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Collection name A. L. Bacharach collection: Box 10 (1930)
Unique identifier Mus 317.c.10
Description The 10th of 13 boxes of handbills and programmes forming the collection of the nutritionist and writer on music A. L. Bacharach (1891-1966), relating to concerts given at a range of London venues in 1930.

All programmes are held loosely and are listed here by venue.

1. Queen's Hall
- BBC Promenade Concerts
- BBC Symphony Concerts
- Courtauld-Sargent Concerts
- Royal Philharmonic Society
- Miscellaneous Queen's Hall concerts
2. Aeolian Hall
3. Wigmore Hall
4. Working Men's College, Crowndale Road, Camden
5. Miscellaneous London venues

1. Queen's Hall
Programmes for the Queen's Hall concerts typically include words and notes (historical, descriptive and biographical) and provide lists of the choral and/or orchestral ensembles. Some include photographs (BBC concerts) and include musical examples (BBC Symphony Concerts and Philharmonic Society). The programmes for Philharmonic Society and the Courtauld-Sargent concerts also include detailed information about the organization of the two series.

Both sets of BBC concerts were given by the BBC Symphony Orchestra, conducted, unless otherwise stated, by Henry Wood.

- BBC Promenade Concerts (36th season)
14 August: Elsie Suddaby (vocal) and Albert Sammons (violin), including Walton, Overture, 'Portsmouth Point' (conducted by the composer).
21 August: Dorothy Silk (vocal) and Bernard Shore (viola), with William Walton and Ralph Vaughan Williams conducting their own music.
27 August: Bach and Handel Concert (fragment only).
4 September: British Concert, with Doris Owens and Herbert Heyner (vocal), Beatrice Harrison (cello), Angus Morrison (piano) and the Wireless Chorus, including the first concert performance of Ethel Smyth, Anacreontic Ode for Baritone and Orchestra (conducted by the composer).
18 September: British Concert, with Roy Henderson (vocal) and Adila Fachiri and Jelly d'Aranyi (violin). Also, Bliss and Holst conducting their own music.
24 September: Bach Concert, with Kate Winter and Stuart Robertson (vocal), Gordon Walker (flute) and Ethel Bartlett and Rae Robertson (piano) (fragment only).
25 September: English Singers and Harriet Cohen (piano), including the first London performance of Frank Bridge, Rhapsody for Orchestra, 'Enter Spring' (conducted by the composer).

- BBC Symphony Concerts
14 March: Wilhelm Backhaus (piano), including the first performance of Arnold Bax, Symphony No. 3.
28 March: Conchita Supervia (vocal) and Harriet Cohen (piano), conducted by Perez Casas.

- Courtauld-Sargent Concerts (1st season, with the London Symphony Orchestra)
29 January: Bruno Walter (conductor).
18 March: conducted by Malcolm Sargent, including the first performance of Bliss, Serenade, for Orchestra and Baritone (with Roy Henderson) and the first English performance of Szymanowski, Concerto (op. 35) for violin and orchestra (with Jelly d'Aranyi).

- Royal Philharmonic Society (118th season, nos. 4-7)
16 January: Artur Schnabel (piano), cond. by Basil Cameron.
30 January: Albert Sammons (violin), cond. by Edward Elgar.
20 February: Alfred Cortot (piano), cond. by Thomas Beecham.
13 March: Pablo Casals (cello), cond. by John Barbirolli, including the first performance of Ralph Vaughan Williams, Fantasia on Sussex Folk-Songs, for Violoncello and Orchestra.

- Miscellaneous Queen's Hall concerts
24 January: Hamilton Harty (conductor).
20 May: Eugene Goossens Orchestral Concert, including the first English performance of Arnold Bax, Symphony No. 2.
1 November: Pianoforte Recital by Arthur Rubinstein, including the first performance of Gradstein, Three Mazurkas.

2. Aeolian Hall
13 February: London Concert Orchestra (1st season, no. 4), with Livio Mannucci (cello), conducted by G. Coleman Young and Arthur Parfrey (with a note on the organization and a list of the orchestral ensemble). The concert included the first performance of G. Coleman Young, Concerto for Violoncello and Orchestra.
31 May: Recital by Harriet Cohen (piano) and Lionel Tertis (viola).

3. Wigmore Hall
14 January: Piano Recital by Harriet Cohen (with photograph).
26 March: Recital of Recent Works by Arnold Bax, given by Harriet Cohen (piano), Maria Korchinska (harp), Leon Goossens (oboe), Lionel Tertis (viola), the Virtuoso Quartet and the Oriana Choir and Eugene Cruft (with Analytical Notes and biographical notes with photograph on Bax).
15 April: Song Recital by Dorothy Helmrich, accompanied by Gerald Moore (with words).
2 May: Bronkhurst Trio (handbill).
27 May: Recital of the Pianoforte Works of Rachmaninoff, given by the Harry Isaacs (handbill with photograph).

4. Working Men's Club, Crowndale Road, Camden
10th season (nos. 11-24) and 11th season (nos. 15 and 7-8) of the Sunday Evening Concert Society (single-sheet programmes).
10th season: 12, 19 and 26 January, 2, 9, 16 and 23 February, 2, 9, 16, 23 and 30 March and 6 and 13 April.
11th season: 5, 12, 19 and 26 October and 2, 9, 16 and 23 November.

5. Miscellaneous London venues
6 January, Arts Theatre Club: BBC Concert of Contemporary Musi No. 4 (4th season), being a Recital of Works by Bela Bartok, given by Maria Basilides (alto), Joseph Szigeti (violin) and Bela Bartok (piano) (with wordbook).
6 March, American Women's Club, 46 Grosvenor Street, Gros. Square: Kutcher String Quartet (handbill).
3 March, 7 April and 5 May, Central Hall Westminster: Concerts of Contemporary Music nos. 6-8 (some with additional wordsheets). The concerts featured: Leslie Heward (conductor); Erika Wagner (reciter), Eduard Steuermann (piano) and the Vienna Pierrot Lunaire Ensemble; Quentin Maclean (organ).
2 May-4 June: Philharmonic-Symphony Society of New York, European Tour (Souvenir Programme with inserted Programme and Analytical Notes for the performance given on 4 June at the Queen's Hall, conducted by Toscanini). The brochure includes lists of the Officers and of the orchestral ensemble and biographical notes (with photographs) on the orchestra and on Toscanini.
12 June, [no venue]: Marietta and Martha Amstad with the Pirani Trio (handbill).
7 August, Great Hall, House of the British Medical Association, Tavistock Square: Concert of Chamber Music given by Harriet Cohen, Ethel Bartlett, Rae Robertson and Sumner Austin, given as part of the Second International Congress for Sex Research.
[4 December], Golders Green Hippodrome: Magazine Programme for Strauss, Die Fledermaus, presented Covent Garden Opera Company and conducted by John Barbirolli.
Date range 1930 - 1930
Associated People and Organisations Young, G. Coleman - Wood, Henry - Wireless Chorus - Winter, Kate - Walton, William - Walter, Bruno - Walker, Gordon - Virtuoso String Quartet - Vienna Pierrot Lunaire Ensemble - Vaughan Williams, Ralph - Toscanini, Arturo - Tertis, Lionel - Szymanowski, Karol - Szigeti, Joseph - Supervia, Conchita - Sunday Evening Concerts Society (Camden) - Suddaby, Elsie - Steuermann, Eduard - Smyth, Ethel - Simmons, Philip - Silk, Dorothy - Shore, Bernard - Schnabel, Artur - Sargent, Malcolm - Santley, Maud - Sammons, Albert - Rubinstein, Artur 1887-01-28 - 1982-12-20 Royal Philharmonic Society 1813 - Robertson, Stuart - Robertson, Rae - Promenade concerts - Pirani Trio - Philharmonic-Symphony Society of New York - Owens, Doris - Oriana Choir - Newmarch, Rosa - New Trio Ensemble - Morrison, Angus - Moore, Gerald - Mannucci, Livio - Maclean, Quentin - London Symphony Orchestra - London Concert Orchestra - Kutcher String Quartet - Korchinska, Maria - Isaacs, Harry - Huddersfield Festival Chorus - Holst, Gustav - Heyner, Herbert - Heward, Leslie - Henderson, Roy - Helmrich, Dorothy - Harty, Hamilton - Harrison, Beatrice - Hallé Orchestra - Gradstein, Alfred - Goossens, Eugène - Goll, Eduard - Fachiri, Adila - Evans, Edwin - English Singers - Elliott, Violet - Elgar, Edward - Cruft, Eugene - Craig, D. Miller - Covent garden opera company 1929 - 1938 Courtauld-Sargent Concerts - Cortot, Alfred - Cohen, Harriet - Coates, Henry - Casas, Perez - Casals, Pablo - Cameron, Basil - Bronkhurst Trio - British Broadcasting Corporation - Bridge, Frank - Bliss, Arthur - Beecham, Thomas - BBC Symphony Orchestra - BBC Symphony Concerts - Bax, Arnold - Basilides, Maria - Bartok, Bela - Bartlett, Ethel - Barbirolli, John - Backhaus, Wilhelm - Bacharach, Alfred Louis - Austin, Sumner - Aranyi, Jelly d' - Amstad, Martha - Amstad, Marietta -
Associated Places Aeolian Hall, London American Women's Club, 46 Grosvenor Square Arts Theatre Club Central Hall, Westminster Golders Green Hippodrome British Medical Association Hall Queen's Hall, London
Associated Times 20th century - early 1900-1930
Associated Content Brochures Photographs Analytical Notes Musical Examples Word books First performances Handbills List of orchestral players Programme notes List of chorus members
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