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Collection name New Theatre, Ross (1789-1795)
Unique identifier OLS X-1-924 no.54
Description Bound volume of miscellaneous pamplets including one flyer for a concert held in the New Theatre, Court-House, Ross.

17/3/[year unknown]: Mr. De Jaye's Concert: A Grand Concert of Vocal and Instrumental Music assisted by several gentlemen amateurs […] the whole to conclude with a grand chorus.
Date range 1789 - 1795
Associated People and Organisations Bridges, Miss - Curtis, Mr. - Dawson, Mr. - Jay, Mr. de - Kelly, Mr. - Kelly, Mrs - Keys, Miss - Keys, Mrs. - Leonard. Mr. - Lynch, Miss - Mannin, Mr. - M'Cartney, Mr. - M'Crea, Mr. - M'Cullock, Mr. - M'Cullock, Mrs. - Murry, Mrs. - Neagle, Mr. - Perry, Mr. - Power, Mr. - Reilly, Mr. -
Associated Places New Theatre, Court-house, Ross
Associated Times 18th century - late 1776-1799
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Trinity College Dublin, Library

College Street Dublin Dublin 2 Open Map
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