Search Help

  • Type in the word or words you wish to search for
  • Where possible search suggestions will be offered
  • If you type two words, as in 'Arrau' 'Liverpool', the boolean AND will be assumed: only records containing both will be returned
  • If you want records containing one or other of two words type ‘OR’ between them
  • You can use the boolean + and – operators. For example, the search ' +Furtwängler -Berlin' would find records containing the first term and not containing the second
  • Fuzzy searching: to find near but not exact matches type a tilde after the word: e.g. ‘Thompson~’
  • Wildcards: use * for one or more characters in a word; use ? for a single character in a word. For example, to find ‘Hallé’, search ‘Hall?’
  • Foreign characters (diacritics): if you know the ascii code, use ALT and the number pad to type it in; otherwise use ? for the character
  • Personal names: enter in the format ‘Surname, Forename’ if you want to see search suggestions
  • You can sort and limit your search further on the Results page