - 1894
Associated People and Organisations Zerbini, J. B. - Williams, C. F. Abdy - Whitehouse, W. E. - Wadmore, J. (Mr) - Vines, S. H. - Treherne, C. A. - Tod, A. Maxwell - Thorndike, Herbert - Tchaikovsky, Pyotr - Straus, Ludwig - Stanford, Charles Villiers - Squire, William Barclay - Soames, A. W. - Shakespeare, William - Scudamore, C. J. R. - Saint-Saens, Camille - Rowe, R. C. - Redeker, Auguste - Pownall, F. - Piatti, Alfredo Carlo - Penrose, J. T. - Patey, Madame - Parratt, Walter - Orpen, T. H. - Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - McGuckin, Barton - Mann, A.H. - Mackenzie, Alexander Campbell - Leo, Leonardo - King, Frederick - Jones, Hirwen - Joachim, Joseph - Jekyll, Rev. Walter - Janotha, Natalia - Hutchinson, Mrs - Hudson, Rev. T. P. - Hudson, Rev. F. W. - Henschel, Helen Henriette - Henschel, George (Isidor Georg) - Hausmann, Robert - Handel, George Frideric - Grove, George - Greene, Harry Plunkett - Gray, Alan - Gompertz, Richard - Garrett, G.M. - Galpin, Francis William - Gale, J. R. C. - Fuller-Maitland, J.A. - Friedländer, Thekla - Franke, Hermann - Ffrangcon-Davies, David - Ferrari, Sophie - Faning, Eaton - Ellison, O. J. - Elliot, Carlotta - Donkin, W. F. - Donaldson, S. A. - Davies, Mary - Davies, Fanny - Cowen, Frederic - Cobbe Collection of Musical Instruments - Cambridge University Musical Society - Butterworth, Annie - Burnett, Alfred - Bridge, J. F. - Brema, Marie - Brahms, Johannes - Bower, H. M. - Bower, F. O. - Borwick, Leonard - Borissow, Rev. L. - Blakesley, W. H. - Benson, Lionel - Arnim, Helène - Aldous, J. E. P. -
Associated Places Corn Exchange, Cambridge Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge Guildhall, Cambridge New Assembly Rooms, Cambridge
Associated Times 19th century - late Victorian 1876-1899 19th century - mid Victorian 1851-1875
Associated Content Tickets Press Cuttings Annotations Analytical Notes Musical Examples Word books Handbills List of orchestral players First performances Programme notes
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