Keyword Search Help

The basic keyword (or All Text) search gives the user free-text access to the core fields of all records:  collection title and description, as well as data about the associated people, places , venues, time-spans and holding institutions.

To start a search, type in the word or phrase you want to search for – this field is not case sensitive – and click the on-screen search button, or hit return. This will retrieve records and display them in order, with the most relevant (those with the search term appearing most frequently) being first.

If you wish to search for a word containing a foreign character (diacritic) and you know the ASCII code for the character, use ALT and the number keypad to type it in to the search box – but see also below.

Two wildcards are available: * for truncation and ? for unknown single characters. The latter is particularly useful when searching for words that include foreign characters (diacritics), especially if that word may have been anglicised in some sources: use ? in place of the character concerned. Thus, if you wish to search for Hallé, type Hall?.

If you enter two words the software will insert a connecting AND automatically –  word1 AND word2 – so that only records containing both words will be displayed.  If you want records containing one or other of two words type ‘OR’ between them – word1 OR word2.

Concert Programmes supports Boolean searching + and – operators. To find all records with word1 but not word2, type  +word1 -word2.

To perform a fuzzy search type a tilde immediately after the word in question, e.g. Thompson~ to find close, but not exact matches for your search term.

Once you have produced your search listing, you can then refine it further on the Search Results page using the Narrow Your Search facility, which displays the hits achieved in the five listed fields by order of relevance: you can scroll down a field list and click a box to select a limiting term.  You may also sort the results using the Refine Your Search buttons.

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