In cases where collections have been, or are being, subjected to detailed cataloguing, only a skeletal record exists in this database. For more detailed information, users should follow the links to the individual collection website/catalogue. The principal such collections are:

A number of the major libraries covered – notably the British Library and the Bodleian Library, Oxford – may also house a range of individual concert programmes. These single items are not included in this database of collections but may be found by searching the catalogues of the relevant institutions.

The principal aim of the database is to allow for high-level searches across large quantities of material, providing enquirers with entry points into collections via fully searchable free-text descriptions which indicate the strengths of a collection, details of the principal people documented and the type of material it contains. This will enable scholars and music lovers to locate material with potential relevance to their work and interests and help library professionals to identify priorities for collection development and preservation.

No attempt has been made to provide listings of the contents of programmes, meaning that the database does not offer the opportunity to search for individual works, or to re-create specific concert programmes.


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