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Collection name Arányi Collection: Box 7 (1911-25)
Unique identifier Music Misc. Arayni
Description A collection of prospectuses, handbills and programmes for performances given by the violinist sisters Adila Fachiri (1886–1962) and Jelly d'Arányi (1919–25) at various venues in England, Scotland and Europe between 1911 and 1925, arranged in a largely chronological fashion over seven parcels with the second of six boxes in the Arányi collection (1907–56).

In addition to the concert programmes listed below, each box contains at least some newspaper cuttings. Many also include other printed material. Box 1 contains a number of handwritten sheets comprising a concert diary/calendar for February, November and December 1920.

The material is arranged in a largely chronological fashion over the seven parcels which are labelled as listed below. The number sequence is continued in Box 3 of the collection.

Parcel 1 (1919)
This box includes three undated handbills, two of which relate to performances given at an unstated venue by a string quartet comprising Adila and Jelly d'Arányi, Raymond Jeremy and Arthur Williams. The third relates to a performance given by Adila von Arányi with the pianist George Enderlee [Enderlé] (piano) in Utrecht.
Friday 17 May [1911/1916], Aeolian Hall, London: Chamber Concert by Adila, Hortense and Jelly von Arányi with Miss Fanny Davies (piano).
15 December 1912, Grossmünster Zurich: Verein für klassische Kirchen-Musik, Adila und Jelly von Arányi (with words).
Friday 14 March [1913/1919], Aeolian Hall, London: Violin and Vocal Recital given by Misses Adila and Jelly von Arányi and Mr Roland Jackson.
[no date] 1917, Winter Gardens, Bournemouth: Bournemouth Municipal Orchestra (morning and evening concerts), conducted by Dan Godfrey, the evening being referred to as Summer Symphony Concert No. 18 and featuring Madame Fachiri (fragment).
8 February 1818, Winter Gardens, Bournemouth: Afternoon Concerts of Chamber Music no.1 by Madame Adila Fachiri and Mademoiselle Juliette Folville (piano) with Mr Alexander Fachiri (cello).
28 November [1918], Aeolian Hall, London: Adila and Jelly von Arányi, accompanied by Miss Hortense von Arányi.
13 December 1918, Town Hall, Gateshead: Newcastle Symphony Orchestra, with Adila d'Arányi, conducted by Mr Julian Clifford (with a list of the orchestral ensemble).
13 March 1919, Winter Gardens, Bournemouth: Winter Gardens and Pier Programme, for performances given by the Municipal Orchestra under the direction of Mr Dan Godfrey.
28 October and 11 and 25 November 1919, Wigmore Hall, London: London Chamber Concert Society by Miss Adila d'Arányi and Mr W. H. Reed, Mr C. J. Woodhouse, Mr Raymond Jeremy, Mr Felix Salmond, Miss Fanny Davies and Mrs Ethel Hobday and the Bohemian String Quartet (prospectus).
24 November 1919, Guildhall, Cambridge: Violin Recital by Adila and Jelly d'Arányi, accompanied by Ethel Hobday (2 copies).
9 December 1919, Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool: Liverpool Philharmonic Society 4th Subscription Concert (81st season) with Miss Adila d’Arayni (violin) and Miss Muriel Foster (vocal), conducted by Adrian C. Boult (handbill and analytical programme).
Saturday 27 November [1920], Balliol College Hall, Oxford: Concert on behalf of the Old Students' Toynbee Fund to pay off the debt on the Lady Margaret Hall Buildings. Adila d'Arányi (violin), Alexander Fachiri (cello) and Margaret Deneke (piano) (handbill).

Parcel 2a: (1920)
This parcel also includes two undated handbills, the first for a performance given by the Classical String Quartet (Adila Fachiri, Fanny Wadsworth, Rebecca Clarke and May Mukle) at an unstated venue) and the second for a performance by Jelly d'Arányi and Ida Bellerby (piano) for Lewes Musical Club.
14, 16 and 17 April [1914/1925], Colchester, Brentwood and Chelmsford: Adila Fachiri (violin) (handbill, 3 copies).
Sunday 6 September [1914/1925], Holy Trinity Church, Haddington: Adila Fachiri and Jelly d'Arányi with the Fachiri String Quartet (handbill, 2 copies, one of which carries brief handwritten annotations).
Sunday 29 November [1914/1925], [no venue]: Violin Recital given by Adila Fachiri and accompanied by Leo Wurmser for the Newman Society (handbill).
Wednesday 5 September [1917/1923], [Queen's Hall]: Promenade Concert given by Gladys Palmer and Arthur Cranmer (vocal) with Adila Fachiri, conducted by Sir Henry J. Wood.
Saturday 23 February [1918/1924], Winter Gardens, Malvern: Recital by Jelly d'Arányi and Adila Fachiri (2 copies).
Tuesday 2 November [1920], Wigmore Hall, London: Violin Recital by Adila Fachiri, accompanied by Bertram J. Harrison.
Wednesday 29 June [1921], 40 Berkeley Square, London: Monsieur Louis Fleury (flute) with Mrs Gordon-Woodhouse (harpsichord), Adila Fachiri (violin), Rebecca Clarke (viola) and Charles A. Souper (flute).
11, 18 and 25 February [1919], Wigmore Hall, London: Three Recitals by Adila Fachiri, the first a Sonata Recital with Kathleen Long, the second a Bach Programme featuring a chamber orchestra conducted by Bruce Hylton Stewart and the third accompanied by Bertram Harrison (single document, plus a further document with more detailed programmes for nos. 2 and 3).
Friday 2 May [1919/1924], Aeolian Hall, London: Violin Recital by Jelly d'Arányi, accompanied by Ethel Hobday.
Thursday 26 June [1919/1924], Wigmore Hall, London: Sonata Recital by Adila d'Arányi and Donald Francis Tovey (2 copies).
Tuesday 25 January [1921], Wigmore Hall, London: Violin Recital by Adila Fachiri, with Ethel Hobday (piano) and conducted by Adrian C. Boult (2 copies).
Wednesday 27 April 1921, Wigmore Hall, London: Violin and Pianoforte Sonata Recital by Adila Fachiri and Kathleen Long., including the first English performance of Bengt de Törne. Sonata in D minor, op. 27 (4 copies).

Parcel 2 (1920–21)
3 January 1921, Cercle des Etrangers de Monte-Carlo: Concert Moderne with Adila Fachiri, directed by Georges Lauweryns.
4 February 1921, Salle des Agriculteurs, 8 Rue d’Athenes, Paris: Adila Fachiri, accompanied by Ethel Hobday (handbill).
6 April 1921, Grand Theatre: Cockermouth Harmonic Society 66th concert, with Miss Elsie Chambers and Mr Barrington Hooper (vocal) with Miss Adila Fachiri.
9, 16, 23 and 30 June and 7 July [1921], [various]: Classical String Quartet at the following venues: 21 Montagu Square; 35 Lowndes Square; 6 Audley Square; 44 Picadilly; New House, Airlie Gardens (single document).
24 October 1921, Queen's Hall, Wigan: Wigan Subscription Concerts no. 1 given by Frank Mullings (vocal), Adila Fachiri and Mark Hambourg (piano), accompanied by Gerald Moore (with wordbook).
11 November 1921, Town Hall, Barrow-in-Furness: Barrow Subscription Concerts no.2, given by Madame Donalda and Augustus Milner (vocal), Adila Fachiri and Dorothea Vincent (piano), accompanied by Daisy Bucktrout (with words).

Parcel 3 (1922)
Thursday 5 February [1920/1925], 10 Netherton Grove (Chelsea): Pianoforte Recital by Juliette Folville (handbill, no programme).
30 May and 20 October 1922, Salle des Agriculteurs, Paris: Adila Fachiri and Jelly d'Arányi (handbills)
Sunday 6 September [1925], Holy Trinity Church, Haddington: Recital by Adila Fachiri and Jelly d'Arányi with the Fachiri String Quartet (handbill).

Parcel 4: labelled 1923
This parcel includes two undated handbills for performances given by Jelly d'Arányi and Bela Bartok.
Monday 15 November [1920/1926], Wigmore Hall: Violin Recital by Adila d’Arayni, accompanied by Ethel Hobday.
[Thursday 23 June, 1921, 6 Audley Square]: Classical String Quartet (handbill).
7 February 1923, [no venue]: Alton Chamber Concert given by Madame Adila Fachiri, accompanied by Mr Harrison (handbill).
18 February 1923, [Balliol College, Oxford]: Balliol College Musical Society 810th concert, with Adila d'Arányi (violin), accompanied by Ernest Walker.
13, 14 and 15 March 1923, Guildhall, Winchester: Winchester and County Musical Festival (handbill).
15 June [1923], Wigmore Hall: Violin Recital by Adila Fachiri, assisted by Bertram J. Harrison.
11 August-20 October, Queen's Hall: Promenade Concerts given nightly by the Queen's Hall Orchestra, conducted by Sir Henry Wood (single document).
10 October 1923, Speechroom, [Harrow School]: Concert for the H.S.M.S [Harrow School Music Society], given by Jelly d'Arányi, Dorothea Webb (vocal) and Betty Goodden (piano), accompanied by Ella Ivimey (with words).
17 October 1923, Queen's Hall: Promenade Concert given by the Queen’s Hall Orchestra with Miss Rose Myrtil and Mr Hubert Eisdell and Misses Adila Fachiri and Jelly d'Arányi, conducted by Henry Wood (with words and brief notes).
27 October 1923, Haslemere Hall: Haslemere Chamber Music Concerts no.1 given by the London Chamber Orchestra with Leonard Borwick (piano), conducted by Anthony Bernard (with brief notes, including programmes for the 2nd-4th concerts, held on 24 November 1923 and 2 February 1 March 1924).
29 October 1923, [no venue]: Dulwich Music Club no.2, featuring Jelly d'Arányi accompanied by Mr Bertram Harrison (handbill).
31 October 1923, Ingleside: Adila Fachiri and Alex. Fachiri (cello), accompanied by Bertram J. Harrison (handbill).
8 November 1923, Winter Gardens, Bournemouth: 5th Symphony Concert (29th series) given by the Municipal Orchestra with Adilia Fachiri, conducted by Dan Godfrey, including the first performance in Bournemouth of Delius, Violin Concerto. Also, programme for evening performance featuring Sidney S. Waller (vocal), conducted by Montague Birch. Separate document containing analytical and historical notes by Hamilton Law.
16 November 1923, Ulster Hall: Belfast Philharmonic Society 2nd Grand Subscription Concert (50th season), featuring Miss Elsie Suddaby (vocal) and Adila Fachiri (violin), conducted by Mr E. Godfrey-Brown (with wordbook).
3 December 1923, 10 Netherton Grove, Fulham Road: Bela Bartok, assisted by Dorothy Moulton (vocal), Adila Fachiri (violin) and Alexander Fachiri (cello) (handbill and 2 copies of a programme with descriptive and biographical notes).
5 December 1923, [no venue]: Alton Chamber Concert, given by Jelly d'Arányi and Adila Fachiri (handbill).
7 December 1923, Manor Hall, Sidmouth: Adila Fachiri and Jelly d'Arányi (handbill, 2 copies).
Monday 10 December [1923], 9 Wigmore Street: Recital by Adila Fachiri and Bela Bartok (handbill).
14 December 1923, Exchange Cinema, Northampton: Grand Miscellaneous Concert of Unaccompanied Works given a chorus of 170 (conducted by Charles J. King), Jelly d'Arányi and Mr Norman Allin (vocal), for the Northampton Musical Society (with words).
Wednesday 9 July [1924], American Women's Club, 46, Grosvenor Street: handbill and programme for a performance by Nikolaï Nadejin (vocal) and Adila Fachiri, accompanied by Miss Ella Ivimey and Bertram Harrison.

Parcel 5 (1924)
9, 16, 23 and 30 June and 7 July [1921], [various]: Classical String Quartet concerts, given at 21 Montagu Square; 35 Lowndes Square; 6 Audley Square; 44 Picadilly; New House, Airlie Gardens (single document).
2 February 1924, Big Schoolroom, Sherborne School: Jelly d'Arányi and Adila Fachiri and Alex Fachiri (cello), accompanied by Bertram Harrison.
22 February 1924, Devonshire Park, Eastbourne: Symphony Concert by the Eastbourne Municipal Orchestra, with Adila Fachiri, conducted by Henry G. Amers (with brief notes).
29 February 1924, Nelson Hall, St. Leonard's Street, Edinburgh: Concert of Instrumental and Vocal Music given by Adela [sic] d'Arányi and Mr Robert Watson (vocal) with Mr McEwen (piano/chairman)
17-20 March, Guildhall, Winchester: Third Winchester and County Musical Festival (handbill).
21 March 1924, [no venue]: Adila Fachiri and Madame Lucy Romain (vocal), concluding with a symphony performed by the Wee Reed Orchestra (with words).
24 March 1924, Wesleyan Central Hall, Inverness: Sara Walker's Subscription Concerts 4th concert (3rd season), featuring Miss Adila Fachiri (violin) and Mr Robert Radford (vocal), conducted by Walker (with words).
25 March 1924, St. Andrew's Hall, Glasgow: Glasgow Orpheus Choir (19th season), conducted by Hugh S. Robertson with Jelly d'Arányi (with words).
31 March 1924, Goldsmiths' Hall: Jelly d'Arányi (violin), Harold Samuel (piano), H. Plunket Greene (vocal) (with words).
1 April 1924, [no venue]: Adila Fachiri, Jelly d'Arányi and Evelyn Howard-Jones (piano) (handbill).
3 April 1924, Town Hall, Newcastle: Newcastle Symphony Orchestra with Adila Fachiri, conducted by Hamilton Harty (with notes).
6 May 1924, Dining Room, Grocers' Hall: Adila Fachiri and Jelly d'Arányi, accompanied by Bertram Harrison.
17 September 1924 and 15 October 1924, Queen's Hall: Promenade Concerts with the Queen's Hall Orchestra, vocalists Clara Butterworth and Hubert Eisdell/Leila Megane and Eric Marshall and violinists Adila Fachiri/Jelly d'Arányi, conducted by Henry Wood.
29 October-1 November 1924: Nowich Musical Festival of 1924 (single document).
9 November 1924, Balliol College, Oxford: Balliol College Musical Society concert no. 844 featuring Miss Adila d'Arányi, accompanied by Ernest Walker (handbill).
15 November 1924, Sherborne Girls' School: Sherbourne Girls' School Musical Society (12th season) by Adila Fachiri (violin), Alexander P. Fachiri (cello) and Bertram J. Harrison (piano) (handbill).
22 November [1922], Wigmore Hall: Bach Recital by Adila Fachiri, assisted by Bertram J. Harrison (piano) and a string orchestra.
3 December 1924, Kent House, Knightsbridge: A Recital in aid of St Giles’ Home for Lepers, given by Adela Fachiri, Jelly d'Arányi and Leon Goosens (oboe).

Parcel 6 (1925)
24 January 1925, Town Hall, Birmingham: City of Birmingham Orchestra Saturday Concert no. 4 with Adila Fachiri (violin), conducted by Adrian C. Boult (with brief notes).
11 March 1925, Small Town Hall, Reading: Reading Music Club 8th Chamber Concert, by Adila Fachiri (violin), accompanied by Bertram Harrison.
21 March [1925], Winter Gardens, Bournemouth: Sir Dan Godfrey's Annual Concert given by the Bournemouth Municipal Orchestra with Madame Tatiana Makushina and Norman Allin (vocal), Madame Adila Fachiri and the Westminster Singers, conducted by Sir Landon Ronald and Sir Dan Godfrey.

30 March 1925, New Corn Exchange, Rochester: Rochester, Strood, Chatham and Gillingham Choral Society 3rd Concert with William Murdoch (piano), Adila Fachiri (violin) and Gilbert Bailey (vocal), conducted by C. Hylton Stewart (with words).
1 June 1925, Danesfield: A. Borovsky (piano), Annie Thursfield (vocal) and Jelly d'Arányi and Adila Fachiri (violin).
1 October 1925, The Spa, Scarborough: Scarborough Spa Orchestra Symphony Concert with Miss Jelly d'Arányi (violin) and Mr Hubert Carter (vocal), conducted by Alick Maclean (with brief notes).
25 November 1925, Kent House, Knightsbridge: Concert for the Benefit of an English Colleague, given by Adila Fachiri and Jelly d'Arányi (4 copies).
17 December 1925, Beethoven-Saal, Köthener Strasse 32, Berlin: Violin-Abend von Adila Fachiri., accompanied by Bertram J. Harrison (2 copies).
Date range 1911 - 1925
Associated People and Organisations Wurmser, Leo - Woodhouse, Gordon (Mrs) - Woodhouse, Charles - Wood, Henry - Winchester and county musical festival 1921 - Williams, Arthur - Westminster Singers - Webb, Dorothea - Watson, Robert - Walker, Ernest - Wadsworth, Fanny - Vincent, Dorothea - Tovey, Donald - Törne, Bengt de - Thursfield, Anne - Suddaby, Elsie - Stewart, Bruce Hylton - Souper, Charles A. - Sherborne girls' school musical society - Samuel, Harold 1879 - 1937 Salmond, Felix - Ronald, Landon - Romain, Lucy - Rochester, Strood, Chatham and Gillingham Choral Society - Robertson, Hugh S. - Reed, William Henry (Billy) - Reading music club - Radford, Robert - Queen's Hall Orchestra 1895 - 1915 Promenade concerts - Palmer, Gladys - Norwich Grand Musical Festival - Northampton Musical Society - Newcastle Symphony Orchestra - Nadejin, Nikolaï - Myrtil, Rose - Murdoch, William - Mullings, Frank - Mukle, May - Moulton, Dorothy - Moore, Gerald - Milner, Augustus - Megane, Leila - Marshall, Eric - Makushina, Tatiana - Maclean, Alick - Long, Kathleen - London Chamber Orchestra - London chamber concert society - Liverpool Philharmonic Society - Lewes music club - Law, Hamilton - Jeremy, Raymond - Jackson, Roland - Ivimey, Ella - Howard-Jones, Evlyn - Hooper, Barrington - Hobday, Ethel - Haslemere chamber music concerts - Harty, Hamilton - Harrow School Music Society - Harrison, Beatrice - Hambourg, Mark 1879 - 1960 Greene, Harry Plunkett - Goossens, Léon - Goodden, Betty - Godfrey, Dan - Glasgow Orpheus Choir - Foster, Muriel - Folville, Juliette - Fleury, Louis - Fachiri, Alexander - Fachiri, Adila - Fachiri String Quartet - Enderlé, Georges - Eisdell, Hubert - Eastbourne Municipal Orchestra - Dulwich Music Club - Deneke, Margaret - Delius, Frederick - Davies, Fanny - Cranmer, Arthur - Cockermouth Harmonic Society - Clifford, Julian - Classical String Quartet - Clarke, Rebecca - City of Birmingham Orchestra - Chambers, Elsie - Carter, Hubert - Butterworth, Clara - Bucktrout, Daisy - Brown, E. Godfrey - Bournemouth Municipal Orchestra - Boult, Adrian - Borwick, Leonard - Bohemian String Quartet - Birch, Montague - Bernard, Anthony - Bellerby, Ida - Belfast Philharmonic Society - Bartok, Bela - Balliol College Musical Society - Bailey, Gilbert - Aranyi, Jelly d' - Aranyi, Hortense von - Amers, Henry G. - Allin, Norman -
Associated Places 10 Netherton Grove, Chelsea 21 Montague Square 35 Lowndes Square 44 Piccadilly 6 Audley Square 9 Wigmore Street Aeolian Hall, London American Women's Club, 46 Grosvenor Square Balliol College, University of Oxford Beethoven-Saal, Berlin Brentwood Chelmsford Colchester Danesfield Devonshire Park, Eastbourne Goldsmiths' Hall Grand Theatre, Cockermouth Grocers' Hall Grossmünster, Zürich Guildhall, Cambridge Guildhall, Winchester Harrow School, London Haslemere Hall Holy Trinity Church, Haddington Hyde Park Bandstand Kent House, Knightsbridge Manor Hall, Sidmouth Nelson Hall, St. Leonard's Street, Edinburgh New Corn Exchange, Rochester New House, Airlie Gardens Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool Queen's Hall, London Queen's Hall, Wigan Sherborne Girl's School Spa Concert Hall, Scarborough St. Andrew's Hall, Glasgow Town Hall, Barrow-in-Furness Birmingham Coliseum (afterwards Gaiety) Town Hall, Newcastle Town Hall, Reading
Associated Times 20th century - early 1900-1930
Associated Content Brochures Press Cuttings Annotations Analytical Notes Word books Handbills List of orchestral players First performances Programme notes
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