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Collection name Music Hall, George Street, Edinburgh: Box 2 (1880-99)
Unique identifier Box 37
Description Concert Programmes Music Hall: box 2 of 4 (1880-99)
Collection of ca. 75 programmes and handbills from concerts at the Music Hall, Edinburgh. Performances of orchestral music, instrumental and vocal chamber music, and choral music.

Highlights of the collection include:
Charles Hallé (piano) and Madame Norman-Neruda (violin) (8/11/1884)
Ignacy Jan Paderewski (piano) (20/10/1890)
Mr. Kirkhope's Choir (16/4, 9/12/1889)
Several programmes from Paterson & Sons' Subscription Orchestral Concerts (1888-89)
Several programmes from the Richter Concerts conducted by Hans Richter (1885-86)
Several programmes from Charles Hallé's orchestral concerts (1892-93)
Edinburgh Amateur Orchestral Society, conducted by T.H. Collinson with Eleanor Armstrong (singer) and other soloists (8/11/1880)
M. Vladimir de Pachmann (piano) (20/3, 3/4/1886)
Frederic Lamond (piano) (13/3, 15/11/1886)
Glasgow Select Choir, conducted by James Allan (3/3/1883)
Mr. Kennedy (singer) and Family (24/2/1883)
Several programmes from concerts promoted by the Scottish Orchestra Company, in the Popular Orchestral Concert series (1894-96)
Programme and book of words from the first Harrison Concerts of seasons 1897-98 and 1898-99:
30/10/1897: Nellie Melba (soprano) and others
15/10/1898: Adelina Patti (soprano) and others
Date range 1880 - 1889
Associated People and Organisations Scottish Orchestra Company - Richter, Hans - Paderewski, Ignacy Jan - Lamond, Frederic - Patti, Adelina - Hallé, Charles - Norman-Neruda, Wilma (Lady Hallé) 1838 - 1911 Kirkhope's Choir - Paterson & Sons' Orchestral Concerts - Richter Concerts - Edinburgh Amateur Orchestral Society - Collinson, Thomas H. - Armstrong, Eleanor - Pachmann, Vladimir de - Glasgow Select Choir - Allan, James - Popular Orchestral Concert series - Harrison Concert Series -
Associated Places Music Hall, George Street, Edinburgh
Associated Times 19th century - late Victorian 1876-1899
Associated Content Word books Handbills
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Edinburgh Central Library, Music Library

George IV Bridge Edinburgh EH1 1EG United Kingdom Open Map
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